Game Thread: Warriors @ New Jersey Nets 2008-11-01

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Can the Warriors take one in New Jersey?

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» Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:01 am
Monta8 wrote:The way this team is constructed we are not really designed to run the fast break like we used to.

I think that's just a by-product of the lack of a real PG. Other than that, this team is even more suited for that kind of bball than last year's.
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» Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:02 am
It may not be fun to watch, but that kind of fundi ball can help us win some games... 8)
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» Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:32 pm
chinchilla13 wrote:
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bigstrads wrote:
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Knightofoceans wrote:Alright...just got home and took a gander at the score. Needless to say I was happy! But after looking at the box score and seeing how the DUBS were up by so many then took a nose dive towards the end...yes, that wasn't too pleasing!
But like everyone is saying...a W is a W...and if Nelly continues to have a 7 (well...the 8th man doesn't really count yet) rotation then we are ROYALLY screwed down the stretch!

It was about time. We needed this win badly.

Not much to say, because I still haven't been able to watch a single game, but I'm excited about the kind of season Maggs is having, even tho he's played just three games. Can't wait to watch a few games.

One thing I can tell you bud.............its NOT exciting to watch.

Hey, I was talking about Maggs, not the team. I'm pretty sure we're playing some ugly bball right now, without a real PG to lead the team. :wink:

I know you were talking about Mags dude...............have you seen the mans FG%??? and free throw attempts??? hes attempted about 40 free throws in 3 games!.............I can tell you, its NOT exciting to watch.

I don't know man, even though it's not nearly as excited as years past, I'm just excited to watch basketball in general. I mean, anytime you can still feel a bit angry after a win, you know you're still watching a team that's competitive.

I reflect those feelings b/c I'm a 49ers and SF Giants fan. I can't even watch those teams.

LOL...I think I might have to disagree here...from the highlights I've seen and the clips of the games I've been able to catch, it's been FUN to watch! The last 3 games haven't been blow outs so when it comes down to the last 2 or 3 minutes of the game I'm not sure how much more exciting its going to get. Sure, the Warriors aren't scoring 110-120 points a game (yet) but in the vacinity of 90-109 is still pretty damn exciting if you ask me. I'm *#$*&@# glad we don't have a team that only scores 70-85 points a game!

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