Game Thread: San Antonio Spurs @ Warriors 2006-11-27

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Can the Warriors prevent an eight game losing streak (past three seasons) against the Spurs?

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» Sat Nov 25, 2006 11:43 pm
San Antonio Spurs (10-3) @ Golden State Warriors (8-6)

Start time 7:30 PM PST @ The Oracle

PG - Monta Ellis
SG - Jason Richardson
SF - Mickael Pietrus
PF - Troy Murphy
C - Andris Biedrins

Probable starters for the San Antonio Spurs
PG - Tony Parker
SG - Michael Finley
SF - Bruce Bowen
PF - Tim Duncan
C - Fabricio Oberto

Team leaders Last Season
PPG - B. Davis (20.7) | T. Duncan (23.2)
RPG - A. Biedrins (9.2) | T. Duncan (10.5)
APG - B. Davis (7.9) | T. Parker (4.7)
SPG - B. Davis (2.2) | M. Ginobili (1.3)
BPG - A. Biedrins (2.5) | T. Duncan (1.5)
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» Sun Nov 26, 2006 12:40 am
2 part reply...Pietrus plays, it is close, but Spurs probably sneak it out unless JRich is the JRich of last season, BD and Pietrus both play, Ws win by 7...what a daily double if they take the spurs on the heels of the jazz, but the Spurs will definitely not come in sleeping after tonight...
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» Sun Nov 26, 2006 12:55 am
Spurs come out of the gate strong and never look back. Look for a warrior to get injured. Look for Monta to go down to earth with his older facsimile zooming by him. The spurs will give us a thorough shakeup.

Sorry, but that's just how I see it going down. For some reason I think J-rich and Biedrins will have good games against the soft D of Fabric Oberto


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» Sun Nov 26, 2006 1:30 am
They've always come to town and tear up the dubs, I believe the last time it was like 114-89. I still have my hopes up, I mean cmon we just beat the "#1 team!"
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» Sun Nov 26, 2006 3:21 am
The Jazz also had our number... and we crushed them. Which means that, after a great win, comes a so-so game. Spurs by 6.
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» Sun Nov 26, 2006 3:30 am
The Spurs are clearly a defensive minded team. These Warriors love offense, and what better time to see if this offense is ready for this type of defense. I don't like the Warriors chances, but the Warriors play well when at home. So the game may be a bit close.

Spurs by 2.
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» Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:13 am
Spurs are the real #1 team and they play well against the team.

Spurs by 10
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» Sun Nov 26, 2006 5:38 pm
Warriors by 3 in overtime

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» Sun Nov 26, 2006 6:20 pm
If the Warriors give the same effort on D like the last game...
If Biedrins can get his numbers against Duncan...
I J-Rich hits more than 40% of his shots...
If Monte's #s can match Parkers...
If Spurs come out a bit flat like the Jazz did...

Warriors win by 5!
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» Sun Nov 26, 2006 8:04 pm
d1mex wrote:Warriors by 3 in overtime

this shot should be framed and sent to David Stern...hey commish, you think your ref missed THIS call?
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» Mon Nov 27, 2006 11:02 am
I'm going to be ridiculously optimistic and guess that Andris outplays Duncan, Monta outplays Parker and that the Dubs win by 7.
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» Mon Nov 27, 2006 11:17 am
Gotta have faith. J rich is commin around. he should have a good game. And AB is playing great. Should be able to play good D on Duncan.
Ws by 4

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» Mon Nov 27, 2006 12:28 pm
I am bvery nervous about tonight's game. It looks like Baron will not play tonight. For the Spurs, Manu Ginobili will be out which is good news for the Warriors.

The Spurs have NOT lost on the road yet this season. They seem to impose their will on any team they play. I hope the Warriors play the 3-2 zone against them and keep them off the boards and force them to shoot from the outside.

While Parker has improved his shooting over the past two seasons, I still do not look at him or Bruce Bowen as deadly three-point shooters. It is imperative to limit Parker's penetration in the lane. The Warriors have had trouble with guards like that this season.

I think the Warriors will play a spirited game, but ultimately fall short.
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» Mon Nov 27, 2006 2:25 pm
Dubs by 2.
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» Mon Nov 27, 2006 3:11 pm
tHe_pEsTiLeNcE wrote:Image

I'd wager to say that this is the most often used, non-sig/avatar pic on this forum (not including SoCoolBob's insane, re-used photos).

Makes me laugh everytime.

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