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» Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:55 pm
Before Week 1 Competitors:

1. bada: 169-85
2. xbay: 165-89
3. TMC: 158-96
4. Mr. Crackerz: 149-105
5. Pawno: 137-117

After Week 1 Competitors:

1.GSW_United: 143-94
2. RobDIKUM: 117-121

I'll post my prediction for Thursday's game and then post the rest on Friday or Saturday.

Redskins @ Giants: The season kicks off with the Super Bowl champs picking up where they left off, a win.

I'll leave a template for Week 1 underneath this sentence.

Bengals @ Ravens:
Seahawks @ Bills:
Jets @ Dolphins:
Chiefs @ Patriots:
Bucs @ Saints:
Rams @ Eagles:
Texans @ Steelers
Lions @ Falcons:
Jaguars @ Titans:
Cowboys @ Browns:
Panthers @ Chargers:
Cardinals @ 49ers:
Bears @ Colts:
Vikings @ Packers:
Broncos @ Raiders:
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» Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:26 am
Redskins @ Giants: Like Xbay said... Giants will look to start the season off on a good note, forget the superbowl hangover this team is looking for the Superbowl Euphoria.

Bengals @ Ravens: Rookie Quarterback?? If Joe Flacco can have a good game then the Ravens Defense should win this.

Seahawks @ Bills: Seahawks, they have been one of the most consistant teams the last 5 years.. i dont see anything changing radically with them this time around.

Jets @ Dolphins: Ooh tough game!!! Jett Favre got a point to prove and so does Chad Pennington. I think it'll boil down to JETS Defense just knowing what Chad likes to do out on the paddock.

Chiefs @ Patriots: Another team here looking to avoid the Superbowl hangover, I don't know Glenn Dorsey status, but it be nice if he helps Tom Brady to the sideline after ruining him on sack.

Bucs @ Saints: Bucs will get in and get Out like Hurricane Gustav!!! The Saints ain't gonna rally around the people of New Orleanes who suffered a fizzer of a storm. the fact they were training in Indianapolis only solidifys that this team might lose the game due to focus and preperation.

Rams @ Eagles: Eagles were the most unfortunate team to miss out on the playoffs last year. That NFC East is brutal... i think by Midseason, it'll be the Cowboys and the Giants worrying about locking up that Wildcard spot cause The Eagles will be the team winning there division.

Texans @ Steelers Steelers let down a lot of Pittsburgians last year losing to the Jaguars in one of the greatest playoff games of 2008 (that wasn't named the superbowl) i think the Steelers wont let down there hardcore fans.

Lions @ Falcons: Calvin Johnson M-O-N-E-Y!!!

Jaguars @ Titans: This is a tough game to predict. Jaguars should win it... But this Titans team is a great outfit and unlucky that they play in the same division as the Colts and Jacksonville.

Cowboys @ Browns: I got a hunch on this game... Going with Browns in Cleveland Town!!

Panthers @ Chargers: Merriman, won't see the end of the game... I'm hoping Jonathon Stewart runs for triple digits.

Cardinals @ 49ers: Nate Clements is gonna struggle whether or not it's Larry Fitzgerald or Anaquin Boldin. I'd like to see the Niners win but i think there QB situation is shakey and they are a carbon copy of the Raiders 2007 and there QB issues.

Bears @ Colts:Superbowl 2007 replay!!! I'll be watching this game.

Vikings @ Packers: tough nailbiting division hitout, Aaron Rodgers is gonna get a warm welcome to his 1st NFL start against one of the leagues stanuchest Defense.. He'lll get a even warmer welcome when he steps into his Air Favre's and doesn't give a Brettesque performance in front of the Cheeseheads

Broncos @ Raiders:There's not one player on this Raiders Squad that will single handily win them the game. RUN DMC might get some big yardage and Jruss might sling in the deft 6 point pass, but it'll take a team effort to pick up this victory. There's no doubt in my mind that the Raiders will win this. I just wanna see Shannarat experience a losing streak too the Raiders
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» Wed Sep 03, 2008 8:12 am
Redskins @ Giants.- Just because everybody is picking the Giants to win it. Oh, and they won last year due to the amount of pressure on the QB they got. I love Tuck, but losing Osi and Strahan has to show.

Bengals @ Ravens.- I'm just going with Baltimore because they play at home...

