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» Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:58 pm
is1531 wrote:You guys are like foreigners.I quit your ice cold website.You guys have no manners.All you guys do is make wise cracks.Just cut me from the website.Now I see why nobody comes here.Just a bunch of punks and loud mouths.

I am following basketball since 1962,so I do not need silly advice from punks on this website.Do not write back.I just quit.

Is that guy serious? I can't tell.

The amount of errors is life-altering.

is1531 wrote:nobody comes here

Except the +750 registered users. But you probably meant besides that. :roll:

is1531 wrote:I just quit


Don't you know QUITTING is the worst thing you can possibly do!?!?! Ask SoCoolBob... Image

You'll get a free sample of Bob's logic at the top of the page. He's gotten over 6 Billion views on his website, so he assumes "Everybody On The Planet Has Been Here At Least ONCE!" :roll: You'll have a ball with that codger.

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