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» Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:19 pm
Obviously Lebron is Lebron and he's one of the most talented ever. But I don't agree with someone when they say ''He is head and shoulders above everyone else right now.'' ''He is on a whole different planet than anyone in the league and it's not close.''

Really? So with all the minutes that he played and the fact that he has Kyrie Irving on his team and another All Star in Kevin Love, and many other great role players on his team, he was only able to help them win 51 games in the Eastern Conference. That's it!

I don't care about people saying that he turns it on in the postseason when it counts. You have to look at everything, including the whole season. Michael Jordan never even got to a game 7 in the Finals and he dominated the regular season and embarrassed the whole league year after year. Lebron does not do that. He has his moments and a high efficiency but you cannot say that he has the best stats or the highest stats.

And just last year, Curry became the first unanimous MVP in history, hit 400 3 pointers, and was the leader of a 73 win team. As great as Lebron is, he has never done any of those things and will never do any of those things. People were already comparing Curry to Jordan. And let's be honest. Curry is still having a great season and is the same player for the most part.

If Michael Jordan was playing, is there any chance that he wouldn't have one regular season MVP vote? That is how much more Curry dominated the season than Lebron did. I don't care that he got a little lucky and came back from down 3 to 1 and barely won. If Kyrie Irving shot didn't go in and just one of Curry's shots had went it, then Lebron wouldn't have gotten 10 percent of the credit he got last year. He was more likely to lose in 5 games, then he did end up winning in 7 games. And yes he had help from the league. And yes the Warriors were much more injured. And he still only won by one shot and it wasn't even his own shot, it was Irving.

That's what makes me upset. I am not saying that it's not possible that Lebron isn't the best overall or might be the most formidable player at times in a 7 game series. But just last year, Steven A Smith said Stephen Curry was the best player on the planet. And then as soon as the Warriors lost in the last minute, Steven A Smith changed his tune and said that Nobody is on Lebron's level or in the same stratosphere. And so many people say the same thing. But if Kyrie Irving didn't make that last shot and Lebron had went 2 and 5 in the Finals, these people wouldn't be able to say this and not look a little ridiculous.

Lebron may have the best career resume, but it's insane to think that Leonard is not on par with him offensively or defensively. Or Kevin Durant. And Steph Curry still showed that when the timing is right, he is the same Steph as last year. I don't understand how people's minds can be changed so quickly, especially when you think about how one event can change everything. Lebron is 3 and 4 in the NBA Finals. Even with 2 lucky last minute shots, he still has a losing record in the Finals. I am not saying he doesn't have the best overall resume and longevity and isn't a top 10 all time, but let's not make him something he is not. He is definitely a freakish athlete, be he is not the greatest ever and he's not some mythical figure. In the end they did win the 7 game series last year, but it wasn't convincing and nobody is honestly convinced that they're actually the better team.

Even last year when the Cavaliers had everything go right for them in the end and we had everything go wrong for us, and Lebron still playing with 2 other stars and a strong team, still only won in the last minute with unfavorable odds and it wasn't even his own shot to steal the game. If he really was that much better than every other player, he shouldn't have been such an underdog in the first place. People will hero him for coming back from down 3 to 1. But they won't talk about how inferior he looked when he was actually down 3 to 1. And he was so hurt that he had to try to get in the Warriors heads and cry to Adam Silver to get Green suspended.

I swear. If Adam Silver does something again this year to help Lebron win it, then it's obvious that the league is just trying to market him as a better player than Micheal Jordan. You know it and I know it. The NBA Finals last year was not an honest product and I will never accept the Cavaliers as true champions. In reality, Lebron and his Cavs could never beat a healthy Warriors team in a fair fight in a fair series. I don't believe it. It's only when he tries to bend the rules and have things go his way.

Kind of funny how people call the Warriors chokers when they had everything go wrong for them and still only lost in the last minute. But when Lebron lost 4 out of 6 times against us the year before when his players were hurt, he got all kinds of credit. After game 3, his team was never really in the series, and somehow people act like he pulled off a miracle, just because his team didn't lose by 30 every game. But when Green is suspended, Curry is playing on one leg, Bogut goes out, Igoudala's back is out, Green is deplorably suspended, Barnes goes like 3 for 38, the Refs completely favor the Cavaliers and the Cavaliers miraculously win the last game by a thin needle from Kyrie Irving's shot, somehow it's Lebron who gets all the credit. But the truth is that they would not have won in a fair fight with fair refs and a fair commissioner. We would have still won even with injuries. That's the truth.

