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» Thu Oct 09, 2008 7:32 am
Lions @ Vikings - Ugh. It's gonna be ugly for Detroit...

Bears @ Falcons - I just wonder if the Bears D will stop Michael Turner. If they do, the game is theirs to lose... but I don't think it'll be the case.

Raiders @ Saints - The Saints are just a MUCH better than Oakland.

Bengals @ Jets - See above. Same case, a playoff team against a bad one.

Dolphins @ Texans - I've got a good feeling about this 'Fins team.

Panthers @ Bucs - In case of doubt, go D. And I'll NEVER pick the Panthers over the Bucs.

Ravens @ Colts - Pay-a-ton is winning some very tough games for the Colts. This one won't be an exception.

Rams @ Redskins - If you thought the Raiders were the worst on the NFL, you have no idea...

Jaguars @ Broncos - I'll also go with the home team. Purely because I'm not confident enough on the Jags offense.

Cowboys @ Cardinals - Dallas D needs to step up one of these days.

Eagles @ 49ers - Philly has lost some very winnable games lately. It cannot keep happening.

Packers @ Seahawks - I have no idea why I'm picking the Seahawks. Probably because I can't stand the Packers.

Patriots @ Chargers - Honestly, these two teams are not what they were last year.

Giants @ Browns - Tough game for Derek Anderson, who's trying to keep his starting spot. NY seems to be getting better with each game, so the Browns won't have an easy time beating them.
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» Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:01 pm
Lions @ Vikings - I'm callin upset on this one. ..

Bears @ Falcons -Bears will stop the run this game

Raiders @ Saints - Might be a close one, but Saints take it by picking on DeAngelo

Bengals @ Jets - Close game, jets win by 3

Dolphins@ Texans - fins magical ride of two wins ends :roll:

Panthers@ Bucs - Garcia leads Tampa to victory.

Ravens @ Colts - Colts are on the decline but the Ravens are not up high enough to even touch em.

Rams @ Redskins - Rams

Jaguars @ Broncos - I agree, jags O can't keep up

Cowboys @ Cardinals - high scoring game, cowboys win 44-35

Eagles @ 49ers - I WILL NOT PICK AGAINST MY TEAM...though the eagles blitz might lead JTO to an early grave

Packers @ Seahawks - Its going from bad to worse for the hawks.

Patriots @ Chargers - Chargers are the worst in the battle of the shadows of former selves

Giants @ Browns - NY is steamin ahead and are peaking at the right time, right before the big letdown to the niners
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» Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:54 pm
Chicago - Atlanta....M.Jenkins and Turner will send chicago to grave.

Miami - Houston...Miami only good at home not on road.

Baltimore - Indy...Can't imagine if Colts lose at home...Wayne for 2 TD

Detroit - Minnesota...Close game but A.P will help Vikings win.

Oakland - N.O...The saints are not Raiders level yet, not even a chance...sorry Saints it's reality... :D

Cincinnati - Jets...tiger(bengals) will never as fast as jets ....

Carolina - Tampa Bay...i look at the stars at night and carolina star are blurry not a good sign...

S.T Louis - Washington.....i hate pick this game, i have a sense tell me is gonna be upset game.But, i need to make sade pick.

jacksonville - meat are yummy for Jaguars.

Dallas - arizona....hard to beat romo and witten.

Philly - S.F....Philly are hungry for win...can i not to pick this one.

Green Bay - Seattle....Time for Julius jones make 4 TD.

N.E - San more playoff for san diego...sorry..that's reality.

NY Giants - Cleveland....first lose for Eli

just win , Baby
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» Fri Oct 10, 2008 9:48 am
Lions @ Vikings - Got burned picking the Lions last week. Wont make that mistake again.

Bears @ Falcons -Bears have blitzed the QB 96 times this year, the most in the NFL. They have 4 QB sacks on those blitzes, by FAR the lowest % in the league. Conversely, Matt Ryan is the only QB in the league who has not been sacked on a blitz (been blitzed 46 times). I think it will be a close game but in the end, Bears win.

Raiders @ Saints - Saints have not been able to win the close game this year, lucky for them, this game wont be close.

Bengals @ Jets - Cincy is still a mess.

Dolphins@ Texans -Texans have to be completely deflated after two excuciating losses. I will go with momentum in this one.

Panthers @ Bucs - Going with the road upset in this one.

Ravens @ Colts - Maybe the unprobably come from behind win last week changes the whole season for the Colts.

Rams @ Redskins - I think it will be closer than most people think but Zorn knows the Rams personel well and Skins win.

Jaguars @ Broncos - Jags D has been dissapointing but I am picking them to win.

