Game Thread: Warriors @ New Jersey Nets 2012-01-18

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» Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:39 pm
If you look at the box score it really came down to rebounding. We made 37 of 72 shots. They made 37 of 74 shots. They made 3 more 3's and 4 more free thows. We got to the line 2
More times then they did, but shot it less accurate. So most of that is even. We won they turnover battle by 8. If we didn't get killed on the glass, By 20, we win the game.

I blame. Oaxhing for that because he played small. I would have rather seen beans play 30 mins and foul out and watch lee foul out instead off sitting him so long, then getting killed on the glass. I don't mind keeping your best players on the floor in the fourth rather then sitting them and destroying their rhythm. I mean if you sit them for so long, isn't that just like them fouling out? Because they are not on the floor. I am only talking about 3rd and forth quaters here...

Just agre that his lineups killed us.
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» Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:50 am
Did Klay Thompson had a monster game or what? He was dominating in nba highlights video hehe

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» Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:14 am
btw, where is earl barron? or he can't rebound as well? the problem is with lee being the only rebounder in small ball unit, it's hard to run of rebounds because he can't do it alone.
i for one like that warriors started to run more, strangely only with second unit, i would think biedrins and lee could run as well, by making long outlet passes, where monta should be already at the center of the court.
we started to score 100 points in almost every game, so offensive flow picked up. that means jackson is having to adjust not having kwame, there's no other way but running. sadly due to the fact that biedrins gets into fould trouble usually quite early, it means we have no personel to run off rebounds with only lee at center.
the major thing about small or, rather, spread ball is to have a good shooter and rebounder at four, mcguire fits one, but not the other, wright is too slim to play four and rush as well. klay thompson is not good at defense or rebounding either, that means rush or wright have to guard threes and twos. hence our zone defense, which leaves rebounds for the grabs, like we saw yesterday with clock running down and us getting no rebound at crucial moment.
anyway there was some light on this road trip. we need curry and maybe we'll hit full speed. there's no reason we should not be close to the level of offensive play, say, of nuggets or past warrior teams. unless, coaching.

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