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» Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:56 pm
Captain_Jack wrote:Seeing as how the name "Johnson" is a European last name, it's pretty likely his family acquired it through slavery.

Well, that's probably true, but still is his family name. And he changed it for a f*cking number... that could be considered as an even bigger reminder of slavery.

Captain_Jack wrote:People have different ways of preserving their heritage, maybe he didn't feel it was necessary to keep his last name, it's not our place to judge.

As for stage names, some are legal some aren't. Either way it is the same thing, people change their names, and it's no one else's business.

I get what you're saying, Cap. I just can't agree with it. I do agree with changing names when there's a bigger reason (and there are lots of valid reasons) than a publicity stunt. Other than that, I just think it's totally disrespectful towards your family.

Allowed?. Sure, as you say, it's nobody else's business... but I don't have to like it.

I guess we'll have to just agree to disagree on this one, Cap.

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