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Can the Warriors extend to a three game winning streak?

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» Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:06 pm
i think with utah dropping and nuggets dropping (let's they will be 5 games over .500), we have a chance, but we need to beat out competition and gay being injured helps in beating out memphis. phoenix is not too far, but playing well lately. ideally there could be up to three spots (i say blazers will be in), but NO, UTAH and DENVER should slide down or stay not much more than 5 games above .500. now, we are - 3, to go +5 we have to make an 8 win difference, which means - 18-9 or 17-10 the rest of the way. is it managable, well we went 7-3 in our last ten games, so technically we could go 14-6 or something like that. in pure math i see why not. in reality, we need aforementioned teams to not get hot, and us to continue improving, and, which is biggest concern, winning on the road since of last 27 we play 16 on the road.
now, our schedule opponents, one by one:

Boston we won six against boston at oracle, possible win
Atlanta possible win
@ Minnesota win
@ Indiana loss
@ Washington win
@ Boston loss
@ Philadelphia possible loss
@ Cleveland win
@ New Jersey win
Orlando loss
Minnesota win
@ Sacramento win
Dallas loss
@ Phoenix loss
@ Dallas loss
@ San Antonio loss
@ Houston win
Toronto win
Washington win
@ Oklahoma City possible win
@ Memphis possible win
Dallas loss
@ Portland possible win
Los Angeles Lakers loss
Sacramento win
@ Denver possible win
Portland win

i count 17 wins and ten losses (including possible ones). if we win the games we are suppoed to win at home and against weak teams on the road, i guess our outcome will depend on how we play our closest competition (portland, memphis, even thunder) and couple of super wins against dallas and, say, lakers at home. plus maybe get at least one from phoenix. i say it's possible. it's all in our young team's and coach's hands.

so, go Ws!

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