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» Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:02 am
OK, this is a different topic than the one in the Warrior thread. I want to focus the direction in the members that actually got in.
So, how about this draft class. One word describes it. AMAZING. This is clearly the best draft class ever, and although everyone focuses mostly on Jordan, this class is strong without him. SO im gonna go into the rest of the names that might be overshadowed by the great Michael Jordan.

David Robinson: IMO is the classiest NBA player in the history of the game (its debatable, but this is how i feel). He was a great student and player at the Navel acadamy. Served as an Naval officer. Played in the NBA, and was a phenomenal player. When the team drafted Duncan, he didnt whine or ask to be traded, he in fact accepted his new role from #1 to #2 in the team. As a result, he won 2 championships. He participates each year in NBA activities, including being a spokesman for the NBA and representing the Spurs (he was always a Spur) in the All-Star Break. Most Importantly, he is very charitable. He has donated millions and millions of dollars to young students who complete high school and want to expand their education. Not even on a monetary standpoint, David Robinson has spent countless hours with community service help in the San Antonio area and around the nation. The NBA's Community Assist Award is named after him (the David Robinson Plaque), which states, "Following the standard set by NBA Legend David Robinson who improved the community piece by piece." DAVID ROBINSON IS CLASS

John Stockton- Like Robinson, Stockton was with only 1 team his entire playing career. He avoided endorsements, took pay cuts so the Jazz could sign other players, and was very low key. He was a superstar who didnt have the ego to show it. The HOF year that brings the NBA's most prolific scorer in the history of the league (Jordan), Stockton has the most assists and steals of all time. In fact, he has so many steals, he has 30% more steals than 2nd place (which happens to be MJ). His average of 10.5 assists a game in his career is just crazy. Stockton is a devout Catholic that is known for his charitable contributions with his church. John Stockton never was a winner on the court (2 NBA finals which MJ won both), he was a winner for the NBA's image. WELL DESERVED J.S.

Jerry Sloan- He's a good coach... great coach. Deserved... probably. However, i dont care too much for him. SO i will end here.

Vivian Stringer- Many might not know too much about Vivian Stringer, besides the whole Don Imus incident a few years back. She's not as well known as women's coaches such as Geno Auriemma or Pat Summit, but Stringer has lead 3 different schools to the final four. The Women's Coach of the year award (for all sports, not just basketball) is named for her. The The C. Vivian Stringer Medallion Award of Sport for Women’s Coaching. She has won gold medals as the coach of women's bball for olympic teams. she also participated in the Civil Right's movement. When she was young, she sued her high school when they denied her a position on the Cheerleading squad because of her race. She won, and quickly joined the cheerleading squad. She has been considered my many to be one of the most influential minorities in sports of all time. STRINGER's ACCEPTANCE IS WELL DESERVED

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