Seahawks @ Bills.- Seattle still should be between the top teams of the NFL this year... although I'm pretty curious about their running game.

Jets @ Dolphins.- The Jets have to win this season. No excuses.

Chiefs @ Patriots.- The Patriots won't have the kind of year they had las season, but KC still ain't good enough to beat them.

Bucs @ Saints.- I really like the Saints offseason... and still don't know which Bucs we're gonna have. Our D still will be good, but I've got lots of doubts about our passing game. Should be a good one, but I expect a big season from New Orleans, and it should start with this game.

Rams @ Eagles.- Considering the teams of the NFC East, this is a must-win game for the Eagles.

Texans @ Steelers.- Houston is a good team. Good enough to lose lots of close games this year, that is. :wink:

Lions @ Falcons: Matt Ryan is gonna have a tough year. I think it's a good decision to make him the starter... but it's gonna be a LOOOOONG season.

Jaguars @ Titans.- Jags D dominates the game.

Cowboys @ Browns.- Just going against Pawno's hunch. :wink:

Panthers @ Chargers.- With or without Merriman, San Diego still is one of the top teams of the league.

Cardinals @ 49ers.- I don't know what to think of this one, so I'm going with the home team.

Bears @ Colts.- Colts. Easily. This is gonna be Lovie's last year in Chicago. Failing to develop a QB is gonna kill his career as the Bears coach.

Vikings @ Packers.- Home team advantage.

Broncos @ Raiders.- Who knows?. And what's more important, who cares? :mrgreen:
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» Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:09 am
OK boys. I will try to join you guy this year.

Redskins @ Giants: Yes, it was only preseason but the Redskins were a mess this preseason trying to adjust to new HC Jim Zorn's system.

Bengals @ Ravens: Was going to go with the home team but with a rookie QB Joe Flacco starting I gotta go with the experienced QB.

Seahawks @ Bills: Going to be an ugly game. Seahawks WR's are so banged up and inexperienced that they even placed a call to me to try out for them. :) Seahawks have a miserable history on the East Coast and even worse in 10am games. Hasselbeck will be rusty and this will be a low scoring game that the defense will pull out in a 13-10 Seahawk win.

Jets @ Dolphins: I really want to pick the Dolphins in this one but just too much turnover on their roster to come together in their opener.

Chiefs @ Patriots: No brainer pick. KC is just DREADFUL

Bucs @ Saints: Saints had a good offseason and will use Gustav as a rallying point much like they did two years ago with Katrina.

Rams @ Eagles: Rams improved on defense but not enough and Bulger does not respond to pressure well and Philly's d-coordination Jim Johnson is a master at rattling QB's.

Texans @ Steelers: While I think Houston could challenge for a playoff spot, this is a tough spot for them opening up on the road. Steelers will throw the ball a lot this season and look for Ben to have a terrific season.

Lions @ Falcons: My upset special. Nothing to base it on other than you can never feel good about Detroit.

Jaguars @ Titans: Going with the home team and Jeff Fisher in this one.

Cowboys @ Browns: Romo just has too many weapons for the Browns defense.

Panthers @ Chargers: Not a fan of Delhomme at all. He is garbage. Unless Williams and Stewart each rush for over 100 yards like they did two weeks ago in a preseason game, they have no shot especially with Steve Smith serving his two game suspension.

Cardinals @ 49ers: Once again, it seems like the analysts trendy pick is the Cards. I guess if you pick them every year, it will come true one of these years. But not this year. Cant believe I am picking any team led by JT O'Sullivan.

Bears @ Colts: Still no QB for the Bears and an inexperienced but talented runner in Forte, but not enough for Manning and crew in opening up their new Lucas Oil stadium.

Vikings @ Packers: With a below average QB in Tavaris Jackson, Packers dare Vikes to throw by leaving their talented defensive backfield in single coverage to stack the box against Peterson and Chester. With Bryant McKinnie suspended, Vikes will have a tough time having room to run and Jackson will not be able to beat them.

Broncos @ Raiders: Raiders have just been abysmal against the AFC West over the past several years and have always struggled to beat Shannahan's Broncos. Nothing would make Shannahan happier than to stick it to Al on Monday Night in the Raiders home opener.
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» Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:28 pm
Bengals @ Ravens.- Just because it's the Bengals on the road.

Seahawks @ Bills.- The Bills are still about two years away from playoff contention.

