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» Sat Sep 15, 2007 4:13 pm
pawnograffiti wrote:
sfsfsfgiants wrote:I do hate the Raiders, but not because I'm some university trash.. I hate the Raiders because I've noticed that for the most part, their fans are the most ignorant fans in the league. They act like they are so good, and they act like no one else matters. I gotten threatened a couple at a 49er-Raider game at San Francisco for just the fact that I am wearing a 49er shirt. I'm not saying that all fans are this way, but I'm saying it because more than there should be are. You are a Raider fan, I'm a 49er fan. We are going to have our differences, and I'm not going to bother fighting with you, as it is a lost cause. I do have friends that are Raider fans, and of course we disagree, but we dont fight, and you are just an instigator. I simply said that I dont think JaMarcus Russell is worth the money, as he is an unproven rookie with one good year of college under his belt. Maybe you took it the wrong way, I dont know, but I'm not attacking him, or you, so dont attack me. Mutual respect, man.

You dont need to like me. I know that there are probably a couple people on here that dont. As long as you dont attack me, I dont care if you dont like me.

I'm not trashing all Raider's fans. I'm trashing the stupid dumb ass fans. I know the 49ers have some, too, but not as many.

Thanks for clearing the air on that, i too believe the same views as you but only my anger is directed at 49'ers fans for turning there nose at the raider nation as if they think they are better then us
(Blue collar vs White Collar) .
i won't preach to you to why my franchise is better cause it'll be a lost cause and when your loyal to something you stay loyal.

I can say the same thing about how Raiders fans act like they are gangsters, and how they are better than us at that. I would love to hear why your franchise is better than ours though. Lets make a thread about it: 49ers vs Raiders.

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