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» Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:28 pm
StuckInSoCal wrote:
32 wrote:
sfsfsfgiants wrote:The thing that makes me mad more than anything is when people who dont know a lot about a sport pretend like they do. If you dont know a whole lot, fine, who cares? But if you are acting like you do know stuff, yet you dont know sh*t, I dispise that. That is why I dont like Mike Greenberg. He is a little prick.

I gotta whole list of people like Greenberg that I can't stand. Usually stuff-shirt play-by-play men that don't know jack sh*t about anything, announce for 5 different sports, and are more concerned with how they sound, rather than the actual game. Dick Stockton, Kevin Harlan, Bob Costas, Marv Albert... they're all cut from the same mold as Greenberg. Tony Kornheiser doesn't know dick about anything but football, but he gets to have his own show because he's zany and gets cheap laughs outta people.

Than, take Bob Fitzgerald for example. This guy has never played sports, but grows up as a mega-fan, announces, has his own radio show, and basically lives, sleeps, and breathes sports, despite never being a player. THAT, I respect.

Fitz, IMO, was in his element more than a decade ago when he had the KNBR evening show. I'd get home from junior high or high school and turn on the radio and either listen to Giants baseball or Fitz talking all night long. He knew he ****, and really pushed me to becoming a bigger and bigger sports fan.

I loved his themed days, including bitter Bob Thursdays. Why are you bitter? Man, if he was having that show still how many Bay Area sports fans would call him up?

I alos have mad respect for Fitz. He is a idol to guys like myself, that love sports but aren't the greatest of athelets. He really does know what he's saying, I also love that he constantly makes fun of his lack of atheletic ability...

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