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» Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:00 pm
sfsfsfgiants wrote:
bigstrads wrote:
sfsfsfgiants wrote:
bigstrads wrote:
sfsfsfgiants wrote:
bigstrads wrote:
TMC wrote:
bigstrads wrote:Come on man.............that is what it is.........that is either his opinion or what he felt was the general feeling about the NBA at that time........

That's what I said, that I think it's the latter. It was his opinion about how the league was perceived at that time. I'm just saying that it can be easily taken for a racist remark (which could still be... although I doubt anybody can be dumb enough to say so purposely).

Where's the misunderstanding?. Seems like we agree on everything...

:mrgreen: ...............Im having a funny evening again........dont know whats wrong with me lately.

Yeah, I was about to say, man. Little argumentative lately? :wink:

Hmmm, dont know what it is really, havnt been sleeping well (that evening where I was going nuts about Webber, if you notice, that was like 3am over here) and my mind doesnt seem to have a shut off or calm down button lately............I feel a little sensitive, lets put it that way. :mrgreen:

Although...............I do think Im slightly justified in my annoyance with some posts/topics/members lately...........alot of negativity and repetition.

Whatever it is surprised me. I thought that you were going to eat me a couple of days ago regarding Webber. Man, you were kinda going nuts. Picking on that poor guy for making his art, man. :wink:

Did you see my apology re-edit of his picture?

Yeah.... you were still editing his picture. The picture is also happening to come true. Some irony involved, man? :wink:

Theres still time my man............theres still time.

However, I am kind of warming to the idea but only a little...........badabing said something smart about how this will heal the deep wound it all left............. although I think Ill get onto to Joe Dumars and tell him to cut one of there sh*te bags and sign there boy back! :mrgreen:
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» Tue Feb 05, 2008 1:39 pm
bigstrads wrote:Hey all,

For some reason I just watched this vid on ESPN, regarding David Stern and how is the saviour of basketball and is basically god...........thought it would be a laugh.

However, something else shocked me and prompted me to post this on here to see what you think.............check out what Russ Granik (Deputy Commisioner) said at 6 min and 12 sec............I cant believe he actually said that...............???.............I didnt watch the rest after that. ... 7&n8pe6c=1
I didn't take what Russ Granik said as all that bad... He was just describing what the persona of the league was at the time. He said it all wrong but I understand where he is coming from...

He has a point though people are naturally polarized by race and geography, Larry Bird had many more white fans than black, and the same is reversed when it comes to Magic Johnson (maybe not more black fans than white but a higher percentage anyways). They also said that having more overseas players is bad for the American market because people want to cheer for players that are similar to themselves.

It may not be true for you nor is it true for me, but in many ways that's the way it is. I can see the league not so much wanting less black players but more white players to appeal to the white population because as a business it is likely the demographic they are more so trying to captivate.

Some might think it is racist but it is really no different than cheering for your home team or cheering for a boxer because he is Irish and you are as well.

One thing people have to take into consideration is that because professional sports in this country are so dominated by African-Americans, that it can be some what disheartening to white people (not necessarily in a hateful way). Just like Jackie Robinson gave Black people hope being the first in the MLB, a standout white player in the black dominated NBA give white youth hope that they can do it as well.

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