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» Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:19 am
There are about 20 guys on the TEAM USA roster that are available to be selected for the World competitions.
Looking at the roster and what Coach K says he wants from the team, Monta Ellis should be on that team.

He is a good shooter, he hits an extreamly high percentage from just inside the arc, which would be the 3 point range at worlds.
He is fast!! and he is could be the pesky defender that they like at the PG and SG spots.
Against the good teams almost no one was able to create their own shot except KD. Monta could sholder some of that scoring load.
Looking at the PG and SG roster I would definately put Ellis in front of some of them.

We probably won't ever see him play for Team USA, but I think he has all the qualties that they are looking for, and they should at least invite him to the summer events.
If it wasn't for his little moped incident I bet he would have been invited to participate in the past... oh well.
At least he won't be risking injury playing for non-Warriors events.

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» Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:11 am
My prediction: I think what Ellis can do, John Wall will be able to do in a couple of years (the only thing might be that Walls shot might not be as well from mid range as Ellis, but everything else will be on par or better than Ellis.) My point is, Wall would be that same type of player to have to Team USA over Ellis.

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