Game Thread: Minnesota Timberwolves @ Warriors 2008-11-11

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Can Don Nelson turn this team around?

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» Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:34 pm
Jackattack wrote:I used to think we fans were just sensitive, but I've definitely noticed a media bias lately when they report about GSW games.

For OUR win against the nuggets, ESPN talked about Carmelo the entire segment, and just merely mentioned the Warriors won at the end.

Then I saw a quick rundown of NBA this morning and the clip they showed of a WARRIORS WIN... was Azubuike getting the ball stolen... wtf?


Fekkin A man!!!

Drives me mad, since I cant watch games anymore..........and the highlights being my only way of seeing my boys, it sucks how they put it together favouring other matter who it is aswell!!!

Also, there have hardly been any downloads available too..........even the Nugs game (which I so wanted to see because of Brandans career night) being an ESPN nat. televised game, wasnt available anywhere! :banghead:

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