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» Fri Sep 26, 2008 9:54 am
Atlanta @ Carolina.- Panthers still have not proven to be a good home team but they are a better team than Atlanta and Ryan has to prove he can win on the road before I could pick them..

Cleveland @ Cincinnati.- I will take the better QB at home but both teams are dysfunctional right now.

Houston @ Jacksonville.- Jacksonville builds on its huge road win last week.

Denver @ Kansas City.- Broncos could EASILY be 1-2 right now. Their defense can not stop the pass and they cant generate ANY pass rush, but KC is just brutally bad. KC will keep it closer than people think, but Denver will pull it out.

San Francisco @ New Orleans.- Good game and important one for both teams. I think NO squeaks one out..

Arizona @ NY Jets.- Cards go down on the road on the east coast.

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay.- Bucs pull the mild upset.

Minnesota @ Tennessee.- Home game, my favorite NFL coach, a defense you cant run on, and a good running game. Count me as a believer.

San Diego @ Oakland.- LT's breakout game. Raiders can never stop LT. Kiffin's last game as a head coach of the Raiders.

Buffalo @ St. Louis.- Does St. Louis have ANY pride?.... Nope.

Washington @ Dallas.- Just too many weapons for the Boys and Washington cant outscore them.

Philadelphia @ Chicago.- Westbrook's health is a big issue but Buckhalter can hold it down if needed. Jim Johnson's defenses usually FEAST on "limited" ability QB's.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh.- No Fast Willy and Big Ben is hurting and they cant seem to protect the QB worth a crap in Pitt right now against a swarming defense so I will take Balt.... skip that, I am taking Pitt.

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» Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:19 am
Mr. Crackerz' BOLD Predictions: Team name Battles!!!

Atlanta @ Carolina- In nature, a Panther will have no problem with a falcon.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati- The color brown vs. a bengal... hmm im going with the animal

Houston @ Jacksonville- a texan would be scared of a jaguar (hey, i would too_

Denver @ Kansas City- As much respect i have on indian chief's, bronco's brought by the conquistadors are what created America.

San Francisco @ New Orleans- Saints are peaceful and noble... well actually they were pretty bad until the last 200 years. Therefore, i think a miner would have an upperhand (more determination)

Arizona @ NY Jets- Man man bird vs the real thing... i've got human bias

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay- Pirates vs. Cheesepackers... umm this is an easy choice after just watching Pirates of the Caribbean

Minnesota @ Tennessee- A viking over a titan... this is like a jetsons vs flinstone question. Sorry Barney and Fred

San Diego @ Oakland- Pirates (again) vs. Lightning Bolts (which scares the crap out of me). This is probably going to be the only time i pick against the Raiders this season.

Buffalo @ St. Louis- A ram or a bill. Now i kno there helmets depict a buffalo (which rams are stronger), but i'll pretend it has a case full of Benjamins instead... and with those benjamins, u can by something to defeat that pesky ram

Washington @ Dallas- Wow, what a retro matchup. Cowboys vs Indians.... lemme take my vintage toys out to determine this one.... oh, it was close (and a lotta fun :wink: )

Philadelphia @ Chicago- Eagles and bears... hmm both smart creatures. both having trouble with extinction problems... I'm going Patriotic on this one

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh- Edger Allen Poe wrote an awesome poem called the Raven. How i would like to Steal (steel) the original copy!
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» Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:20 pm
Cleveland - Cincinnati....ocho cinco step up in this game.

Houston - Jacksonville....home field decide the game..

Atlanta - carolina.....Michael Turner on fire again...

Denver - K.C....upset of the week...

SF - N.O....hard for niners to get thru this game but it still possible.

Arizona - NY Jets....Favre throw 386 yrs,4 TD, 1 INT

Green Bay - Tampa Bay...battle of the save this planet :mrgreen:

Minnesota - Tennessee...Sorry A.P have a bad game

San Diego - Oakland....Russell turn into pro bowler QB

Buffalo - St. Louis....Rams aim for first pick next season

Washington - Dallas...if jessica simpson in the game redskin win the game...but too bad...cowboy will win this one

Philly - Chicago....Micahel Jordan just call me to pick his team.

