Game Thread: Warriors @ Portland Trail Blazers 2007-04-18

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Will this be the last game of the season for the Warriors?

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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 12:33 am
Golden State Warriors (41-40) @ Portland Trail Blazers (32-49)

Start time 7:00 PM PST @ The Rose Garden

Probable starters for the Golden State Warriors
PG - Baron Davis
SG - Monta Ellis
SF - Jason Richardson
PF - Stephen Jackson
C - Al Harrington

Probable starters for the Portland Trail Blazers
PG - Jarrett Jack
SG - Fred Jones
SF - Martell Webster
PF - Raef LaFrentz
C - Jamaal Magloire

Team leaders this season
PPG - B. Davis (20.3) | Z. Randolph (23.6)
RPG - A. Biedrins (9.4) | Z. Randolph (10.1)
APG - B. Davis (8.0) | J. Jack (5.3)
SPG - B. Davis (2.1) | B. Roy (1.2)
BPG - A. Biedrins (1.7) | J. Przybilla (1.6)

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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 12:34 am
Just got back from the game. Sorry for anyone waiting to post something about this game =)

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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 12:45 am
Roadkill :happy1:

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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 1:40 am
If the Warriors lose to the Portland Trailblazer who has no Brandon Roy, Zach Randolph, Darius Miles, or LaMarcus Alridge (if he really matters); then Warriors absolutely do not deserve to be in the playoffs. But I see a 20 pt blowout, a good rest for the starters.

Warriors by 17
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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 1:41 am
The last step!

Warriors by 20
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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 2:13 am
We're almost in the playoffs We can't fail now. And we won't do.

Dubs by 15.

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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:48 am
Big game!!! Massive game!!! I am so nervouse about this game!!! Portland have most of there star players out, so we better give it 110% tomorrow~~~ GO WARRIORS!!! PLAYOFFS IS NEAR!!!

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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 8:04 am
Again, all i can say is WIN DAMMIT! If we win, we're in.
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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:01 am
Randolph, Udoka, and maybe Przbilla out. We'll kill them.
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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:46 am
anyone listen to KNBR last night?

i called D. BRUCE at about 10:30 or so. I was Jordan in San Jose.


Blazers are bad WITH Randolph and Roy. There out so I predict a win and the playoffs. Wait what?

Warriors by 21

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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:55 am
Okay I know that Zach is injuried but is it for sure that Brandon Roy will not be playing what happened to the Blazers starters? any articles that make it for sure?
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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 10:19 am
Randolph, Udoka, Roy, Przbilla, and Aldridge are not playing.
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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 11:02 am
Ws by 20. Bring on the Mavs or the Suns!
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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 1:40 pm
We are soooooo close, it would be an absolute travesty if we lose this game and the clips win.....but that wont ****ing happen. We are so hot right now that the only team that could possibly stop us is the Spurs. Warriors by 20+ and we go into the first round and scrape whoever we play. Oh yeah, this game could get as ugly as the twolves game was...

.....but I only hope that i don't turn on the game to find out Baron is suspended for his swipe last night, he has been suspended for less in the past fwe years (e.g. luke rideneur last year, and the clippers this year)
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» Wed Apr 18, 2007 1:50 pm
Randolph was the only thing keeping us from whopping them last time.

Warriors by 20.

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