Game Thread: Warriors @ Denver Nuggets 2008-12-13

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What will the outcome be in Denver?

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» Sun Dec 14, 2008 4:36 am
Quazza wrote:
THIZZ wrote:Holy shhhhhhh was Jackson Terrible! I wish he could regognize when he's having an awful night and stop shooting, but he just keeps going. Man that one hurt...

yup, shot 1-13. Just awesome

It's Nellie's fault, tho. A player cannot go 1-13 and 7-23 the previous game and STILL be allowed to shoot as much as he wants. It's getting ridiculous...

At some point, Jackson needs to ride the pine til he realizes he can't shoot that much and that poorly.

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» Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:22 am
bigstrads wrote:For the 2nd game in a row...............No comment..............

Except for, this is the smallest game thread discussion Ive seen in a long time!!! sad to see.
no kidding, most people probably turned that mess off.
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» Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:38 pm
i was in bed hungover so i missed it

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