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Some Weird Votes in the MIP Award......

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:29 am
by bigstrads
As there isnt much else to talk about and not much going on here............I just thought Id point out a couple of oddities in the Most Improved Player voting =

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts

Hedo Turkoglu Orlando 61 22 9 380
Rudy Gay Memphis 23 14 10 167
LaMarcus Aldridge Portland 9 22 17 128
Al Jefferson Minnesota 6 16 22 100
Rajon Rondo Boston 6 10 17 77
Mike Dunleavy Indiana 3 9 9 51
Jose Calderon Toronto 2 10 5 45
Chris Paul New Orleans 5 4 4 41
Beno Udrih Sacramento 1 2 6 17
David West New Orleans 1 2 4 15
Ronnie Brewer Utah 1 2 1 12
Andrew Bynum L.A. Lakers 1 1 3 11
Chris Kaman L.A. Clippers 1 1 1 9
Louis Williams Philadelphia 1 -- 3 8
Monta Ellis Golden State 1 -- 4 7
Andrew Bogut Milwaukee -- 2 1 7
Rafer Alston Houston 1 -- 1 6
LeBron James Cleveland 1 -- -- 5
Andre Iguodala Philadelphia 1 -- -- 5
Travis Outlaw Portland 1 -- -- 5
Brandon Bass Dallas -- 1 1 4
Deron Williams Utah -- 1 1 4
Linas Kleiza Denver -- 1 -- 3
Jason Maxiell Detroit -- 1 -- 3
Tyson Chandler New Orleans -- 1 -- 3
Dwight Howard Orlando -- 1 -- 3
Shaquille O'Neal Phoenix -- 1 -- 3
Brandon Roy Portland -- -- 2 2
JR Smith Denver -- -- 1 1
Danny Granger Indiana -- -- 2 2
Roger Mason Jr. Washington -- -- 1 1

Bolded are the ones I find a little strange =

Shaq!!! - Getting any vote in this is plain ridiculous, let alone a 2nd place vote!!!........Id love to know who did that.

LeBron!!! - Getting a 1st place vote!!!.........are you kidding me??? not only are his stats the same, or less, his team is no better, and he is still at the same level (amazing level yes but I dont see any difference)

Deron - Pisshhhh.

Bogut - Mehhh.

JR Smith/Granger - Where did they improve? other than hitting a few more shots this year.

Turkoglu - I knew the guy would get it..........but Im sorry, someone his age/experience isnt improving..........they are just getting more minutes and/or a different role.

Monta - How does he only get one 1st and 4 3rds??? can someone tell me how he hasnt refined (IMPROVED!!!) his game to the point of near dominance on the offensive end............can you tell me how he doesnt get atleast more votes than he did..........let alone win it (I am seriously not being biased here.........might just be because I see Monta more and notice the changes more)

Mason Jnr - Who? (I do know who he is...........but come on! what a waste of a vote)

Chandler - Other than him and Paul before the season agreeing that 10 times a game, Paul will just dribble dribble dribble and toss the ball up within a foot of the rim........and Chandler will go get has his game improved?

I know most of the ones Im moaning at are just for 2nd and 3rd place votes mainly............but Im bored out of my skull and wanted something to say.

What say you people? :wink:

*EDIT* - Wow........I spent fricking ages spaceing those colums out.........and it didnt even work!!! :banghead: .......hope it makes sense.

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:22 am
by TMC
Well, I can understand, and even share, some of those votes. I mean, Roger Mason Jr. is one of the most improved players of the league, without a doubt.

I mean, he was a nobody and now he's won a spot in the Wizards rotation. No matter how you look at it, that's improvement.

Bogut has also improved a lot, and the same can be said about Danny Granger or JR Smith. Not to the point of competing for the award, but I don't think it's unfair to give them a few votes.

What I don't get is the Shaq vote... Just nonsense.

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:41 pm
by jimbob631
I thought Granger deserved to get more votes.

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:55 pm
by BDIDDY707
Granger is a beast, should have got more votes!
Damn i wish we woulda drafted him.

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 3:00 am
by migya
That list is about right and as I somewhat forsaw it. Monta improved but his numbers weren't all that much better, not to the extent of the other players high on that list