Elton brand done for the season!

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» Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:37 pm
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nickdakoolkat wrote:Man am I glad he turned down our generous billion dollarboffer sheet.... He hasnt been good even when healthy.

To think the team tried to sign him or Arenas last offseason, and then settled on Maggette :roll: Really going after the injuryprone guys to waste some money

At least Maggette is doing something. Arenas is likely done for the season as well. And Brand is gone as stated. After a few bad months, Maggette has transformed into one of the league's best 6th man's.

Maggette has certainly been playing well the last couple of weeks but he isn't worth the contract he got and he is an injuryprone player, always has been, so basically you get just over half a season out of him. He has been injured just a bit this season, good by his standards, but he is a question mark with health all the time.

The team has got to aim to get more sure things

Yeah, but I can name a ton of players who don't deserve the contract they have. He's the best they had left, and the front office panicked. He may not be worth 10 mil, but he's not worth MLE either.

That doesn't mean the team should have signed him. You don't just get player for the sake of getting a player, especially one that obviously won't help your team win much at all, in the case of Maggette, Crawford as well. I'd have preferred the team to keep the money and let guys like Azu, Belinelli, Randolph and BWright have much more court time, who knows what would have happened

The only thing I wonder is if it was Mullin who decided to bring him in or if it was Rowell and those other idiots in the front office.

Don't think it was Mullin, unless he was under pressure to sign someone quick

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