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NBA Playoffs Discussion

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:52 am
by migya
This thread is not related to the Tournament we have going on in the Fantasy Forum, which ofcourse we could use some more people participating in.

This is for discussion, predictions, thought, any known news about a team, series, players etc. on this season's playoffs.

Western Conference

#1 Lakers v Jazz
Reckon the Jazz have the team capable of beating the Lakers, but have fallen over the last two weeks or so.

PG - Deron v Fisher/other scrubs
Deron should have it fairly easy against the Lakers PGs and needs to have a mammoth series. Fisher can shoot, that's it and if he can score some, Lakers will win fairly easily I think.

SG - Brewer v Kobe
Brewer can defend, but Kobe is a top 5 player in the nba, some think the best and Brewer will have to be at his best to make a contribution.

SF - AK v Odom
Neither start, but get most of the minutes here. AK has to defend like a madman, as he has shown he can, he is a key to this series. Odom is also key, as he is starter material and though hehas played well lately, he can disappear.

PF - Boozer v Gasol
Great matchup, the best one actually in this series. Boozer has to regain form to play well. Gasol has been on a tear and if he continues, Lakers should win fairly easily.

C - Okur (if healthy) v Bynum
Okur gets hurt as Bynum gets back and healthy. Okur has to be healthy and hitting his shot, taking Bynum away from the basket. Bynum has to be a brute down low. This matchup may be the difference in this series.

Jazz have Harpring, who is tough and does the little things, but their main player off the bench (not counting AK) is Millsap and if he gets the minutes and plays like he did a few weeks ago, for most of this season actually, Jazz could upset Lakers.

Lakers have reserves that don't seem spectacular, but they play their roles.

Prediction - Lakers in 6

#2 Nuggets v #7 Hornets
Nuggets did better than expected, but this really is even and could go either way.

PG - Billups v Paul
Great matchup and Billups has to be at his best, because Paul is the best PG in the nba.

SG - JR v Rasual
JR has been huge and if he is in this series, Nuggets will win. Rasual is a role player, but he can hit the shots if left open.

SF - Carmelo v Peja
Carmelo has to have a big series and really has noone guarding him, unless it's Posey, that can really do it any good. Peja can shoot well and has to be guarded or he can be the difference.

PF - KMart v West
KMart has to be healthy and play well, especially defensively, because West is the main player for Hornets, along with Paul.

C - Nene v Chandler
Nene has to be guarded and Chandler can do that. This matchup is key in this series.

Nugs get great contribution out of DPOY candidate, that only gets about 20mins a game for some reason, Chris Anderson. Kleiza can be good or invisible and Anthony Carter is a good backup PG.

Posey has to be big, because Hornets have little else on the bench, unless Wright can play like he did last week.

Prediction - Nuggets in 6

#3 Spurs v #6 Mavs
Good matchup that is pretty even. Home court might be the difference here.

PG - Parker v Kidd
Parker has to be big with Ginobili out. Kidd has his hands full guarding Parker, but is still a great PG that can be the difference.

SG - Mason v Terry (gets most minutes here)
Mason is a role player that can score a bit and has to hit his outside shots. Terry has been great all season and has to have a big series for Mavs to win.

SF - Finley v JHoward
Finley was a star in Mavs years ago, now is just a shooter, but can hit many outside shots and will have to defend well. JHoward might not be 100%, but he is Mavs' second best player and has to play big this series.

PF - Duncan v Nowitzki
Duncan has to be a monster on the inside and not let Dirk get too many open shots. Dirk has to outplay Duncan and try to rebound as much as he can, as Duncan is a monster at that.

C - Bonner v Dampier
Bonner can rebound and block shots a bit, but his outside shooting could be a real asset in this series. Dampier has to play alot of minutes and rebound and block shots well, because if he doesn't, Mavs might get outrebounded by a heap.

Spurs have vets on their bench that can produce. Gooden might even start at PF or C and he could be the real difference in this series and for the whole playoffs for the Spurs. KThomas also rebounds and blocks shots well.