Baltimore - Pitts.....Pitts play good when they are on ESPN

game on...
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» Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:26 am
Sun. Sept. 28

Falcons @ Panthers – Jonathan Stewart should continue to build on his Touchdown total… I see this being a very difficult match for the Falcons to win. & Matt Ryan should get a formal Carolina introduction to Mr Julius Peppers.

Broncos @ Chiefs- The more they lose, the more interesting Herm Edwards press conferences become.

Niners @ Saints- Saints need this win, to bring some stability to there shaky start to the season.

Cards @ Jets- I really think Brett wishes he had the Cardinals Receivers to throw too… But Brett should get his team the win with the game back at home.

Vikings @ Titans- The Titanshow keeps on rolling… Adrian Peterson gets a lot of touches but not a lot of yards against one of the NFL’s Premier Defenses.

Packers @ Bucs- Aaron Rodgers faces one of the toughest and most underated Defenses out there. I look for the BUCS to continue there dominating form of DEFENSIVE TOUCHDOWNS which they have picked up the last 2 games.

Texans @ Jaguars- Finally we get to see Jerry Porter play his first game outside of Oakland… Will he be the productive player he was last season? Or the Cancerous vermit he was for Art Shell in 2006?? Only time will tell but don’t expect the Jaguars to win with there passing games.

Browns @ Bengals- Zookeeper Carson Palmer & his cage of extraverted felines has had a tough kickoff to there 2008 fantasy campaign with @ Baltimore, VS Tennessee & @ NY Giants. Things get easier this week with a home game against the underperforming Browns.

Chargers @ Raiders – Raiders STATEMENT match… They win? Lane stays, They lose? It’s more ESPN News!!!

Buffalo @ Rams – Marshawn Lynch and Trent Edwards is everyones wet dream fantasy stars this week… Not liking the chances of the RAMS winning this one.

Redskins @ Cowboys – One of my favorite rivalries purely for the mascot implications… I never liked John Wayne and I always rooted for the Indians.

Eagles @ Bears- 2 Defenses going all out at one another. Even with Westbrook missing, TDonovan McNabb arm should carry the Eagles to the victory.

Mon. Sept. 29

Ravens @ Steelers- Steelers should win this… Joe Flacco is going to have a hard time in this game on the road and in his first Monday night football outing.
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» Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:10 am
With 12 of 13 games played from Week 4.

Before Week 1 Competitors:

1. bada: 41-18
2. Pawno: 38-21
3. xbay: 37-22
4. TMC: 37-22
5. Mr. Crackerz: 34-25

After Week 1 Competitors:

RobDIKUM: 26-17
ceddy: 11-4
JREED23: 9-7
GSW_United: 23-20
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» Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:28 pm
Final standings after Week 4.

Before Week 1 Competitors:

1. bada: 42-18
2. Pawno: 39-21
3. xbay: 38-22
4. TMC: 38-22
5. Mr. Crackerz: 35-25

After Week 1 Competitors:

RobDIKUM: 27-17
ceddy: 11-4
JREED23: 9-7
GSW_United: 24-20
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» Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:25 pm
Titans @ Ravens - Tough challenge for this Titans offense, but I think they'll get it done.

Chiefs @ Panthers - Solid performance by the Chiefs last week, but it should be different this week.

Bears @ Lions - The Lions are hurting everywhere. This Bears defense should suffocate them from moving the ball efficiently.

Falcons @ Packers - Seriously doubt the Packers would lose three straight.

Colts @ Texans - Hopefully the Colts fixed the running game during the bye week.

Chargers @ Dolphins - We should see the Chargers play all 4 quarters this week instead of one.

Seahawks @ Giants - Branch and Engram return, but I think the champs should take this one since they're home.

Redskins @ Eagles - Could go either way after the 'Skins performance last week, I'll take the home team.

