Game Thread: Warriors @ Blazers - Playoffs Rd 1 Game 3

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» Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:29 pm
Ugh... Ugly start for the Dubs. The Splash Bros have yet to find their shots in the playoffs, but they're gonna need to to climb out of this early deficit and snap our game 3 losing streak.

The whole team looks out of sync.
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» Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:27 pm
Holy *****t! Wow, what a comeback!

Our boys showed a lot of grit and hung in there!

Hearing the "WARRRRIORRRRS" in a playoff game on a opposing team's court is a thing of beauty. That, coupled with how we've beaten them when they've player perfect in game 3, and without KD, Livingston, Barnes, and now Kerr, they've got to be completely demoralized.

Series is basically over.
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» Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:13 am
This game showed the comeback heart. With the HC and the players that were missing the team still wins, and at Portland. Hopefully all the players and Kerr will be good to go for game 4 and hopefully the team wins, nice if they thrash, Portland to sweep.

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» Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:50 pm
Dam even Kerr used the blazers to rest.
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» Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:38 pm
mullin17 wrote:Dam even Kerr used the blazers to rest.

Lol, that's exactly what I thought. We totally disrespected them with their center coming back, and resting everyone. Even if we lose, that was us just saying, "IDGAF, we'll still win the series."

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