Game Thread: Warriors @ Los Angeles Clippers 2007-11-02

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Can the Warriors bounce back and get a road win?

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» Sun Nov 04, 2007 5:23 pm
migya wrote:
xbaywarrior wrote:
migya wrote:
xbaywarrior wrote:This team is built to win when they're on fire. They ain't gonna win if they're not rebounding, turning it over, and shooting at 38-40%. They have to be firing from all cylinders to win. When SJax comes back, I think that'll change a bit more. But it'll still be somewhat the same.

That goes for all teams mate :wink:

What I meant was that they won't win unless they're shooting high percentages. A team like the Spurs can shoot 38-40% and rebound below their average but still have a chance to win even though it would be close. This team was built to win on high percentages. They're not going to get it done shooting poorly from the three. That's their game. Shoot the ball ASAP.

It's frustrating to me, because we have the pieces to be a good rebounding and interior defense team with Biedrins, O'Bryant, Lasme, and Wright w/ Harrington helping too. Nelson is just too stubborn to adapt his lineup to fit a bigger team. He needs to realize that going small doesn't work against bulky post players like Boozer and Kaman.

In other words, our team can't defend that well and needs to out gun the opposition

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