Jets @ Dolphins.- The Fish are still rebuilding, the Jets have Farve... 'nuff said.

Chiefs @ Patriots.- Superbowl hangover? or Superbowl mean streak? The Patriots are too talented to suddenly suck.

Bucs @ Saints.- I healthy offense with a new revamped defense for this Saints team has a new start... and it starts here.

Rams @ Eagles.- If the Eagles stay healthy all year, they're dangerous.

Texans @ Steelers.- The Steelers come into this season with the same faces, same result against the Texans.

Lions @ Falcons.- I like Ryan but the Falcons ain't exactly all that. Still curious to see what Turner will do with the running game.

Jaguars @ Titans.- Vince Young has been inaccurate so far in his career, so it's important he starts throwing more TD's than INT's. Just not here...

Cowboys @ Browns.- I call this the upset of the week.

Panthers @ Chargers.- LT is 29... he has about one more 1500+ yard season left in him. It starts here.

Cardinals @ 49ers.- Something tells me JTO is going to be exactly what he was during the pre-season.

Bears @ Colts.- Not much of a Superbowl rematch from a couple years back as they said.

Vikings @ Packers.- Tavaris vs Aaron. Both have huge burdens on their shoulders because the talent is there... but who will perform?

Broncos @ Raiders.- Can't see the Broncos winning when Cutler doesn't have his number one target in Marshall and a problem at RB.

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» Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:15 pm
Here are my picks for this weekend AND my BOLD Predictions:

Bengals @ Ravens: Bengals offensive will be fine; great o-line

Seahawks @ Bills: close, little score game. Hasselbeck orchestrates a game winning drive

Jets @ Dolphins: J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.

Chiefs @ Patriots: Will BeliCheat rest Brady in the second half?

Bucs @ Saints: MVP Brees will dominate week 1

Rams @ Eagles: McNabb will shine against the rams. Bulger will continue to struggle

Texans @ Steelers: Though both will make the playoffs, Texans wins in the game of the week!

Lions @ Falcons: Jon Kitna loves domes; Ryan plays decent

Jaguars @ Titans: Jags win easily against its division cellar.

Cowboys @ Browns: can the cowboys score 50? they got a shot with Cleveland's sorry defense!

Panthers @ Chargers: easy win at home (no sell out?)

Cardinals @ 49ers: 49ers continue there surprises, Bolden's last game as a Cardinal

Bears @ Colts: Jim Sorgi will play, but not because of Manning's knee.

Vikings @ Packers: Mason Crosby is clutch!

Broncos @ Raiders: ESPN Analysts will be surprise after this game!
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» Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:30 pm
Niners lose, Bucs lose, Seahawks lose. If the Raiders win, I'm going to kick myself.


With three games left in Week 1 this is how the standings look like...

bada 9-7
pawno 7-6
TMC 7-6
xbay 7-6
Mr. Crackerz 6-7
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» Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:26 pm
My mistake... bada is 10-5. Even better. :mrgreen: I'm going to assume the Raiders lose, so he's 11-5 for week 1. Here's the standings...

bada 11-5
TMC 9-7
pawno 7-9
xbay 7-9
Mr. Crackerz 7-9
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» Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:27 pm
I'll post my picks now since I'll be busy this weekend.

Chicago @ Carolina.- I think the Panthers could be the surprise team of this year.

Tennessee @ Cincinnati.- Even without Young, I think they'll be just fine.

Green Bay @ Detroit.- After a solid beginning to Aaron's career, he goes into Detroit and makes it 2-0.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville.- I'm liking this new revamped Bills team.

Oakland @ Kansas City.- Depends... will we see the hyped up Raiders D finally live up to the hype? or will we see the one against the Broncos. I'll take the home team.

Indianapolis @ Minnesota.- Should be a shootout, IMO.

NY Giants @ St. Louis.- I think I'll stay away from the Rams until they get their secondary and o-line problems fixed... especially against this pass rush.

New Orleans @ Washington.- Losing Colston is big, but they still have the big play threat in Bush and Brees knows how to utilize his other receivers.

San Francisco @ Seattle.- I'll take the team with less injuries... though it's still pretty evenly matched.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay.- Turner's scary, but I think this defense can handle him.

Miami @ Arizona.- The NFC West could very well be the Cardinals to lose.

San Diego @ Denver.- Cutler faces a better pass rush and secondary, and I think the Chargers rebound here.