Cowboys @ Cardinals - If Cowboys run the ball, they win.

Eagles @ 49ers - Just because I WANT the Niners to lose.

Packers @ Seahawks - Hasselbeck looks like he wont play. Can we restart this year please!

Patriots @ Chargers - Chargers get a much needed win.

Giants @ Browns - 13 straight ROAD wins for the Giants. In the NFL, that is one of the more amazing streaks in recent memory.
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» Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:05 pm
Sun. Oct. 12th

Bears @ Falcons – This will be a BEARS ball game. I think Turner and Ryan definitely get there fantasy numbers but Forte been hot and Ryan will have a key turnover somewhere in the 2nd half of this game that spells the Falcons fate.

Ravens @ Colts- Baltimore been involved in too many losses lately that were decided by a field goal.. I think this game will be decided by a field goal or overtime and I think this is definitely going to be where Indy get the show back on the road… just in the nick of time.

Raiders @ Saints- Everyone is saying this will be a easy game for the Saints. I doubt it… There’s a team here who’s just had off the bye week & a Quarterback who’s returning to a stadium he’s had so much luck in (Remember Jamarcus Russell played in the most infamous football game post Hurricane Katrina) The memories will run back for Russell and I expect Fantasy numbers similar to his Bowl appearance against Notre Dame.

Panthers @ Bucs- This game is going to be the most exciting for the day. I think Chucky gets the win here at home. Bucs Defense is really good and Delhomme will have INTERCEPTION machines spread all over the backfield that the Panthers could be in for a long afternoon.

Rams @ Redskins- Clinton Portis welcome to my fantasy football team… Big numbers and Big Expectation expected from this Running machine.

Bengals @ Jets- Brett Favre off a bye week… No Contest!!!

Lions @ Vikings- Adrian Peterson vs Calvin Johnson…. Last years 2 most exciting rookies. Calvin needs a Quarterback to be functional whilst AD doesn’t this will be Adrian ALL DAY!!!

Dolphins @ Texans- I’m really liking the chances of the Miami machine to keep on rolling… a win at New England & a win vs the Chargers, there’s not much better combo that can build confidence.

Jaguars @ Broncos- Broncos have looked good… basically leading the AFC behind the Titans, most experts were predicting a reverse of fortunes with the Jags suppose to be the team to beat in the AFC. Cutler looks for a big scoring game after last weeks paltry 16-13 Bucs scoreline.

Cowboys @ Cards- 3 of the best Wide Receivers in the game on the same field… Even if Boldin remains out injured then it will still be a aerial shootout with T.O and Larry Fitzgeralad duking it out… sideline to sideline… endzone to endzone. I’m going with Cowboys in this one!!!

Packers @ Seahawks- Without a doubt I would have picked Seattle in this game due to the Holmgren>Hasselback factor, but a lots changed in Greenbay these days, but still I think the former Cheeseheads living in Seattle have had some success against this ballclub. Hell I would have picked the Seahawks if Seana Wallace was playing, but that’s not the case… so it’s back to choosing the Green & Gold by the ESPN Experts default for me 

Eagles @ Niners- Honestly I don’t have a problem picking SF cause this team has been playing hard and so far have shown there superiority against there Bay Area rivals… The Raiders, But Donavon is coming off some harsh critism against the media and I expect him to respond.

Patriots @ Chargers – Wow 2 of the most disappointing teams in the league duking it off… I’d rather watch reruns of Friends or Fraiser, but for the sake of Pickem argument, im gonna choose the Chargers back at home.

Mon. Oct. 13th

Giants @ Browns- Brady Quinn needs to start pronto.. the Browns season is going nowhere and
Giants winning on Monday Night will only highlight the importance of the Browns need to start the Young Gun.

Byes: Bills, Chiefs, Steelers, Titans – an ALL OUT AFC Bye week.. The Bills win the bye week cause there star player is injured and a week off is just what the doctor ordered.

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» Sat Oct 11, 2008 1:19 pm
Mr. Crackerz Bold Predictions: Cool Song lyrics Edition!!!!!

Lions @ Vikings - "You gotta lose your mind in detroit rock city!"

Bears @ Falcons -"Welcome to Atlanta where the playa's play, where we ride on dem things like every day"

Raiders @ Saints - There is a house in New Orleans, they call the rising sun!"

Bengals @ Jets - "Its up to you New York, New York

Dolphins@ Texans - "Every city has it in me xept Houston"

Panthers@ Bucs - "Sweet Caroline[a], good times never seemed so good."

Ravens @ Colts - "And I kinda like the Streets of Baltimore"

Rams @ Redskins - "We're goin no where, Welcome to DC!"

