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» Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:02 am
Don't forget Von Wafer can produce with a good amount of minutes.
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» Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:08 am
E-Man wrote:
migya wrote:
E-Man wrote:
migya wrote:Lowry was incapable of taking his chances by the horns earlier this season with the Grizz, when they clearly favoured him over Conley, so I don't think he's as going to be much of a factor for Houston and definately not as good as Alston was for them

Alston is better than Brooks and stats don't lie either on that one :wink: Don't see any real backups at guard for Rockets either, as Head has been mising in action for quite some time and Lowry isn't much

lowry (as well as every point guard in memphis) was restricted by coach iavoroni...which is why it seemed like he couldnt succeed there. even mike conley struggled at the time. once lionel hollins took over for the team, conley flourished (as he is who hollins wanted to become point man)...once crittenton left and went to the wizards, he started doing a lot better. lowry will be getting a chance to play, under adelman, without such a short leash that was on him in memphis.

as far as brooks vs a starter brooks is averaging 13.7 pts, 4.7reb, 4asts, 1stl, and 1.7 TOs.
rafer averaged 11.5pts, 3reb, 5.4asts, 1.2stl, and 1.8 TOs. if you ask me, both of their numbers are pretty comparable. the thing i'm thinking about is that brooks' numbers are numbers from the SG spot and backup PG spot. with the team in his hands now, will his assist numbers go up? maybe, maybe not...but saying rafer is better than brooks by just going off stats...i just think it's a little premature to say least until we see how brooks can handle a team.

Yea, Brooks has scored more in the time he's had but has played less like a PG as much as Alston, getting far less assists and steals. Brooks will have to be a PG for the Rockets, as they need one to function, especially now with McGrady out the rest of the way. My point is that none of the guys that can play PG for Houston have any sort of proof they can do it, any consistent performing at least and that is dangerous for a team that wants to be a contender

if thats all your arguement was then you should have made that more clear, bro :wink: . i just dont think its right to dismiss the abilities of brooks and lowry so quickly.

I'm not dismissing the abilities of those two, but they certainly haven't shown much so far in their careers, especially Lowry. Both need to be good for the Rockets to have any sort of chance of going far in the playoffs.

On a side note, it would be funny to see Houston win a series and McGrady being injured. That would make him look like a hinderance of sorts, though he isn't

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