LeBron wins MVP

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» Sun May 10, 2009 12:19 am
TMC wrote:
xbay wrote:Also, someone remind me... Fisher hit that miracle shot with 0.4 seconds in what series?

It was against the Spurs... the year before he signed with us??? I'm not totally sure.

More great series: the Blazers vs the Lakers, with Portland's collapse in the last quarter of the 7th game. And, of course, any series between the Heat and the Knicks, but not for the bball played, of course... :wink:

That Blazers v Lakers series of 2000/01 I think was the year was a classic, not only because the Blazers had perhaps the most talented team ever in nba history, but they were in a real position to stop a Lakers dynasty before it began and fell to bits in the last six minutes or so, being up by 15 and then losing by about 5
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» Sun May 10, 2009 11:40 pm
Last night Lebron scored 47 of his teams 97 points. He also set up his team mates by recording 8 of their 15 assists and led the team with 12 rebounds. :D

I saw some press conference where they asked how the playoffs have felt since they're been dominating everyone. He laughed and said sorry to his opponents, but it's been fun for him.

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