Game Thread: Warriors @ Los Angeles Clippers 2012-03-11

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» Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:23 pm
I'm so glad that I'm going to continue watching the NBA after all. lol
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» Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:28 pm
rockyBeli wrote:a dios mio... this game, man, this game. This game exemplifies what's wrong with the NBA / NBA officiating / the czar David Stern.

- Pandering every call to your rising young star player / KIA spokesperson / slam dunk champion? Check
- Trying to foul out or dim the aggressiveness of the guy guarding the star playerwith ticky tack phantom calls? Check
- Getting fooled(?) by every flop (even when it's by one of the strongest players in the league)? Check
- Home crowd advantage in foul calls? Check
- Elite / new "it" team advantage in foul calls? Check
- A few make-up calls (which are also phantom / bs calls) to make it seem like it's going both ways? Check

Such horrid officiating. Thing is, we all know exactly why it's happening and who's orders they're following. My thing is, if a guy is truly a star player, then why does he even need the refs help?


Your analysis is correct, which is why I've been BEGGING people to get on board with the "overpay for a star" plan. In the modern NBA, the number of superstar whistles you draw plays a HUGE factor; damn near more so than whose playing better. ](*,)

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