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» Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:20 am
Beast Mode wrote:Theres nowhere for the team to go but up ...

Absolutely. Particularly when you keep in mind that if we win 4 games, it would have been an improvement... :mrgreen:

Nah, really, I think we're one or, most likely, two years away (two good drafts) from being a playoff contender again. But we should be much improved from last year's hideous season... No question about that.

Beast Mode wrote:Benn was a great addition [plus great value, some drafts he'd be top 10] ..

The kid that's getting rave reviews in OTAs is Mike Williams, the WR from Syracuse... Seems like he's got one starting spot locked (that can change during training camp, of course), with Benn battling Reggie Brown for the other. In any case, both rookies will get ample playing time, and that's really big for a team like ours that had the worst WR corps of the NFL last season.

Beast Mode wrote:Freeman looks like a keeper ...

Freeman showed a lot of promise last year without any kind of reliable weapons. This year he has more toys to play with... and he'll have to show what he can do as the leader of the team.

He's saying all the right thinks, working non-stop on improving his game and his teammates and acting like the leader he's expected to be. His biggest obstacle will be himself, because he's already been picked as the franchise player. We'll go as far as he takes us.

Beast Mode wrote:D-Line should be much improved with McCoy/Price [plus you have a guy named Stylez. G White... what else needs to be said?]

Stylez is one of the most underrated DEs of the NFL... but he's gonna be 31 during this season... other than that, we have several backups playign at the other DE spot, and that's our weakest point. McCoy is amazing... and Price has had some lingering minor injuries, so he hasn't worked out much, but we should be much improved at DT as well.

Beast Mode wrote:My question marks would be on the LB core/Offensive line/RB department [would like to see more Graham] ..

I'm not worried about our LBS. Geno Hayes is a playmaker, he's been great last season and I wouldn't be surprised to see him develop into a pro bowler in time. Ruud had a ton of tackles last season, but most of them were for nothing... of course, not having any help from the D-line didn't help him. He'll have to play for his big contract this year, but the fact that the team still hasn't signed him long term says that there are questions about him... and the other kid, Quincy Black, it's a top player from a physical point of view... but he's not there mentally, looking out of position often. Still, don't think it's a weak point... quite the opposite, it might be one of our strongest points.

Offensive line... well, that's different. Joseph is a pro bowl talent, and Faine as well (when healthy)... but Trueblook is a penalty machine, Penn still wants a long term commitment (and I think he'd barely above average) and Zuttah/Vincent will only start because the team had to cut Arron Sears. Honestly, it's a question mark for me as well.

RB?. Caddy looked good by the end of last season, quick, strong, confident... as long as he stays healthy, I think we'll be good. If he gets injured, our RBs become some of the worst of the NFL. And Graham is gonna play FB mostly... Caddy and Ward will be our RBs.

Beast Mode wrote:I don't follow any team nearly as close as the Saints but those just seem like the weaknesses of the team when looking at the depth chart .. but thats just me speculating. Every team in the NFC South should be improved this year though.

Yeah, it's crazy. The Saints are the team to beat in the whole NFL (and I think they have improved, although I don't get why they cut McCray... even tho he's one-dimensional, I would have keep him, even if only as cover up for injuries or Will Smith's possible suspension), the Falcons should bounce back from an average year and most Panthers will play for their long terms jobs... The division is crazy, and incredibly tough...
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» Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:15 am
I'm most interested to see if Clausen is the man in Carolina .. I think he has all the tools, just needs to be more of a leader and not so much a whiny little bi*ch. Matty Ice will bounce back ... Falcons could easily win 9-10 games.. Bucs should win 6-7 ... Saints could be anywhere from 10-6 to 13-3 depending on how we use our RBs [Pierre should get the bulk of the carries, he's a monster and is the reason we won the SB]

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