Baltimore @ Houston.- The Ravens D stopped the Bengals O, so I'll take their D this week.

New England @ NY Jets.- If we see the Matt Cassell that had a solid relief effort, they got this. Curious to see what Farve can do against this Patriots D, though.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland.- This Steelers team is scary, I think they're the darkhorse this year.

Philadelphia @ Dallas.- Can't wait for Monday Night. This is going to be crazy.

Looks like I'm a roadie this week.
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» Fri Sep 12, 2008 4:05 am
Chicago @ Carolina.- I was impressed with the Bears win last week. Forte gives them another dimension on offense and their D seems to be back. I think Chicago can have a pretty good season.

Tennessee @ Cincinnati.- I've lost all my faith in Cincy. If I ever had any, that is.

Green Bay @ Detroit.- Another big game by Calvin Johnson, another defeat for the Lions.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville.- I like Buffalo. I still like the Jags D a lot more, particularly at home.

Oakland @ Kansas City.- Who knows?. In case of doubt, go with the home team.

Indianapolis @ Minnesota.- A looooong season awaits Payton. I've got a feeling that AP is gonna run all over the Colts D.

NY Giants @ St. Louis.- Lineham better enjoys this season, because it's gonna be his last in St. Louis.

New Orleans @ Washington.- I expected a lot more from the Redskins. It's still early, but they surely didn't show much against the Giants.

San Francisco @ Seattle.- Expect a big game by John Carlson. I've got a lot of faith in this guy. And also expect the Seahawk's D to stop the Niners.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay.- A rookie QB, on his first road game, against a top D (even tho Derrick Brooks might miss his first game ever as a Buc)... I wouldn't bet for Atlanta.

Miami @ Arizona.- Miami is a better team than last year's. Of course, that doesn't mean much. Should be an easy win for the Cards.

San Diego @ Denver.- I've got a good feeling regarding this year's Donkeys... er, Broncos.

Baltimore @ Houston.- The D is still there. The O still ain't. I'm going with Baltimore, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a Texans W.

New England @ NY Jets.- Game of the week. Lots of storylines in this one. I'm going with the most experienced QB, but I stil expect a close game.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland.- Cleveland might have a tough season, considering all the expectations. Starting 0-2 won't be easy to swallow.

Philadelphia @ Dallas.- Another big game. Philly had a great showing against the Rams, but it won't be the same in Dallas. I'll pick the home team, until the Eagles prove they're for real against a top team (then, McNabb will have to prove he can stay healthy).
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» Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:53 am
Chicago @ Carolina.- Great win by Chicago last week and even though Carolina has been a terrible home team last few seasons, I am going Carolina as going 2-0 on the road to start a season is brutally difficult. Also traditionally Cover 2 teams are a bit vulnerable to power running teams and Carolina has two very good backs.

Tennessee @ Cincinnati.- Cincy is just a mess.

Green Bay @ Detroit.- Will be interesting to see how Rodgers does in a road divisional start but GB is just too talented and Detroit was terrible defensively last week.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville.- Going for the road upset in this one. Buffalo quietly has an outstanding defense and Jacksonville's offensive line is in shambles. This is an outstanding game.

Oakland @ Kansas City.- Games between these teams are usually decided by 4pts or less and the Raiders are just so disfunctional right now to pick them. I think the Raiders have more talent, but the Chiefs win the game in front of a sea of fans wearing Red.

Indianapolis @ Minnesota.- I've gone back and forth on this pick. A slight lean towards the home team as the Metrodome is a hostile environment for road teams.

NY Giants @ St. Louis.- Rams might be the worst team in the league and Giants are not intimidated by playing on the road. double digit win for the G men.

New Orleans @ Washington.- Zorn looked over his head last week as a HC. Game management was terrible. Going with the better coach in this one.

San Francisco @ Seattle.- I will be at this game and always it will be LOUD. I look for the Hawks to be much more aggresive on defense to test JT's resolve. Look for Seneca Wallace to play some WR and make at least one big play. Hawks 20-13

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay.- Cant pick a rookie QB on in his first road start against a decent defense.

Miami @ Arizona.- If the Cards truly want this to be THEIR year, this is a game they MUST win. And they will...

San Diego @ Denver.- Not completely sold on the Donkeys and their small and thin defensive line will be tested. SD always seems to start slow and they will drop to 0-2 before making their annual turnaround.

