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» Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:47 pm
xbay wrote:
RobDIKUM wrote:Geez, JREED I hope you just forgot a week or something...crackerz picked teams based on SDSU and sac state players, and he's destroying you! :mrgreen:

I guess i should have read XBAYS post first huh?

I checked three times over and over again just in case I missed his post, but I didn't see his week two picks, so he had to forfeit all those games. He's in for a longgggg season.

so is bada with his 8-8!
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» Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:12 pm
OK guys week 3 picks are in for me... im going to do this early on the season & go mascot theory type picking (i dont want Mr C claiming he was O.G with this picking style after claiming he was the first last season)

Anyways some tough picks... Might of needed a different analogy for the Bengals... but im gonna say this week that the steel cage is open ;)

SUnday, Sept 27

Browns at Ravens - Bulldogs aint known for speed and agility, The Ravens feast on a heatstroked dog

Giants at Buccaneers - Raheem Morris doesn't have enough Swash Buckling pirates to take down that GIANT OFFENSIVE LINE

Jaguars at Texans - Foreign cats in George Bush/Dick Chaney land… someone better call the RSPCA

Falcons at Patriots - I’m feeling all birds matchups this week… a Stinking Boston PATRI-RAT can’t fly back to the good life in England.

Packers at Rams - The Economy is rebounding… Warehouse workers and forklift drivers on America will be packing Sheep skin and sheep horns to destinations all across the world.

Chiefs at Eagles - Too many Cheifs, Not enough Indians!

Redskins at Lions - IF Calvin Johnson is King of the Jungle then De’Angelo Hall is what a circus master feeds to his felines. LIONS break the streak and the Rhino Haynesworth doesn’t get any love for shutting down Kevin Smith

49ers at Vikings - I want to pick the Gold Rush… But Vykings are known for stealing and looting. Adrien Peterson doesn’t get his fantasy numbers of games past. But All Day will just be happy with a victory.

Titans at Jets - The mascot theory sees a stealth bomber type game from Mark Sanchez as he scud missles some beautiful passes on target.

Saints at Bills - Devine intervention …. Drew Brees will be flowing Niagra Falls and a Buffalo won’t be able to swim in the holy water

Bears at Seahawks - both teams feast on fish.. But the Grizzle bear might get food poisoning feasting on saltwater tuna when Jay Cutler is used to freshwater Salmon.

Dolphins at Chargers - How to kill a dolphin… just add 240 volts into a fish tank… and dinner is served.

Broncos at Raiders - Broncos have a hoof, but a Raiders got a sword.. 2 of em.. Look for Bush n Mcfadden to cut up in the running game and Jamarcus Russell struggle with the one eyed focus passing game.

Steelers at Bengals - Someone left the steel cage door open and the Tiger is out and loose on the streets of Cinci …With Palomalu out… Carson Palmer will be able to make enough 3rd downs to OchoCinco and Cedric Benson should be able to take care of the rest.

Colts at Cardinals - 2 dome primetime games… a COLT is going to have trouble finding the exit and end zones of Phoenix University Stadium… But a Cardinal will sense where the wind blows and fly to freedom.

Monday , Sep. 28
Panthers at Cowboys - Jerry’s World gets there first feline opponent… a Blackcat doesn’t have enough leap to jump out of gods view in the ceiling and Tony Romo should have enough of a lasooe to rope in this game.
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» Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:18 am
SUnday, Sept 27

Browns at Ravens - Despite the Flaccogate ( :mrgreen: ), the Ravens have a field day over the Browns. As for the Browns, Mangini's players start to openly quit on him, forcing the franchise to start rebuilding (once again) after the season.

Giants at Buccaneers - Steve Smith and Manningham might reach 200 yards each against our secondary.

On second thought, Jacobs and Brahshaw might surpass 100 yards each against our d-line as well.

Let's leave at some middle ground and say we lose by 20.

Jaguars at Texans - The Jags D ain't that bad, but their offense sucks. Unless the Texans lay an egg again, this should be one of their easiest wins of the season.

Falcons at Patriots - I don't really trust the unproven Falcons secondary to stop Brady and Randy Moss. The Falcons have a chance, tho, but I'll still go with the home team here.