Jaguars @ Broncos - "Rocky Mountain High"

Cowboys @ Cardinals - "Arizona, hey won'tcha go my way"

Eagles @ 49ers- "If your going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"

Packers @ Seahawks - "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle"

Patriots @ Chargers - "I know a pretty little French restaurant down San Diego way"

Giants @ Browns - "Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks yeah yeah yeah!"
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» Sun Oct 12, 2008 10:31 pm
Standings after Week 6...

Before Week 1 Competitors:

1. bada: 59-29
2. xbay: 53-35
3. TMC: 52-36
4. Mr. Crackerz: 52-36
5. Pawno: 51-37

After Week 1 Competitors:

RobDIKUM: 42-30
ceddy: 11-4
JREED23: 9-7
GSW_United: 39-33

Only Mr. Crackerz chose the Browns. So either he'll be tied with TMC or fall behind Pawno in last.
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» Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:03 pm
San Diego - Buffalo.....once in a while need to show some love for cali teams.

N.O - Carolina....Saints are insane...especially, R.Bush

Minnesota - Chicago...Matt Forte will have a good game

Pittsburgh - cincinnati....will it be upset game of the week... :?:

Tennessee - K.C....Chiefs already aiming first draft QB next year..

Baltimore - Miami....Ravens will pull this game out by last minute FG.

S.F - this the last game of M.Nolan

Dallas - S.t Louis...Jessica called me last night and said ' Romo, use his pinkie on me' :oops: ...well, that's very clear his pinkie is fine.

Detroit - Houston....Good game by calvin Johnson and S.mcdonlad but still not enough to win the game...

Indy - Greenbay...tough team for Colts but experience will help them win this game

Jets - RAIDERS...some secret training are going on...oh yeah, B.Favre eat something wrong in Oakland Chinatown and have diarrhea and the next thing...he lost his accuracy. :D

Cleveland - washington...good game by Brown last week but redskins play at home.

Seattle - Tampa Bay...can't win until Matt Hasselback back in the game.

Denver - New England....Cutler running out of Diabetes medicine and another TD by R.Moss....

Just Win, Baby...... :wink:
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» Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:36 pm
Chargers @ Bills - The Chargers have had problems playing on the East Coast.

Saints @ Panthers - As accurate and precise as Brees has been, he faces a 3rd ranked pass defense.

Vikings @ Bears - With the Bears secondary depleted, Frerotte has a chance to open the passing game up even more. But I'll take the home team coming off a disappointing loss.

Steelers @ Bengals - The Bengals are still the Bengals.

Titans @ Chiefs - The Titans defense has been spectacular, so far. And they face a depleted offense.

Ravens @ Miami - Both defense have played well, but I'll take the better offense.

49ers @ Giants - The Giants are probably going to come out hard against the 49ers defense after their disappointing loss Monday night.

Cowboys @ Rams - Can old man Johnson do it? He has the weapons. All he has to do is hand it off to Barber, and then that will open up the passing game for Owens, Williams, Crayton, and Witten.

Lions @ Texans - The Lions are still the Lions. Steve Slaton and Matt Schaub should have a field day.

Colts @ Packers - They can't lose 4 straight... right?

Jets @ Raiders - Last time Brett came to Oakland, his dad died and he tore up the Raiders defense. He comes back to Oakland with memories of his dad and does it again.

Browns @ Redskins - The 'Skins should come out and attack the Browns after their disappointing loss to the Rams.

Seahawks @ Bucs - The Seahawks are still without Hasselbeck for at least one more game, and this Bucs defense has been great so far.

Broncos @ Patriots - The Pats are probably embarrassed with last week's performance and will want to take it out on the Broncos. But I think Cutler to Marshall, Royal, and Stokley will expose that struggling Patriots secondary even more.
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» Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:28 am
Chargers @ Bills - The Chargers are a much better team than they've proved so far. And the Bills, while good an improving, are not contenders yet.

Saints @ Panthers - New Orleas usually plays well at Carolina. I call this the surprise of the week.

Vikings @ Bears - Chicago is much better than its record, but the Vikings D will be a tough test for Kyle Orton.

Steelers @ Bengals - Big Ben will lead the Steelers to an easy win.

Titans @ Chiefs - The Titans D will be enough to defeat KC, even on the road.

Ravens @ Miami - Miami has suddenly become a very difficult team to beat. Oh, and the Flacco experiment has to end if Baltimore really wants to win. The kid just ain't ready (and may never will).

49ers @ Giants - I certainly don't think Eli will have to bad games in a row.