Baltimore @ Houston.- Another rookie QB on the road. This game has been moved to Monday night so it affects the normal routine of a home game for Houston but I look for their defense to bounce back and have a great game against the Ravens and Houston being able to make just enough plays on offense to win this game.

New England @ NY Jets.- Nobody does more with a challenge and adversity than Bellichik. Add to that a game against his rival Mangini and I think Bill will have his guys super motivated. Too much pride on this team to throw in the towel after Brady going down.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland.- Cleveland got too much hype if you ask me in the offseason. A very tough schedule for them and they will drop to 0-2.

Philadelphia @ Dallas.- Andy Reid has OWNED Dallas over the years and I am going to pick the upset in this game. Cowboys are no doubt the most talented team in the NFC but they might be getting a bit full of themselves.

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» Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:16 pm

Chicago @ Carolina- delholmme is back, and so are the Panther's winning ways. Muhammad has big game!

Tennessee @ Cincinnati- upset of the week. kerry collins plays like kerry collins: 180 yrds, 1 td, 2 int. 1 fumb.

Green Bay @ Detroit- jon kitna will be busy. unfortuately, he only will be helping Woodson, Bigbie, Blackmon and Harris

Buffalo @ Jacksonville- Bounce back victory at home, for the wild-card bound Jaguars. MJD has career game!

Oakland @ Kansas City- Although I have no confidence in the Raiders, if they lose this match, then i predict an 0-16 season!

Indianapolis @ Minnesota- Loser becomes 0-2. Manning can take the challenge for the stuggling T. Jackson. Bob Sanders has 14 tackles

NY Giants @ St. Louis- Quite possible Eli Manning's shortest game this season. Sits by the 4th. S-Jax under 80 yards rushing.

New Orleans @ Washington- No Colsten, No Problem. Bress has Patten, Bush, Heanderson, Shockey, et al as hookups.

San Francisco @ Seattle- The 12th man aids its hometeam to a close victory over the 49ers. Hasselback will struggle against the 49ers defense, without a great running game. But 49ers OFF is BAD

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay- The boring game of the week. Lots of punts, but Bucs win 17-13.

Miami @ Arizona- Bolden/Breaston/Fitzgerald are the best 1-2-3 recievers in a team. Pass happy Wisenhunt has the perfect QB in Warner to lead them to victory.

San Diego @ Denver- Cutler to Marshall. Cutler to Royal. People in Colorado are beginning to forget the name Elway after young Jay continues to play great.

Baltimore @ Houston- Ben Rolthersberger.... I mean Joe Flacco leads a very underrated Baltimore team to victory. The Playoff bound Ravens prove that Houston's run last year was just a mirage.

New England @ NY Jets- Cassel will prove quite possibly that Tom Brady is the NFL's most overrated QB. Patriots Offense is still dominant!

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland- Anderson throws over 300 yards, Lewis runs another 100+ in a 38-34 shootout win for the Browns

Philadelphia @ Dallas- Tony Romo waited a long time to become the starter less then two years ago. His Patience has groomed him to the best QB not name Peyton. Cowboys win reletively easily over a good Eagles team
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» Fri Sep 12, 2008 6:11 pm
Chicago @ Carolina- If Carolina can beat the Chargers on the road, then they’ll beat the bears at home.
Tennessee @ Cincinnati- Is Vince Young, the new Matt Leinart or Alex Smith… Promising 1st rounders riding the bench cause of bad form. If Kerry Collins can string some wins, then I’m guessing it’s not automatic for Vince to return to his starting position.

Green Bay @ Detroit- Green bay was solid at home against The Vykings. I’m just not ready to give Aaron Rodgers the Favre Crown til I see him win on the road.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville- Buffalo, could easily go out and win this game especially after the beaatdown they give Seatlle. But Jacksonville got served there own beatdown last week against the Titans and will look to make corrections at home.

Oakland @ Kansas City- I’m gonna keep losing these NFL Pickum contests if I select OAKLAND week in and week out. But this is a game I had them winning before the season even started. Sure Larry Johnson is gonna move the chains and so to is Fargas/McFadden… It’s the Quarterback position which will win this contest and KC is QB’less at the moment.