Packers at Rams - The Packers blew it last weekend against the Bengals, so they should feel lucky about having the Rams this week. If they lose, their season might be over before it even started, tho, so it's a key game for them. I don't expect them to fail.

Chiefs at Eagles - The Eagles are in trouble with so many injuries. Westbrook is banged up, McNabb is out, Jackson is also hurt... And let's not forget all the preseason and early season guys going into IR (Andrews, Bradley, Ingram).

Sadly for the Chiefs, the Eagles reserves are still much better than their starters.

Redskins at Lions - The Redskins D is pretty good. A pity they have the worst offense of the NFL. And Zorn doesn't trust Campbell at all, which shows a lot near the end zone. Detroit finally wins a game to end the longest losing streak in league history.

49ers at Vikings - AP, AP, AP, AP, AP...

Titans at Jets - The Titans D was just awful last week against the Texans. Now, the Jets do not have as many weapons as Houston, but their D is much better. And they play at home.

Saints at Bills - I wasn't impressed at all by the Bills D. And that's bad news when the Saints come to town.

Bears at Seahawks - If Hasselbeck were healthy, I might change this pick, but I can't see the 'Hawks beating the Bears without him.

Dolphins at Chargers - I've got a hunch about this game being the upset of the week. Jamal Williams going to IR is huge for the Chargers, and Merriman still doesn't know the season has already started. The Wildcat comes back in full glory against the Chargers this week.

Broncos at Raiders - I can't believe I'm picking the Raiders... but the Broncos are one of the worst 2-0 teams I've ever seen.

Steelers at Bengals - So the Steelers lost at Chicago last week. Big deal. Time to get back on track against Cincy. Benson won't have much space to run, Palmer will be harassed often and the Bengals will have to wait for another chance to beat the Steelers.

Colts at Cardinals - I don't trust the Colts at all, they can beat anybody but I don't trust them against good teams. Also, Warner was last season's Warner agains last week, and that's what the Cards need to win. It's a tough game to call, but I think the Cards will take it.

Monday , Sep. 28

Panthers at Cowboys - The Panthers troubles go beyond Jake (not saying he isn't). That D is not what it once was. You just cannot win much with Jake at QB AND a bad D.

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» Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:53 pm
DAMN YOU PAWNO... you CopyCat! I did the mascots last year, and was planning on doing it again.... AAARRRGGGH! :banghead: How am i suppose to win now???

I actually did had the mascots planned for later in the year. I have about 8 more ideas for the rest of the season, and will be adding more... now 7, as now the mascots has been taken. Hopefully, you do not take my other ones, especially some of my goodies from last year, as i do plan on using them later.

I am still shocked i predicted better than most with the colleges thing, though... ha!
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» Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:46 pm
SUnday, Sept 27

Browns at Ravens - Browns are one of the 3 worst teams so far this year

Giants at Buccaneers - Giants are just a resilient team and they always put up a tough fight

Jaguars at Texans - Texans just look better at this point

Falcons at Patriots - Doubt the pats will lose two in a row, they are not what they were, but i think they squeak one out by 3

Packers at Rams - I wouldn't pick the Rams over the Lions!

Chiefs at Eagles - Chiefs just aren't good, and even with Philly's QB situation a mess the chiefs can't hang.

Redskins at Lions - I agree with Pawno, LIons have been somewhat competitive and the Skins are always up for a letdown.

49ers at Vikings - Yeah i'm being a homer, but the Vikings also played the lions and browns to start the year.

Titans at Jets- Jets are feeling good, but the titans have to right the ship sometime

Saints at Bills -Saints are AWESOME!

Bears at Seahawks -Hawks are banged up again, this will be close

Dolphinsat Chargers - Dolphins blew last week and that gave me the indy win. This week, the overrated Chargers lose

Broncos at Raiders- I may kick myself for this one, but I think the Raiders D can handle Denver. Jamarcus needs to step his fat ass up though.

Steelers at Bengals - Cinci will be a different team from week to week. This week..... the bad bengals show up.

Colts at Cardinals - Warner gets abused more than manning in this game. Win for the colts.

