Game Thread: Warriors @ Philadelphia 76ers 2008-11-23

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Can the Warriors bounce back and win one in Philly?

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» Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:46 am
carlgo wrote:
8th ave wrote:
bigstrads wrote:
Captain_Jack wrote:
bigstrads wrote:COME ON!!!............whats getting us back in the game huh??? energy, hustle, D and movement FROM THE BENCH!!!

They're just actually making shots and layups...and playing a tiny bit of D...they've got three bigs in so they're blocking shots.

Exactly............funny what happens when you actually have a real team, that makes sense, out there.

yeah... our youngins our bringing us back...

btw bigs... i kinda dont buy the whole "they dont get PT so they they're nervous when they play"

you gotta be ready at all times....

You can't sit someone, then throw him in, then not, then yank him, then not use him when he is expecting to be used, etc, etc. That is called "yanking your chain", a Nelson trait. People don't respond well to that. The Ws over the Nelson years have certainly proven that.

People respond better to roles and a steady hand at the helm. Anyone who has had an erratic coach or boss knows that people just get all nervous and defensive, and actually resentful.

There you go.............someone who knows. :D

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