Indianapolis @ Minnesota- Wow INDY on the road… I wonder when the last time they opened the season 0-2, I won’t be checking the record books for that stat because Indy will be a comfy 1-1 and Minesota will get off to there ritual starting the season of 0-2

NY Giants @ St. Louis- There’s not too many bright spots I see in my crystal ball for this St Louis Team..

New Orleans @ Washington- Washington goes home… & they actually a really good football organization when they play at home.

San Francisco @ Seattle- Hooray for me… I picked up Julius Jones for my fantasy team when I knew the Hawks were playing SF… Me gonna get heaps of Fantasy points.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay-. Matt Ryan welcome to a REAL NFL Calibre Defense.

Miami @ Arizona- Chad Pennington living in Miami… Handling the heat of florida, But can he handle the heat of Arizona????

San Diego @ Denver- Will the dozen Chargers fans in Qualcomm be chearing for Marty again when Norv gets his season off to a 0-2

Baltimore @ Houston- Flacco… Houston welcomes you to Super Mario!!!

New England @ NY Jets- New England is gonna keep asking themselves why??? They keep losing to teams from New York.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland- I’m ready to write off Cleveland as the Cindarella Story of 2007 and call them Same ole Dawgpound in 2008

Philadelphia @ Dallas- Tony Romo… This will be by far the hardest Defense you go up against this season… Your 1st loss will be on Monday Night and the 1st negative T.O headline /soap story will make bulletins on Tuesday and Wednesday.
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» Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:16 pm
Chicago @Carolina- Bears lookin good in the first game.
Tennessee @ Cincinnati-Both teams are pretty weak right now, but i'll take the titans.
Green Bay @Detroit- Green bay has the DB's to control detroits passing attack, and they also have an offense that can keep the D fresh.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville- The bay area QB/HB combo will come out on top in this one.
Oakland @ Kansas City- I don't know who the Raiders can beat at this point. Huard seems to be able to step in and make big plays. DeAngelo gets brown sugar'd all day and gets burnt for a couple TD's.
Indianapolis @ Minnesota- Indy will be fired up, not used to losing in this opening months. AP will hurt Indy's D, but Manning will take advantage of an Aggressive minny D.

NY Giants @ St. Louis- it's the Rams
New Orleans @ Washington- Saints won't light it up on grass, Redskins D comes up big.
San Francisco @ Seattle- As long as the Niners don't play down to the injured hawks level, we should squeak by. JTO needs to make plays without the TO's. Better field position should give the niners room to work.
Atlanta @ Tampa Bay-. Honeymoon is over, Turner won't keep it up and Ryan will get hit.
Miami @ Arizona- Arizon looks decent, though they are known for letdowns.

San Diego @ Denver- Don't be fooled, it was the Raiders who the broncos played last week
Baltimore @ Houston- Houston's D grinds one out.
New England @ NY Jets- Favre becomes a hero for NY, dwight lowery gets a pick!
Pittsburgh @ Cleveland-cleveland can't grind with the steelers

Philadelphia @ Dallas- Philly outshoots the cowboys setting the stage for a tight NFC East race.
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» Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:00 pm
let me try this time to pick the winner..

Tennessee @ Cincinnati..It's time to win for Bengals...Home crowd will celebrate the win for sure this time....

Buffalo @Jacksonville...Jacksonville will win slightly

:D RAIDERS :D @ K.C...Raiders can't afford to lose this time, need to bounce back and get back to the competition.

Indy @ Minnesota...Peyton will bring the victory for Colts but need to play really hard.

Chicago @ Carolina..Good defense!! that's why i pick Bears to win this game.

GreenBay @ Detroit....Sorry greenbay this is not Detroit from last year

NY Giant @ S.T Louis...The second win for Eli....boring game.

New Orleans @ Washington...tough one...50-50 but i will go for Redskins.

Atlanta @ Tampa bay....TMC team will win this time

S.F @ Seattle...i am really wish Niners can win this game but :banghead: seattle play at home

N.E @ Jets...sorry Patriots cassell is not Brady and Jets have Favre.

San Diego @ denver...Charger will not make the same mistake as raiders and they have L.T...

Miami @ Arizona...geeez....i make crazy pick this time..

Pittsburg @ Cleveland....close game.

Baltimore @ Houston...advantage by playing home game

Philadelphia @ Dallas....Tony Romo have Big game and help my fantasy team.. :mrgreen:

that's it... :wink:

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