Rookie Challange w/ our two boys Curry and Morrow!

Talk about the upcoming Warriors game here

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» Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:43 pm
first off wrote:
migya wrote:
bigstrads wrote:Cant believe the Rook's won for the first time..........ever. :shock:

Is it worth watching? cuz my torrent is going reeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyyy slow.

What site is the torrent off

meh, it's a rok/soph game. you know the deal...

morrow didn't do too much and curry had a small hot streak - 3 or 4 beautiful shots back to back to back (to back?). that was fun to watch.

If it's still at like 50% don't bother mate

Morrow had more attempts and points and shots made than curry :?: only thing is he was like 1/3-4 from 3pt land. And I think he had more mins. The sad thing is Curry didn't even get to try and be point except for like one time. Morrow had the ball more in his hands than Curry did lol.

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