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» Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:10 am
xbay wrote:
xbay wrote:
PAPALPHAWHISKYNOVSKA wrote:Good to see some good angles unfolding out of Royal Rumble..

it was great seeing Vince on Jan 19th get bitch slapped by RKO Legend killer.... there was some major words on the tip of Vince Tongue and he couldn't spit his commands.. RKO goes on wins the rumble.... It's gonna be a cracker main event on the Wrestlemania... Cena Nation vs RKO.

Also enjoyed Matt going El Loco on Jeff setting up a crazy Feud and Rivalry on the Road to WMXXV. I kinda guessing that JEFF, MATT and EDGE all appear in a Ladder Match sometime soon.

& Jericho vs Mickey Rouke.... Sin City Repeats please... Seriously Mickey Rourke is rugged... i'd like his chances.

And HBK and UNDERTAKER??? LOOKS LIKE THEY'LL BE HEAR TO WM 2010... I doubt they'd both retire like gentlemens with one more WRESTLEMANIA REIGN.... Allthough Ric Flair always passed there welcomes and so to Hulk... Seriously Mickey Rourke captured the life of A wRESTLER!!!


Actually, Mickey Rouke pulled out. His agent said Mickey is going to strictly focus on acting.

YeH i read that... But suppose he wins or lose the OSCAR (which falls conveinientally between the Royal Rumble and WrestlemaniA.... I wouldnt be suprised if he has a change of heart and takes on the competition of Chris Jericho... Seriously if there'e a good heal who is quick and deceptive it's Y2J...

I'll just wait til he wins the Golden Statue

I really think it all depends on how much Vince is willing to shell out to bring him in. I don't think Mickey actually wants to come, but he's just trying to bring more media and fan attention to the WWE while McMahon pays him to do so.

I remember when TNA was trying to start sh*t with WWE by mocking DX and going to the WWE headquarters in hopes of angering the WWE officials. This was TNA trying to gain more attention and money because they have virtually, NONE.

Imitation is one form of flattery.

Yeah TNA is such a joke.. DX turned up on the doors of TED TURNERS WCW at the turn of the century... TNA is weak stepping to WWE like that.

But yeah XBAY i reckon VInce wil fork out the money for Mickey Rourke while it's no mistake the main event will be Cena vs RKO it's the special matches Vince seems to book year after year.

Floyd Mayweather fight against the BIG SHOW last year was vintage, and who could ever forget Rowdy Pipper going a few rounds and MR T and Hulkamania.

I'm just saying if Chris Jericho doesn't get to fight Mickey Rourke then i just say Vince pays DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE a couple of Hundred K to come out of retirement and be Mickey's stand in...

I loved the movie WRESTLER and if theres any washup the movie is similar to would be the famous DDP!!!
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» Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:36 pm
Okay pawno, don't let me down... tell me you saw Wrestlemania 25. Because if you didn't, you missed arguably, the greatest match in WWE history between Undertaker and HBK.
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» Tue Apr 07, 2009 4:07 am
xbay wrote:Okay pawno, don't let me down... tell me you saw Wrestlemania 25. Because if you didn't, you missed arguably, the greatest match in WWE history between Undertaker and HBK.

Xbay i took the day off for WM25... i thought if someone was worthy of 16-1 it was HBK but Dang Undertaker did it (Don't they have any good script writers... guys like HBK and JBL are suppose to win in there home state)

The match was epic... there was a couple of moves that didn't get pulled off to perfection, but definately worthy of head scratching can't believe he did that.

HBK and the moonsaulting... what the ****??? turn that clock back motherfuckers.

Enjoyed the Ladder Match too.. that was epic.

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