Cowboys @ Rams - Brad Johnson???. I love him for the SB title he got in Tampa but... Brad Johnson???. They're lucky they're facing the Rams.

Lions @ Texans - Detroit might have replaced the Bengals as the worst franchise of the NFL.

Colts @ Packers - Don't know what to think of this one. I'll just go with the team with the best player.

Jets @ Raiders - Oakland sucks this year. Sorry, but it's a long road to recovery, and I don't think will happen as long as Al keeps calling the shots there.

Browns @ Redskins - Make or break game for the Browns. If they win, they still will have a chance this year. If not, I'm sure Brady Quinn will get his chance soon.

Seahawks @ Bucs - No Hasselbeck, no WRs, a home game against a team struggling... What else can we ask for?

Broncos @ Patriots - The Broncos are a weird team. As good as their passing game is, their D is bad enough to make them vulnerable in any game. Still, the Pats without Brady are not the Pats.

Lots of teams winning on the road. I'm not confident at all going into this week.
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» Fri Oct 17, 2008 5:12 pm
San Diego - Buffalo just don't think the chargers are that good.

N.O - Carolina - Saints are rollin

Minnesota - Chicago...Chicago bounces back after blowing a miracle win

Pittsburgh - Cincy is in shambles and can't handle a disciplined team

Tennessee - K.C - Tennesee proves each week that they can get it done

Baltimore - Miami....Ravens are pretty bad, and Miami is decent

S.F - Giants i know.. i know.. but i have to
very clear his pinkie is fine.

Detroit - Houston.... Detroit is done for the year

Dallas - S.t Louis... The RAMS
Indy - Greenbay... Indy has some momentum after a big win last week

Jets - RAIDERS...The only question is by how much.

Cleveland - washington...bounce back game for the Skins

Seattle - Tampa Bay...Seattle trying to weather the storm, but Tampa is tough.

Denver - New England....damn GSW likes to cap on cutlers diabetes, geez, anyway NE doesn't look to hot.
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» Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:55 pm
San Diego - Buffalo - Rivers had it going last week and LT looked a bit more like himself but SD's defense is pretty bad right now but the QB situation in Buffalo is dicey right now.

N.O - Carolina - Brees is rolling but NO having problems winning the close game, but this time they do.

Minnesota - Chicago Minn could EASILY be 1-5... unless they play WAY better, their luck ends this week.

Pittsburgh - Cincy- It is just impossible to pick the Bengals right now.

Tennessee - K.C - There have been several shocking results this season... this one would top them all but I dont see it happening.

Baltimore - Miami - Miami will struggle to score with the Wildcat O agains this defense, but Baltimore cant score either. Fins 13-10 winners.

S.F - Giants Not great timing for the Niners in this one after G-men got waxed on national TV last week but the Niners just dont have enough talent to win this game.

Detroit - Houston Nothing left for the Lions.

Dallas - S.t Louis - As dysfunctional as the Boys are right now, cant pick the Rams.

Indy - Greenbay- Rhodes should fill in for Addai with out too much loss to the offense.

Jets - Raiders Jets dont play well away from home and its a long trip. that is the bad news. the good news is they play the raiders

Cleveland - washington. They have to be pissed after last week's embarrasing loss at home

Seattle - Tampa Bay - Gimmie of the week. Senaca Wallace sucks and the defense is playing with their heads up their ass. Tampa ROLLS.

Denver - New England - Amazingly enough Bellichick is 2-9 lifetime against the Broncos

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» Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:34 pm
Mr. Crackerz BOLD Predictions: Which QB has the cooler name/life?

Chargers @ Bills - Phillip Rivers or Trent Edwards (Rivers seems like an ass, and Edwards seems pretty chill).

Saints @ Panthers - Drew Brees or Jake Delholme (most definately MVP Brees... BTW, who called this in week 1.... I DID)

Vikings @ Bears - Gus Ferotte or Kyle Orton (Gus is a funny name, but Orton sounds like Popcorn... and Orton has more job security)

Steelers @ Bengals - Ben Rolthersberger or Ryan Fitzpatrick (How cool would it have been when a Sub in school spent 20 minutes on ur name... Ben Knows)

Titans @ Chiefs - Kerry Collins or Brodie Croyle (Collins went to a superbowl, Croyle wants to remain in the team by the next one)

Ravens @ Miami - Joe Flacco or Chad Pennington (having a name like Chad must of sucked. Chad is Bad, Chad's just a Fad, Chad sounds Mad, Chad's not rad)

49ers @ Giants - JTO'S or Eli Manning (Hmm being Archie Manning's son would be awesome.. have Peyton as a brother is just a bonus... But JTO'S has the best Acronym name)

Cowboys @ Rams - Tony Romo/Brad Johnson or Mark Bulger (Romo probably got picked on a lot with his name... see Chad Pennington... But Bulger has a bulge isnt any better.. oh and Romo can get any chick he wants...he wins!)