Mavs need big contributions out of Barea and/or AWright and Bass.

Prediction - Spurs in 6

#4 Blazers v #5 Rockets
Blazers back in playoffs for the first time in a few years and Rockets looking for their first series win since Yao arrived.

PG - Brooks v Blake
Critical matchup, as either player can emerge and play big or disappear, moreso Brooks than Blake

SG - Artest v Roy
Artest has to step up this series or Rockets will likely lose. TMac is out so Artest has to be the main player, along with Yao. Roy is the best player on Blazers and leads the way.

SF - Battier v Outlaw/Fernandez
Battier has to defend and score some, hitting outside shots as he can. Outlaw and Fernandez seem to split time here and both can score a heap every now and then. This matchup can decide the series also.

PF - Scola v Aldridge
Scola has to be big in this series, as Aldridge is main player for the Blazers, along with Roy and can have a huge series.

C - Yao v Przybilla/Oden
Yao is soft, Przybilla and Oden are physical big guys. Yao has to be a megastar in this series and finally show he is a true elite player in the nba. Przybilla and Oden both rebound and defend very well and if they can slow Yao, Blazers win quite easily.

Rockets need Landry, Hayes, Lowry and Wafer to contribute plenty.

Blazers have young and talented bench and it is the inexperience that might be the factor.

Prediction - Rockets in 6

Eastern Conference

#1 Cavs v #8 Pistons
Really good matchup IF Pistons come to play. This is an unlikely upset chance, as Pistons have had a strangely bad season.

PG - Stuckey v Mo
Stuckey has to be real big in this series, playing like he did earlier in the season. Mo Williams has been great and if he goes off, Cavs could win easily.

SG - Rip v Delonte
Rip absolutely has to be huge in this series. Rip can be the difference, as Delonte can have big games, but really is a role player. Delonte has to defend well and hit the open threes.

SF - Prince v Lebron
Prince has to do what he can, especially defensively. Maybe watching the finals against Lakers where he amost shutdown Kobe would be the thing. Lebron is a monster, best there is and he has to and likely will have a monster series.

PF - McDyess v Varejao
McDyess has to play as he has been for a couple of months now, rebounding, blocking shots and scoring some as well. Varejao has to outhustle and outrebound McDyess. McDyess could really make a difference in this series.

C - Rasheed v Big Z
Rasheed has to come back for the first time in years. He has to not only hit the threes, but, more importantly, rebound and defend the interior. Big Z has to score well, rebound and defend well. Rasheed could also be the difference in the series if he decides to take charge a fair bit.

Iverson is injured, but Will Bynum has been a surprising little monster the last few weeks. Afflalo can contribute and Kwame is also a key and if he comes in and plays well, Pistons could upset.

Wally and Joe Smith are key here and if they can contribute, Cavs likely win.

Prediction - Cavs in 6

#2 Celts v #7 Bulls
If Garnett is out for some or all of this series, really a toss up here.

PG - Rondo v Rose
Rondo has to outplay Rose, at least slow him down. Rondo can be huge and will have to be in some games at least. Rose can be the factor in making Bulls win this series. What an achievement if he leads Bulls past Celts, could be start of a great career and legend.

SG - RAllen v Gordon
Great matchup and could be pivital. Allen has to play big if KG is indeed out. Gordon is inconsistent, but if he plays well, Bulls likely win.

SF - Pierce v Salmons
Real major matchup, probably best one. Pierce will play huge, as he is main player for them, but he has to be a monster if KG is out. Salmons has played great in Chicago and will have to play up to Pierce as much as he can.

PF - Davis (if KG out) v Tyrus
If KG is out, Davis has to at least hold his own here. Tyrus Thomas has emerged and looks like being a future star and he has to have a big series, both ends of the floor, for Bulls to win.

C - Perkins v Miller
Key matchup as well. Perkins has been scoring a bit more the last few weeks and will have to in this series, as well as rebound and block shots a heap. BMiller is still a good player that can step up and really be the difference if he plays well.

