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» Mon Dec 31, 2007 9:41 am
TMC wrote:
migya wrote:Like I said, Deron has less talent to work with than Paul.

No way. Boozer alone is better than anybody the Hornets have. New Orleans has a pretty good roster, but it's composed by good players, not stars. Paul is their only star.

In Utah, you have a top PF in Boozer, a player that could be a contender for DPOY in Kirilenko and role players as good as those New Orleans has.

It's not even close in terms of talent.

The only thing Deron has on Chris Paul is endurance, as Paul has missed a lot more games than Deron in their respective careers. Anything else, Paul has the edge (albeit Deron is also a great, great pg... just not on the same level).

I covered how the Hornets are better than the Jazz in a previous post of mine on this page. Take a look, I've covered it well

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