Bucs @ Broncos - I'm taking this as the upset because the Broncos defense is struggling to stop anyone while the Bucs defense are frustrating young QB's.

Bills @ Cardinals - The Cardinals defense probably feels embarrassed after last week's performance. The Bills have been flirting with a loss for two weeks, but their defense has kept them from doing that.

Bengals @ Cowboys - Barber better explode on this defense, I need him this week!

Patriots @ 49ers - I don't know why, but I have a hunch we could upset them. But I'll take the Pats, anyway.

Steelers @ Jaguars - The run game is lost, so there will be a lot of passing by Big Ben and this defense must step up against the Jags O.

Vikings @ Saints - I think AP and the passing game will get going. They can't stay at one win for long.
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» Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:08 am
Titans @ Ravens - Both teams have problems on offense, so I'm going with the home team for this one.

Chiefs @ Panthers - KC sucks. They'll be able to get a few wins at KC, but the road is a different story.

Bears @ Lions - Calvin Johnson should ask for trade like... right now. Same 'ol Lions year after year.

Falcons @ Packers - Atlanta is similar to KC in that they'll get a few quality wins... just not on the road.

Colts @ Texans - Payton should lead the Colts to another close win over Houston.

Chargers @ Dolphins - I'm not sure about this one. The Chargers secondary has been awful, but they're too talented to not win at Miami.

Seahawks @ Giants - NY should beat a Seahawks team that still will need a few games to be on top of their game.

Redskins @ Eagles - The Redskins are pretty good, which is kinda surprising at this stage of the season. I'll go with the Eagles because I think McNabb will make enough plays to get this win, but it's gonna be a close one.

Bucs @ Broncos - Cutler will have a tough game against the Bucs D. Probably the toughest game they've had so far.

Bills @ Cardinals - The Bills D, while good, is overrated. I think the Cards will expose their holes this week.

Bengals @ Cowboys - Easiest game of the season for Dallas.

Patriots @ 49ers - The Pats should take this one easily... but I've got the feeling it's gonna be closer than expected.

Steelers @ Jaguars - Interesting game. I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers win, but, with virtually no running game to rely on, I'll go with the home team.

Vikings @ Saints - AP won't be enough to defeat the Saints. Not with Frerotte at the helm of Minny's offense.
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» Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:29 pm
Tennessee - comment...just pick, baby

KC - Carolina....K.C only good at home...

Chicago - Detroit...Calvin Johnson with 2 TD and over 100yds rec.

Atlanta - Greenbay...wish M.turner on fire but Greenbay play at's tough for ATL

Indy - Houston...they still feel dizzy after Hurricane Ike and Colts will take over this game..

San Diego - Miami...close game but L.T still top class RB

Seattle - N.Y Giants....low scoring game....Giants will win this game...

Washington - Philly...McNabb never 'embarrassed' his fans...

Tampa - Denver....surprise again...cutler diabetes come again and he can't play well...

Buffalo - Arizona....sorry buff, this time Arizona take over this

Cincinnati - Dallas...Cowboys is famous by killing Tiger(Bengals) also Jessica simpson just give a good service to Romo...Romo has super power now.

N.E - S.F.... :x hate to pick this game but it's a reality.

Pittsburgh - Jacksonville...4qtr jacksonville score 2 TD...

Minnesota - N.O....SAints will win and C.paul will sit in deluxe luxury suite and watching this game....

more than 50% my pick will never wrong...Just Win , baby
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» Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:04 pm
gotta rebound after a poor week 4

Tennessee - Baltimore- Titans are looking really solid

KC - Carolina- KC suffers a hangover after the denver win

Chicago - Detroit- Detroit is pretty bad

Atlanta - Greenbay-Packers by 3

Indy - Houston- indy takes this one 17 -13

San Diego - Miami- This is the game where people realize its gonna be a rough year for san diego

