Game Thread: Los Angeles Lakers @ Warriors 2010-03-15

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Will the Lakers demolish the Warriors?

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» Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:59 pm
bada wrote:
Money Morrow wrote:Monta is definitely not the same personality type as say a Kobe or Jordan.
He may just need to keep it light in order to stay loose.

yeah, I get that. And it unrealistic for me to expect that. I mean recently Kobe whent 2-11 from 3 pt range over a two game span. SO what does he do? The next game he came to the arena 4 hours before anyone else showed up and shot 3 after 3. Then in the game that night, buried a 3 to win the game.

Kobe gets murdered in this forum and I get that... enemy and all, but the guy is a killer because of his mental approach to the game and his work ethic. He is never satisfied.

Clearly Monta IS satisfied as he spends his pre-game shooting trick shots in front of hsi young teamates on a team that is 3rd worst in the league. Again, maybe this is not fair but that is the perception he puts out there by doing what he does.

agree with this. I actually think Steph has that killer menatllity too . Read an article on RealGM where it states every night at around 11-12pm, he comes to the gym to put up 500 shots before he goes to bed!

Really sounds like he wants to get better and better

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» Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:44 pm
AV Dawn wrote:
Hardest loss to take since game 1 of the Jazz playoff series, with the way it ended. Sure as hell couldn't ask for better entertainment though.
I was pulling for Monta the whole game - national tv, matched up against Kobe, loving his dimes and D, just wishing his shots would fall, and then the triple-bounce on the rim... Couldn't fall asleep cause of it.

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hardest loss was that first denver home loss this season, when JR smith got "fouled" on a three point play to basically decide the game.

That was definitely a very tough loss to take. (wasn't that in Denver? I'm not sure)
But, for me, watching on the flat screen with my Laker's fan girlfriend, pulling for Monta all night, and watching that triple bounce on the rim was harder.

And about that Monta smile, this is my take:
"I played my ass off, tried to do it all within the team context, but the Universe just didn't want it to be my night tonight, and so all I can do is laugh."

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