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Will the Warriors win the home opener?

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» Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:37 pm
Jackattack wrote:
warriorsstepup wrote:This loss I blame on coaching-

1.When AR was in the game he not only blocked shots, but most importantly he altered many other. He seemed healthy enough so why did he not play the second half, there is a needed explanation for that.

2. 3rd quarter the Rockets had a game plan, we did not. Why not call a time-out and re-group, they knew there butter was Scola and we had no answer for him.

3. Am not sure who was on Ariza, but come the Fuk on, I like Ariza's game, it would have been smart to game plan on stopping it. No T-Mac or Yao, so game-plan for Ariza and Scola, duh. This will be a recurring theme throught the season, post players having monster games against us, and good but not excellent wings having career nights.

4. Maggs at the 4, horrible idea. Small-ball horrible idea.

5. The key is ball movement, 2nd half saw alot of Iso, that ended in forced shoots.

6. Coaching needs to tell players when your shots not falling find other ways to contribute, passing, defense, oh passing. If not take them out let them know there damn role.

Nellie as our coach it will be a very long season. Just basic coaching principles and adjustments damn, its not that hard.

cosign.... sigh...


We could be a decent team but with our coach am a huge doubter.

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