Seattle - N.Y Giants-Giants pass rush and Seattles hurting O, giants win 23-10

Washington -Philly- Redskins ridin high after last week

Tampa - Denver- WTF GSW bringin in the diabetes? wow, i think tampa takes it

Buffalo - Arizona- you saw what happened to arizona last week and the bills are better than the jets

Cincinnati - Dallas-Cowboys took a tough loss last week and the Bengals are dysfunctional

N.E - S.F Can't not pick my team. We do have a chance though

Pittsburgh -Jacksonville-battle of the overrateds, pittsburgh scores a fg with 1:30 left and the Jags can't score 13-10

Minnesota - N.O - saints offense is scary
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» Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:36 am
Titans @ Ravens- This is a game where Vince Young catches back up with the offense. Ravens get a win at home and the start of the Titans QB controversory begins. Vince or Kerry??

Seahawks @ Giants- Giants take care of business, But with the Plaixco Suspension in place will Eli have recouped from his week off?

Redskins @ Eagles- Donovon is the Quarterback Jason Campbell strives to be… a Big Arm with poise in looking down the field. Anyone with fantasy players on these 2 teams. Make sure they starting as both Quarterbacks will be having a good ole American shootout, McNabb prevails.

Chargers @ Dolphins- This game is only worth watching the 4th Quarter, the Chargers have definitely been in the most action packed 4th Quarters in the NFL. But the season comes crashing back to reality for the Dolphins as they stay competitive but just not able to close out a strong opponent at home very much like the Raiders a week before.

Bears @ Lions- Can we expect much in the Post Matt Millen era, not until they trade away some of there Wide Receivers.

Falcons @ Packers- Packers rebound back at home & Charles Woodson continues to show why his the most exciting Corner in the modern game.

Colts @ Texans- Joseph Addai and Peyton Manning return to the world of good fantasy numbers.

Chiefs @ Panthers- Wow today would be a great day to unleash Running back Jonathan Stewart, We saw the fantasy production when McFadden went up against the Cheifs week defense… I think everyone is just surprised to see the Panthers performing again.

Bucs @ Broncos- This Bucs defense is tough!!! 1st home loss for the Broncos.

Bills @ Cards- If Brett Favre can sling for 6 TD’s against this Cardinal team then Trent Edwards is good for 2 or 3 and that’s not to mention Marshawn Lynch is always good for running in 1 or 2. 28 points will be enough to beat this Cardinals team with there best player Boldin out with injury.

Bengals @ Cowboys- My, My there’s gonna be more cameras focused on the sideline then the football pitch as the cameras are rolling for T.O and Ocho Cinco and watching the other extravert perform.. hopefully this game has all the taunting touchdowns that us NFL nation tunes into every Sunday… Still I think it’ll be T.O’s night tonight!!!

Patriots @ Niners- The Niners will win this… Question is does Randy Moss get boo’ed from Fence sitting Bay Area Raider fans. Hopefully with Randy back in town it can take away some negative publicity from the Oakland Circus show.

Steelers @ Jaguars- Jaguars field goal kicking has been clutch!!! It continues tonight.

Mon. Oct. 6th
Vikings @ Saints- Wow Reggie Bush vs Adrian Peterson… A matchup fitting for Monday Night!!! But with the Vikings being the best Run Defense in the league and one of the notoriously bad pass defense then it just means Drew Brees and Reggie Bush kill this Minesota Secondary from the air.
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» Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:51 am
Titans @ Ravens – Titans are 5-2 against the AFC dating back to last season and have won 6 games in a row where they are a 3pt favorite. Titans are legit. Will be another physical game that is fun to watch for people that like defense and tough teams.

Chiefs @ Panthers – Someone breaks a trend in this one: Panthers are 1-3 at home against the AFC over the past 4 years while Chiefs are 1-3 on the road vs the NFC in the past 4 years. I think the Chiefs cover the 9.5 spread but lose the game.

Bears @ Lions – I am going out on a limb and say the combination of Millen getting fired and Tommie Harris being suspended energize the Lions at home.