Monday , Sep. 28
Panthers at Cowboys - Cowboys are good enough to beat teams like this
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» Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:22 pm

Sunday, Sept 27

Browns at Ravens- Okay, Mark Clayton... get me lots of points to hurt TMC!

Giants at Buccaneers- Okay, Kellen Winslow and Lawrence Tynes... either don't get ANY points for TMC or don't give TMC more than 5 points! Okay, New York Giants defense... get me lots of points to hurt TMC!

Jaguars at Texans- Okay, MJD... get me lots points to hurt TMC!

Falcons at Patriots - Okay, Benjamin Watson... get me lots of points to hurt TMC!

Packers at Rams - Okay, Aaron Rodgers and Donald Driver... get me lots of points to hurt TMC!

Chiefs at Eagles - Okay, Desean Jackson... either don't play or don't give TMC more than 5 points!

Redskins at Lions- Okay, Clinton Portis... either don't play or don't give TMC more than 5 points!

49ers at Vikings- Love you Niners, but since neither team plays for TMC or myself, who cares... (well except in my other leagues where I own Frank Gore in one and AP in the other and I want them to do real well).

Titans at Jets- Okay, New York Jets defense... don't get any sacks, interceptions, and fumbles, and give up lots of points to the Titans!

Saints at Bills- Okay, Drew Brees... you better suck this week.

Bears at Seahawks- No players on either team playing for TMC or myself, so who cares...

Dolphins at Chargers- Okay, Vincent Jackson and Ronnie Brown... don't give TMC more than 5 points! Okay, Phillip Rivers... get me lots of points to hurt TMC and pass it anyone BUT Vincent Jackson!

Broncos at Raiders- No players on either team playing for TMC or myself, so who cares...

Steelers at Bengals- Okay, Santonio Holmes... get me lots of points to hurt TMC!

Colts at Cardinals - Okay, Larry Fitzgerald... don't give TMC more than 5 points! Okay, Tim Hightower... get me lots of points to hurt TMC!

Monday, Sep. 28
Panthers at Cowboys- Okay, Nick Folk... get me lots of points to hurt TMC!
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» Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:46 am
Sorry guys...can't OL too much...but i am trying not to miss the weekly pick...
Darn...too many hotchicks in this country....

week 3


Just win..baby...

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» Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:30 am
Week 3 picks!

Browns at Ravens - The Ravens surely have to be an early Superbowl favourite. They have it going on in both offense and defense. Meanwhile, the Browns stink! Are they ever going to score an offensive touchdown??

Giants at Buccaneers - Eli and his receivers have been very effective in the first two games of the season. The Giants haven't even needed their running game. Look for it to fire against the under-performing Bucs.

Jaguars at Texans - I think Week 2 was a much better reflection of Houston's potential than Week 1. The Jags do nothing for me.

Falcons at Patriots - The game is being played in New England, but I really do think that the Falcons will just have too many options on offense. Turner can run all game, and Ryan has two great receivers in Gonzalez and White. I think Brady is still finding his feet.

Packers at Rams - Green Bay should bounce back after their loss to the Bengals. Meanwhile, the Rams must be close to the worst team in the entire league. St Louis should focus on its baseball team.

Chiefs at Eagles - Even if McNabb doesn't play, the Eagles will have too many options. The Chiefs will remain winless after Week 3.

Redskins at Lions - This pick is more a reflection of how little I think of Washington. They just can't put points on the board. Look for Calvin Johnson to get the game-winning TD.

49ers at Vikings - I think I underestimated the 49ers a bit, but look for Favre to star in his first home game. Haha, just kidding. But I do think AD will win the game for the Vikings.

Titans at Jets - Even though the Titans got spanked by the Jets last season, I refuse to believe they will start this season at 0-3. Their offense looks to be on track, they just need to tighten up their defense. I still am not convinced about the Jets...

Saints at Bills - Saints should crack the 40-point barrier this game easy. They let in lots of points, but with Brees at the helm, they will always win the shoot-outs.

Bears at Seahawks - Chicago showed last week what they are capable of; meanwhile the Seahawks showed what they are capable of without Hasselback. Bears a darkhorse in my opinion.

