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» Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:37 am
Would you take Dwight if you could and you were one of the top 5 teams in the nba outside of the teams Dwight has said he'd resign with?

Would or should the Bulls go for a trade for Dwight, if they could. Say something like Noah, Boozer and Deng for Dwight, Turkoglu and QRich. Looks like a fair trade talent wise, the Bulls get Dwight to pair with Rose, while the Magic get three of the Bulls top four players, all great contributors to them being the best win/loss team last season and this season. Thing is ofcourse, Dwight hasn't listed the Bulls as one of the few teams he'd stay with, so would that be worth the risk?

Would or should the Thunder go for a trade for Dwight, if they could. Say something like Westbrook, Perkins, Harden, DCook and Mohammed for Dwight and Jameer. Thunder get to pair Durant and Dwight, while the Magic get three very good players in return. Again, Dwight could leave, but that team could be awesome and could just add one or two more good role players to really make it special. Everyone's games would get better I think, like Ibaka especially, who would have a real great defender to go with his defense.

Would or should the Grizz go for a trade for Dwight, if they could. Say something like MGasol, Gay and Mayo for Dwight and Turkoglu. With a healthy ZRandolph, could be a great pairing with Dwight and the Grizz have gotten better each of the last couple of seasons.

Would or should the Nuggets go for a trade for Dwight, if they could. Say something like Nene, Gallinari, Lawson and Afflalo for Dwight and Jameer. Nuggets don't really have much talent and would be no better than they are now, but such a proposal could interest them, which is the point in stating it.

Would or should the Hawks go for a trade for Dwight, if they could. Say something like JJ, Horford and MWilliams for Dwight, Turkoglu and GDavis. Dwight paired with JSmith would be the best defensive duo there is. Orlando would get back more talent.

This is just taking a look at what situations would be possible involving Dwight, outside the teams he said he'd resign with if traded there and whether he'd stay with any of the other best teams if he were to be traded there. Being paired with another superstar, especially either Rose or Durant could interest Dwight and since those teams are the top two, maybe he'd see championships there

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» Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:26 am
Good topic starter Migya.

Bulls: I don't think the bulls should go after dwight. Deng has played great, Noah has been decent enough where is isn't a burdon, and boozer still puts up 15,8. If I were the bulls, i would try to get Ray Allen, who even at his age is an upgrade over Hamilton.

Thunder: Again, the Thunder don't need to trade for howard, especially if it means giving up a young, extremely talented pg. And including Hardin into the mix is just too much. He is the 3rd best player. Ibaka will get better. Perkins is nothing special, but this is a team that does not need an elite center. They have (in my opinion) the second most hungriest guy for a championshipin the NBA in Durant (Kobe still leads that category, of course).

Grizzlies: If I were the Grizzlies. If you build it, they will come mentality. I would try to keep Gay though. But if I were Howard, I wouldm't. Zbo is incredibly inconsistent (and often hurt) and getting old. Turkiglu is getting old. You know you wouldn't win anything over there. If I were howard, i would take Magic>grizzlies

Nuggets: a good situation for both teams, if done right. If I were the Nuggets, you need to make it a priority to keep either Lawson or Galinari. The fact is, Lawson has more value, so trading him, Mozlev (center) and Nene (PF-C) for Howard (maybe even Jameer too) is fair value. Leaves the nuggets with Andre Miller, Aaron Affalo, Galinari, Kennith Faried, and Dwight Howard as their starting five (with Fernandez, Harrington, Brewer, and Jordan Hamilton on bench). Team is young, and will get better. They will need to address their PG situation but that team can be solid..... ONLY THING IS, I don't think Dwight wants to go to Denver. So I don't see him going there.

Hawks would be a great fit for Dwight. But Magic do not want Joe Johnson's max deal. No way. Too many years left on that max contract. If you can trade Josh Smith, Willliams, and Horford and a future 1st rounder (or 2) for Ryan Anderson and Dwight Howard, It leaves the Magic with a solid front court for years to come. Hawks can then model their play like the lakers, with poor man's Kobe in Joe Johnson, Ryan Anderson at PF, and Dwight in the middle. Plus Jeff Teague as your starting PG.....Solid contending team for years to come.
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» Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:29 am
Nice response Crackers.

The whole point of this thread was just to create more discussion, slightly different line of thought though, on the topic of Dwight Howard and where he might go if he goes anywhere at all.

I don't think any team without assurance Dwight will stay should go after Dwight, just the safest way to go. In saying that, Bulls would be better having Dwight in that trade, as they can easily replace Deng with another SF, either through free agency (likeliest) or trade. Boozer is not worth the money he gets now and he is replaceable as well, again free agency best bet, as Bulls would so attractive with Rose and Dwight.

I think the Thunder need a great big. It has been working so well without one, but in the playoffs we'll really see what they can do. If they had Dwight next to Durant, while still having Ibaka, that's great right there, so hard to stop. I'd do that trade, as PGs and swingmen are much easier to replace than bigs. Imagine a PG like Chris Paul or Deron Williams going there via free agency once they see that trade happen and what joining Durant and Dwight could do. If I was Dwight, I'd want to go to the Thunder, outside of going to either the Lakers (as long as they keep PGasol) and Dallas (as long as they keep Dirk and Terry), more than any other team. Such youth and proven quality eill equal championships, with only the current Heat team getting in their way.

If I was the Grizz, I'd go for any superstar, as they need more identity than what they have and they just look better than what they ever will be with that squad. In saying that, Dwight just won't stay there so stay away for sure.

Nuggets, same thing as Grizz really. A better setup it looks, but Dwight just won't stay there.

I also think the Hawks would be a great fit for Dwight and vice versa. Atlanta would replace JJ not so hard, free agency again. That would setup Atlanta (Dwight staying that is) as a top 4 team in the east at least, if not true contender, for a long time.

I don't think the Magic will trade Dwight and they'll lose him for nothing, very stupid of them, but for their sake, I hope he resigns there and I hope they improve, like Deron Williams signs there

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» Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:29 am
Yeah, i don't see why dwight just cannot stay there in Orlando. He has his identity there. Plus, he is from the southern region on the USA, so that is a team close to home (though Atlanta is probably the closest to his home team).

Deron Williams would be willing to move, but the Magic will need to clear up space for him. Probably a 3 team trade, getting rid of their players can bring Deron to the Magic.
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» Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:24 am
I don't see why the Magic wouldn't look to get JSmith from the Hawks right now, since he has said he wants out of there. I'd look to trade Turkoglu for him straight up, but if the Hawks want something more add Jameer and Hinrich, that gives them a far better starting PG.

If that was done, the Magic would look much better and then maybe another trade could be done to free up salary to sign Deron. Something that works is Jameer (if he isn't trade to Atlanta in first trade), Duhon and QRich to Boston for RAllen and Jermaine, both who are out of contract after this season. That would free up about 16 million to sign Deron and would give the Celts Jameer, starting PG quality and also an expirer to use in another trade if they want, allowing them flexibility to trade Rondo as has been rumoured they might do.

That Magic lineup would be arguably the best in the nba and Dwight would be crazy not to stay there. That's championship caliber with JSmith and Deron with him, as well as JRich and Reddick. They can resign RAnderson, who has been good next to Dwight at PF and sign good free agents. They'd rival the Heat to say the least, just with arguably better role players to fill out their lineup
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» Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:08 am
Just heard the funniest line from Shaq.

" Lebron last year had the Decision, this year Dwight has the Indecision"

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