teams I feel were robbed in the playoffs over the years

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» Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:07 pm
I gotta say I really think is fixed and the refs are instructed to favor certain. Now some teams can play on such a high level where they can overcome the calls and still win. Now some arguements will be then why didnt it happen such and such year or how come the refs have not come forth. Well 1 ref did come forth but the nba who is run by a lawyer gave a typical lawyers response. Any lawyers on here LOL.

Here is a list of the team I think got blantantly robbed over the years and as you can see the nba has altered the out come of its own history for ratings, corporate interests and a ton of money.

blazers vs lakers 91 west finals the nba wanted magic vs jordan at any cost
blazers vs bulls 92 not much of a fair series for the blazers by the refs
sonics vs rockets west semis 93 rockets were robbed in gm 7 by some eye opening calls. the nba did want the rockets to play the suns because they wanted a suns bulls series. rockets wer ehte hottest team in the nba the 2nd half of 93
pacers vs knicks 94 east finals no way the nba loses out on a ny hou finals over indy hou.
hou vs jazz 97 west finals the nba did not want the rockets in the finals vs the bulls because the posed the most serious threat vs the bulls
bulls vs pacers east finals 98 blantant robbery vs pacers, but how was gonna argue when there was a billion bulls fans LOL
pacers vs knicks 99 east finals nba lost a lot of money with the half a season hold out and was not gonna lose more with a spurs vs indy low rating series. were blantant robbery
00 lakers vs vblazers 00 west finals just a pro laker offciated series, blazers were a better team but the refs altered this outcome
lakers vs pacers 00 finals, same thing the pacers were better but the refs would not call a fair series
01 sixers vs bucks 01 east finals no way the nba was gonna lose out on a 76 vs laker final cash cow
02 lakers vs kings 02 west finals possibly the most blantant cheat job since the wwf on the kings. Even ralph nader spoke up publicly and had stern very nervous.
07 suns vs spurs west semi's. suns robbed vs spurs on bogus suspensions, overphysical thuggery not called and double standard officating
09 nuggets vs lakers west finals, nuggets clearly treated like 2nd class citizens
09 lakers vs magic finals once again the lakers had the refs in their pockets from start to finish.

Thats my view and I know a lot of people are gonna go apeshitt over this but so be it. It is what it is.

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