Falcons @ Packers – Atlanta seems so different on the road. Rodgers health is a big question mark but I think this is the game where R.Grant finally resembles last season.

Colts @ Texans – Bye week should have helped the Colts refocus. Would not surprise me to see Houston win in their home opener but I will lean Colts.

Chargers @ Dolphins – Don’t like West coast teams traveling east in early games but I think the Chargers have too much talent. Look for the Phins to be able to put up some points on this suspect Chargers D.

Seahawks @ Giants – Hawks have been terrible coming off the bye week under Holmgren and even worst on the east coast in early games. Seahawks have laid the wood to the Giants in Seattle last couple of years. Payback for the GMen.

Redskins @ Eagles – Don’t know if there is a more valuable player to his team then westbrook so not knowing if he will play makes this tough. But this really is a MUST win for Philly and I think they get it done.

Bucs @ Broncos – This Broncos D is just TERRIBLE and I think the Bucs are a better team, but Denver has a pretty strong home field advantage. You think Shannahan and Gruden will have some stuff to talk about before the game with all the stuff coming out of Oakland this week!

Bills @ Cardinals – I think the Bills come back to earth a bit in this one.

Bengals @ Cowboys – Um, no need to comment. Bengals organization is an embarrassment.

Patriots @ 49ers – A proud franchise that was embarrassed and has had two weeks to think about it. When the Pats are motivated, they rarely lose.

Steelers @ Jaguars – Injuries are starting to wreak havoc in the Steel city. Jags win at home.

Vikings @ Saints – Vikes get McKinnie back after serving his 4 game suspension and they get their ground game going in full motion and pull the road upset..

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» Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:52 am
Mr. Crackerz Bold Predictions: Which is the better sports city/state edition!

Titans @ Ravens – University of Tennessee is dominant in sports. All those championships. However, Baltimore is hometown of Michael Phelps, Babe Ruth, and where Cal Ripkin Played ball (he is from Maryland too).

Chiefs @ Panthers – KC was home of the former Sac Kings (minus points), but hometown of Yogi Berra, got a superbowl and 1 World Series. However, Carolina (which is really North Carolina), has UNC and Duke dominance, Home of Michael Jordan and James Worthy, Nascar greats Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. No contest!

Bears @ Lions – Chicago is where MJ played, got 6 NBA rings, Bears won 1 superbowl. Home of the Cubs Curse, and former White Sox's, recent World Series. Blackhawks original hockey. Detroit however home of the Fab 5, Red Wings means hockey dominants, where Barry Sanders showed who was the best RB of all time. 4 world series, 3 NBA championships. Going with the upset!

Falcons @ Packers – Atlanta is a disappointing Sports town. Hawks and Thrashers have been league embarrassments for decades. Atlanta Braves are chokers (though 3 world series). Falcons. Little green bay has the eqililant of titles for Atlanta's 4 sport teams with just the packers (3 superbowls, numerous league championships). Not to mention, where Farve dominate, Limbardi became a legend. Home of Lambau field.

Colts @ Texans- The home of Indy 500, John Wooden, and Oscar Robinson. Living Legand Peyton Manning leading Colts to SuperBowl. Houston Rockets winners of 2 NBA rings (Jordanless years), University of Houston's Hakeem and the glide Years.

Chargers @ Dolphins – San Diego was hometown to ted williams, phil mickelson. Where Reggie Bush was discovered. San Diego State alum Marshall Faulk, Tony Gwynn, John Madden, Joe Gibbs. However, the Dolphins are the only "Perfect" team, 17-0. Reletively New Florida Marlins already have 2 World Series. NBA ring in 2006. Upset number 2!

Seahawks @ Giants- Seattle was former home of 1 time NBA winner Sonics, where most wins in a season happened for the Mariners, and the NFL's "greatest fans" (aka the 12th man). However, NY is home of the 26 World Series winning Yankees, Winners of 2008 Superbowl, Proud NY Knicks, and where Wayne Gretzky led the Rangers to NHL's most memorable championship in 1994.