Celts need everything from House, Powe (if he doesn't start ahead of Davis), even Moore and Marbury.

Hinrich is the main player off Bulls bench, but Noah (if he actually doesn't start ahead of BMiller) is a very good contributor as well.

Prediction - Celts in 7 (without KG)

#3 Magic v #6 Sixers
If Turkoglu and/or Rashard are out for any number of games, especially more than three, real toss up here.

PG - Alston v AMiller
Alston has to be real big to play up to Miller. Miller has to have a huge series for sixers to win.

SG - Lee v Green
Matchup of role players that is important. Lee gets open shots and defends well. Green has to score, about all he does.

SF - Turkoglu (if not injured) v Iggy
Major matchup. Turk has to score and do what he usually does and try to even this matchup. Iggy has to be a monster, probably unlike he ever has been, for sixers to win this series.

PF - Rashard (if not injured) v Young
Another major matchup. Rashard may not be 100% if he does play and that is a major factor, because he is a main player for the magic. Good old Thaddeus is back and if he is close to 100%, he can be the difference in this series, as he can really step up here.

C - Dwight v Dalembert (if he is not injured)
Dwight is an MVP candidate and the greatest inside monster in the nba. He does have to have a big series for the Magic to win and he'll liekly see some tough defense. Dalembert may not be 100% because of his shoulder, but he can defend and if he can slow Dwight a fair bit, it could make a huge difference in this series.

Pietrus has always been a contributor, but Gortat and Reddick have been contributing lately.

Sixers have a pretty solid bench, with Ratliff, Speights, Evans and especially LWilliams contributing.

Prediction - Magic in 6

#4 Hawks v #5 Heat
Really good matchup, but maybe Hawks have to much talent for DWa.... I mean Heat.

PG - Bibby v Chalmers
Bibby could be a major key player this series, as he can be awesome or near invisible. Chalmers has to hit those outside shots and stick with Bibby.

SG - JJ v Wade
The best matchup this series. JJ has to do what he can to play up to Wade, something he would do with any other star SG, but likely will get outplayed by Wade. Wade is almost a one man team and he'll have to have a megamonster series, like average 40pts or more a game, for Heat to win.

SF - Evans v James Jones
Evans will start, at least for a few games until or if MWilliams gets healthey enough to start ahead of him. Evans is a role player that can make some outside shots. With Moon out injured (not sure how long for), JJones might be the starter and he can play pretty well, especially hitting outside shots. Either one of these guys can tip the scales one way or the other.

PF - JSmith v Beasley (if Haslem injured still)
Smith has to have a big series, every series if Hawks advance. Smith can do it all, but can disappear a bit as well. If Haslem is injure, Beasley willstart and have a great chance to show his worth, as if he does real well, Heat could win the series.

C - Horford v Jermaine (if healthy)
A great matchup as well, but Jermaine may not be 100%, he almost never is. Horford has to do what he does, mostly rebound and block shots, as well as score a fair bit. Jermaine has to be big this series and win ths matchup at least. Jermaine is still a good player, but just doesn't perform as great very often.

Flip has been awesome the last couple of weeks and he can make a huge difference in this series. MWilliams, if healthy, if a key player as well and can be one of the best on this team.

Haslem might not be back for the first game and might not start when he does get back straight away, but he has to be big when he does play. JAnthony and Cook have to be real good as well for Heat to win.

Prediction - Hawks in 7

Give your thoughts on each series

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:39 pm
by Money
I'm rooting for the rookie to do a giant killer on the Celtics!! without Garnett it could happen, and wouldn't we all be a bit happier with the Celtics out of way....

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:20 pm
by migya
Jackattack wrote:I'm rooting for the rookie to do a giant killer on the Celtics!! without Garnett it could happen, and wouldn't we all be a bit happier with the Celtics out of way....

