Game Thread: Warriors @ Dallas Mavericks 2009-01-28

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What will be the outcome against the Mavs?

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» Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:14 pm
coltraning wrote:In think we can conclude everything we need to about the "big 4" and the rest of the team from this one game. No more needs to be said, written, and esp. let's not watch any games the rest of the year. We can rest easy, based on the one game in Dallas, that we know exactly what this team can do. QED


It was an ugly game and this team showcased its' worst tendencies.
Someone has to play defense.... but you absolutely make a good point.
The previous 10-11 games have shown some promise of what this team can do if they play as a team. I guess I'm questioning the drastic extremes from game to game and can only toss is up to the fact that we have vets that are still getting to know each other and change up their games, and a bunch of rookies and sophmores.... and a coach who doesn't coach defense...injuries, etc. I would expect them to take half a season to gel but looking at all factors, all we should reasonably expect from this team is inconsistency with a side order of shitty defense. It's fun to watch when they're hitting from everywhere but if you can't do that every night, play defense! It's frustrating, cause I want them to win, but I'm also kind of remotely enjoying watching the drama unfold, see a little glimpse of what they can do if the play as a team, the rookies, etc... It'll be interesting to see who if anyone gets traded before the deadline... There is a lot of talent on this team, not a lot of chemistry....yet...

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