Dolphins at Chargers - Phillip Rivers is really really good, and the Chargers should have enough to take care of the Dolphins at home. I think Miami will be lucky to finish 8-8, although at least the wildcat seems to be clicking nicely.

Broncos at Raiders - I don't think Denver are as bad as people say they are. Look for them to be the 'worst 3-0 team of all time' after this week! Jamarcus is killing the Raiders.

Steelers at Bengals - Upset of the week. Look for the Bengals to build off last week's impressive road win. Meanwhile, I hate the Steelers and hope they get smashed.

Colts at Cardinals - A battle of the veteran quarterbacks. However, I think Manning just has an undeniable knack for winning games, and the Colts will win this one.

Panthers at Cowboys - After Romo did his best Jake Delhomme impersonation against the Giants, look for him to bounce back in this game. A high scoring affair, but Dallas gets the win.
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» Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:32 am
aussiebiedrins wrote:Look for it to fire against the under-performing Bucs.

Don't call us under-performing. Considering we're the worst D of the NFL, we're performing exactly like we're supposed to do. :wink:

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» Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:32 am
Nothing fancy this week... didnt have the time.

Browns at Ravens- Battle of Old Browns vs. New Browns

Giants at Buccaneers- Battle which begins TMC's drinking problem (sorry TMC, not looking pretty)

Jaguars at Texans- Battle of overrated AFC South teams

Falcons at Patriots - Battle of ying vs. yang

Packers at Rams - Battle of Pathetic Proportions... and McCarthy's job.

Chiefs at Eagles - Battle of American symbolism

Redskins at Lions- Battle of the Worst.

49ers at Vikings- Battle of the Best

Titans at Jets- Battle of futuristic machinery

Saints at Bills- Battle of Before and After (hint: dealing with priests... think about it)

Bears at Seahawks- Battle of iconic buildings... well iconic enough.

Dolphins at Chargers- Battle of warm weather and idiotic people

Broncos at Raiders- Battle of the best rivalry.

Steelers at Bengals- Battle of Just some ugly, flashy-less colors

Colts at Cardinals - Battle of Edgerrin James... yikes.

Monday , Sep. 28

Panthers at Cowboys- Battle of "My QB is more erratic than yours"
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» Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:36 pm
Browns at Ravens

Giants at Buccaneers

Jaguars at Texans

Falcons at Patriots

Packers at Rams

Chiefs at Eagles

Redskins at Lions

49ers at Vikings

Titans at Jets

Saints at Bills

Bears at Seahawks

Dolphins at Chargers

Broncos at Raiders

Steelers at Bengals

Colts at Cardinals

Monday , Sep. 28

Panthers at Cowboys
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» Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:06 pm
I almost forgot

Browns at Ravens

Giants at Buccaneers

Jaguars at Texans

Falcons at Patriots

Packers at Rams

Chiefs at Eagles

Redskins at Lions

49ers at Vikings

Titans at Jets

Saints at Bills

Bears at Seahawks

Dolphins at Chargers

Broncos at Raiders

Steelers at Bengals

Colts at Cardinals

Monday , Sep. 28

Panthers at Cowboys
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» Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:05 am
Browns at Ravens - Ravens one of the top teams in the league. The Browns are not.

Giants at Buccaneers - Giants are so tough on the road and the Bucs defense is truly awful.

Jaguars at Texans - Texans got their passing game going last week, this week they will get their running game going as well..

Falcons at Patriots - Only because the Pats are at home.

Packers at Rams - Packers getright against the awful Rams.

Chiefs at Eagles - Despite the injuries, I still think Phily gets it done.

Redskins at Lions - I think this is the day "the streak" ends.

49ers at Vikings - Niners drop their 1st game of the season.

Titans at Jets - Nothing more dangerous than an 0-2 team that HAS talent. Going for the upset pick here.

Saints at Bills - Another upset pick here.

Bears at Seahawks - Neon green uni's wont be enough to overcome the injuries.

Dolphins at Chargers - Was impressed with the dolphins in a loss on Monday night.

Broncos at Raiders - Not a chance Broncos go 3-0.

Steelers at Bengals - .

Colts at Cardinals -

Monday , Sep. 28

Panthers at Cowboys -
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» Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:55 am
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» Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:14 am
11-5 as well.

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