Game Thread: Dallas Mavericks @ Warriors 2007-04-29

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Can the Warriors go up 3-1?

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» Mon Apr 30, 2007 10:32 am
cladden wrote:Can't shoot freethrows, can't rebound. We still ****ing pulled it out. Another win in really a sub-par performance in many ways. Baron (barring the free-throws) was ofcourse messiah again but otherwise. Nicely done by Pietrus, Jackson and JRich but mostly it was just making the Mavs suck more with our D. Crazy. I love this team.

well scary thing is. I don't think the Dubs played their A game yet. The closest thing was game 3.

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» Mon Apr 30, 2007 3:26 pm
cladden wrote:From reading the comments Mavs fans think the refs favored the Warriors. Am I that out of sync with reality? I thought they got a lot of cheap calls.

I thought it was slightly in favor of Golden State. Barnett/Fitzgerald on FSNBA also said this, and they are usually pretty straightfoward (particularly Barnett) on how the calls are going. There were a few clear fouls on replays that were not called on GS (one on a foul by Jackson on Nowitzki when Dirk shot an airball 3, one on a clear hack on Richardson). The ones that went against the Ws that seemed to be bad calls were closer, ones that I could see why the ref made the call (Harris taking a charge where it looked like he flopped, one defensive foul on GS where the Mav was already falling, but the W player did hit him).
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» Mon Apr 30, 2007 6:46 pm
If the Warriors played this game in Dallas, they would've lost. They were playing the Mavs tempo the whole game. The fans really motivated them to make a final run for the W.

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