Redskins @ Eagles- D.C. is home to 1 NBA championship, 3 Superbowls. However no Stanley Cups or MLB rings. Home of Basketball greatness Georgetown. Philadelphia has winners all around. 3 NBA titles, 2 Stanley Cups, 1 World Series win, 3 NFL championships but (no Superbowl)

Bucs @ Broncos- Tampa Bay has 1 Stanley Cup, and 1 Superbowl. However, in a month they can get 1 World Series. Denver is home to 2 Superbowls under Shanarat and Elway, 2 Stanleys, but disappointing Nuggets franchise and besides last year, disappointed in baseball. still 4 beats 2.

Bills @ Cardinals- Home of Warren Spahn, 4 straight SB appearance (no wins however). No stanleys for sabres. Arizona is home to Diamondbacks World Series in 2001, Lute Olson College Basketball, and fun Sun's team this decade.

Bengals @ Cowboys- Cincinnati Reds have 5 World Series, home of Pete Rose and Ken Griffey's Sr and Jr. However Bengals have be reletively in significant. Dallas is home of 5 superbowls, NBA's most Popular owner, Always playoff hungry Stars team (1 Stanley), home of Tim Brown, Ernie Banks, sprinter Michael Johnson.

Patriots @ 49ers- New England is this decades sports city. 3 superbowls, 7 world series, and 17 NBA championships. SF is home to 5 Superbowls, 5 World Series, Where Barry Bonds, Joe DiMaggio, and Tom Brady learned to dominate their sports like no one else.

Steelers @ Jaguars- 5 Superbowl rings for the steelers, Hometown of QB greats Johnnie Unitas and Dan Marino. 2 Stanley Cups, 5 World Series. Jacksonville... well, they got Florida States former greatness. Hometown of... well no one really except Bob Hayes.

Vikings @ Saints- The Purple people eaters didnt do much, nor did the T-wolves, but where the Twins won 3 World Series rings, and they do love their hockey. However, NO is where Chris Paul Plays, where Peyton Manning was born and where he learned from Archie. Its close, but Minnesota has the slight edge.
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» Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:19 pm
After Week 5...

Before Week 1 Competitors:

1. bada: 51-23
2. xbay: 46-28
3. TMC: 45-29
4. Mr. Crackerz: 45-29
5. Pawno: 44-30

After Week 1 Competitors:

RobDIKUM: 36-22
ceddy: 11-4
JREED23: 9-7
GSW_United: 30-28
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» Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:34 pm
Just 'cause Mr. Crackerz said so...

Lions @ Vikings - The Lions suck... even Roy Williams knows it.

Bears @ Falcons - Matt Ryan was impressive on the road, but the Bears defense should eat him up.

Raiders @ Saints - The Saints are probably extremely upset they lost last week and they're going to want to take it out on the dysfunctional Raiders.

Bengals @ Jets - How many TD's will Farve get against this sorry defense?

Dolphins @ Texans - This Dolphins team is progressing well. They're Wildcats spread offense is an interesting one.

Panthers @ Bucs - I don't know who to choose, the Panthers have a dynamic run game to go with the passing game with a suffocating defense while the Bucs have an impressive defense with problems on offense. I think I'll choose the one who can score.

Ravens @ Colts - The Colts are on the decline, they're dealing with many injuries offensively and defensively. But Flacco is a rookie RB on the road and he is no Matt Ryan.

Rams @ Redskins - If you thought the Cowboys were the best in the NFC East, you have no idea.

Jaguars @ Broncos - I'll take the home team here.

Cowboys @ Cardinals - The Cowboys can't afford to lose one.

Eagles @ 49ers - Here comes the tough stretch of the schedule... vs Eagles, @ Giants, @ Cowboys.

Packers @ Seahawks - They can't lose 4 straight, can they?

Patriots @ Chargers - I think they're a better team at home. Last week just wasn't their week since they were playing on the East coast.

Giants @ Browns - We'll probably see Brady Quinn after this one.

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