Lions @ Texans - Dan Orlovsky or Matt Schaub (Now clearly Orlovsky has the better name... say it 10 times fast...but life wise, he is living in Detroit... not worth it!)

Colts @ Packers - Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers (I bet people were saying when he was in Pee Wee's that they would pay ton's (peyton) of money to watch him later.. rodgers has a life to live up to Farve.)

Jets @ Raiders - Brett Farve or JaMarcus Russell (Hmm a living legend or a 1st overall pick... Records or money... i'll go with the Fame)

Browns @ Redskins - Derek Anderson or Jason Campbell (both are equals, but Anderson has Quinn sniffing a chance to play each and every week... plus i like soup!)

Seahawks @ Bucs - Seneca Wallace or Jeff Garcia (Garcia has a Hot wife.. nuff said).

@ Patriots - Jay Cutler or Matt Cassel (Cutler's got the job for a long time... Cassell is a shoe in... plus Cassell is always the number 2... have u seen Austin Powers... Number 2's don't have any fun!
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» Sat Oct 18, 2008 2:55 am
Sun, Oct. 19th

Chargers @ Bills- Trent Edwards is money at home... plus this Bills D will stop any team rushing for over a hundred yards.

Saints @ Panthers- Saints run a riot in Carolina, Drew Brees Accuracy is gonna hurt this Panthers D.

Vikings @ Bears- Chicago is at home... Forte has been the one running like Adrian Peterson this season and Peterson just hasn't
looked like 2007 Adrian Peterson.

Steelers @ Bengals-I wonder if anyone from Pittsburgh is taking the short drive to Cincinatti to buy up any of these Bengals fans selling
tickets below there original cost... i know if i was a Steelers fan i would be doing this because this is a shoe in win for the Steelers
(especially after the Bengals opted not to trade Ocho Cancerho... that guy is just gonna be useless to the Bengals)

Titans @ Chiefs- Don't expect a Chiefs upset like they put on the Broncos the other week.

Ravens @ Dolphins- i Like Miami in this one back at home. Ronnie Brown is best Runningback in the league behind Portis.

Niners @ Giants- Losing to the Browns like that really hurt the Giants sky high confidence... this game will be a bounce back to good
form as Niners continue to struggle.

Cowboys @ Rams- Pacman Jones was the worse front office move ever... I think the Roy Williams trade was just to refocus the spotlight
back on JJ need to win.. Could be a dangerous passing game with TO and Romo already once that pinkie heals.

Lions @ Texans- Question remains can Calvin Johnson be CALVIN FRICKING JOHNSON with the departure of Roy Williams? I'd like to think so (Fantasy Football wise) But will see how things go for him now with teams focusing there secondary purely on him.

Colts @ Packers-Wow another Greenbay loss right here with Peyton Manning coming to town. Cheese Nation will pile out of Lambeau field and
catch Brett Favre ripping the Raiders a new asshole and they will question... Did we trade the wrong guy???

Jets @ Raiders- Not expecting much here from the Raiders. except Brett being Brett will think his Hall of Fame and that he has the god given right to throw to Aso side... i expect Brett to have multiple INTS and Raiders win the nail biter.

Browns @ Redskins- regardless of the St Louis loss last week. Redskins are still the team to beat in the NFC

Seahawks @ Bucs- Holmgren was good to say his retiring at the end of the year considering he's headed for the YA FIRED scrapheap.
At this stage of the season. it probably do Seattle better to hand over the reigns to Jim Mora

Mon, Oct. 20th
Broncos @ Patriots- Broncos will win this. But gosh it's gonna be creepy watching SNF and not hearing the godly voice of football.

Byes: Cardinals, Falcons, Jaguars, Eagles - Eagles win the bye week cause Kevin Curtis is back next week.
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» Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:27 pm
Standings with one game left in Week 7...

Before Week 1 Competitors:

1. bada: 66-35
2. xbay: 63-38
3. Mr. Crackerz: 61-40
4. Pawno: 60-41
5. TMC: 58-43

After Week 1 Competitors:

RobDIKUM: 42-30
ceddy: 11-4
JREED23: 9-7
GSW_United: 47-38

Looks like TMC's great picking through box scores ended this week as he fell from 3rd to last. Mr. Crackerz has emerged from last place from two weeks ago and is now in 3rd. I closed the gap on Bada a bit more with a solid week.

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