Seeing the Celts lose would definately be something, but to be honest, I don't want to see the Bulls rise again and winning this series might give them a feeling of greatness that carries over for the next few years

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 3:45 am
by TMC
Just two quick thoughts: I'm rooting for Wade for as long as he plays, and Leon Powe will play a big role in Boston's chances to repeat.

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:22 pm
by Captain_Jack
This Boston - Chicago game is phenomenal. Everyone should be watching it.

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:40 pm
by Mr. Crackerz
Captain_Jack wrote:This Boston - Chicago game is phenomenal. Everyone should be watching it.

YES IT WAS.... Despite the crappy officiating and all the phantom fouls and out of bounds calls, the right team won that one... me and my brother were screaming at our tv on all their second and third chances boston got... this was a good day... go Chicago... im rooting for you guys in these playoffs!!!!!!

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:00 pm
by xbay
Chicago deserved to win this game. All-around contributions from everyone. Not only was Rose unbelievable, but contributions from Salmons, Noah, Thomas and many others helped the cause.

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:59 pm
by migya
xbay wrote:Chicago deserved to win this game. All-around contributions from everyone. Not only was Rose unbelievable, but contributions from Salmons, Noah, Thomas and many others helped the cause.

I said Chicago had talent, though very young and inexperienced, it didn't matter in this game that's for sure. They could upset the Celts, it is very possible.

Mavs just beat Spurs in San Antonio as well. Really is interesting when there is no real difference between the teams in playoff matchups and this year more than ever probably, there is no real clean cut dominant team, except Lakers and Cavs, maybe Magic.

Rockets just spanked Blazers well and good in Portland. Yao had a totally dominant game, scored 24pts in 24mins and shot perfect 9-9FGs and 6-6FTs, 9rebs and 2blks as well

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:15 am
by migya
Noone has absolutely any discussion about the playoffs and after the great first day it was

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:12 pm
by saintdee
only chicago boston was interesting..

cle vs detroit snoozefest
sas vs dal who cares?
hou vs blazers snoozefest.

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:32 pm
by Money
I tend to always pull for the underdog.. But I agree there are certain series I could care less who wins (mavs/spurs). I would like to see these three teams advance... Bulls, Blazers, Hornets....

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:38 pm
by xbay
Interesting how inexperience seemed to play a role in the Houston/Portland game but not the Chicago/Boston one.

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 6:59 pm
by migya
xbay wrote:Interesting how inexperience seemed to play a role in the Houston/Portland game but not the Chicago/Boston one.

Think it was more Houston being well prepared and having alot of desire than Portland's inexperience. Yao really did well and if he plays like that all series, all playoffs actually, Houston will be hard to beat. They do need more play from their bench, but Mutombo did great himself, getting rebounds like a madman, like a rebound a minute

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:22 pm
by TMC
So far, everything went as expected except Chicago winning at Boston and the Rockets spanking the Blazers. Oh, and I didn't expect the Hawks to beat the Heat so easily in their first game. A win for Atlanta is not surprising, but the way they stopped the Heat's offense is.

I'm not that surprised about Philly beating the Magic, tho. I just don't think Orlando is as good as their record. Still think they'll beat the Sixers, but it won't be easy (I have Orlando winning in six, and seriously considered a 7 game series).

Regarding the surprises I've talked about before, Boston needs to use Powe more. Without KG, they need him to produce inside, and Glen Davis is better coming from the bench to spell him, not the other way around. Davis doesn't rebound enough, and without KG, they need more help in that department for Perkins, who was manhandled by Brad Miller and Noah in the first game.

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:09 am
by migya
Just saw about 8mins of highlights of Derrick Rose from Game 1 of Bulls v Celts and he is a really good to say the least. Knew he had skills, but his shots in that game wereamazing, real confident and not a rookie type game at all. That guy looks like a future superstar and Bulls just have to get Gordon to be as good as he can be, just consistently and they have perhaps the best backcourt in the nba.

Donyell Marshall hasn't retired yet and is still around. He hit three threes and was huge against the Magic, practically the reason why Sixers won, having a huge fourth quarter