And if your opinion is that Lebron has had the best NBA career out of all current players, then that's fine. But to say that he's still head and shoulders above everyone and nobody else should be in the same breath of conversation? Oh that's crap. And so many people say that Lebron is on a whole another stratosphere. You can have the opinion that he is still the best. That's fine. But to make it sound like nobody is even close.. That is complete and utter crap. He played on a very good Cleveland team this year and won 51 games in the Eastern Conference, playing the most minutes. And yes he tried to stat pad and get triple doubles too, but Westbrook has him beat in that department for obvious reasons.

Just remember this Cavs fans. Curry was known as the guy that took Lebron's throne last year. If Green wasn't suspended or if the Cavs didn't win by a thin hair in the very last minute, then Lebron would not look very good right now. And there's no way you would be able to still compare him to Jordan. But the thing is, the Warriors still had the far better record, and Curry is still the same player in my eyes. And even when Durant went out, Curry showed that he could do more for our Warriors than Lebron could do for his Cavs when Love was out. I don't care what the media or fans say, I'm my own person and that's how I feel.
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» Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:03 am
A few years ago I thought Lebron was going to be the best player ever but looks more and more like a great player with the skills and physical attributes to dominate but he hasn't had a career with overwhelming success.

You look at the Alltime greats; Russell, Jordan, Magic and Bird, to name the main winning ones, and they all lead their teams to championships and their teams were always at or near the top once they reached that level. You look at Magic and Bird and it can be said that if one of them had not existed, the other one's team could have won close to all the championships in the 1980s. Jordan's Bulls won in his last six full seasons there and maybe could have won eight straight if he hadn't left for practically two seasons in the early to mid 1990s. Russell ofcourse won eleven in thirteen years including eight straight, with the likes of Chamberlain and the West and Baylor Lakers at the time.

I think that Lebron's first stint with Cleveland, as long as it was and as much time that franchise had, was not built with much proven talent around Lebron and so they were at times among the best but never really that close and thus never won a championship. This time around he has a top 10-15 player in Kyrie Irving as well as former top 10 player and still allstar type Kevin Love, as well as very good role players that fit. Thus Cleveland is a top 2-4 team the last three years and won last season. In his four years in Miami, Lebron had two other superstars in their primes in Wade and Bosh and so they reached four straight finals and won twice.

I think though that Lebron can be compared to Magic and Bird, as far as looking at their situations and team personnel. Some can say that Magic and Bird, and to a lesser extent Jordan, had great players around them, and when Lebron did he won. I do think that given Lebron's physical attributes that he should have done more than what he has and he doesn't step up all the time at the end of playoff games like the alltime stars I mentioned did. They all seem to win it for their teams in the playoffs and finals when the game is on the line. It is the lack of consistent success that let's Lebron down and shows him to be great but not quite the alltime great.
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» Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:14 am
My friend even said that the Jordan comparison was ridiculous. He said that Lebron is just a regular player. To some extent I agree. Lebron is a freight train. But he doesn't shoot particularly well, he doesn't post up very well for his size and athleticism, his defense has some holes especially now, he's not a great dribbler. So many things I can say he doesn't do particularly well and he really only won One Finals convincingly. And When has Lebron ever won a Finals without a super team of his own? He always gets help from superstars and the whistle.

All I know is I saw Shaq play. Shaq could do things that Lebron couldn't do. Shaq also won 3 rings with only 1 other superstar. Won another with Wade as well. Shaq could overpower people in ways Lebron cannot. Shaq would break backboards and grab 11 to 12 rebounds a game. Intimidate people and block the heck out of people. So when people say that Lebron grabs a couple more rebounds than Jordan despite playing a different position, then why can't I bring up Shaq? Shaq over powers people in ways Lebron never did. Lebron never 3 peated like Shaq and Kobe. Now maybe I'm making a straw man's argument, but I'm trying to see if anyone understands where I'm coming from. Shaq impressed me in ways that I never saw with Lebron.

People always say that Lebron carried scrubs. But every time that he won, he had a Super team too. He invented the first Truly Big 3. He's always played in the weakest conference in history. I don't think he's like Micheal Jordan at all. He gets mad, he blames his teammates and coaches, he calls out the refs. That's why my friend says he's more of a regular mortal player, unlike Michael.

Honestly I would put these players above Lebron: Jordan, Chamberlain, Shaq, Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

I would say it's better to compare Lebron to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson though. I would actually put Duncan on the same level as Lebron if not higher. I don't care if Duncan cannot carry scrubs to a Finals. How do we know that Lebron wouldn't mess up Popovich's system? I put Leonard on the same level as Lebron this year. And I have stats and record to back it up too. And right now KD looks better than Lebron. It's only when Lebron gets the benefit of the whistles, then he can do what he wants and tortue you.

Forget NUMBER ONE player and passing Michael. Lebron is more like a top 15 player. I don't care what some of the stats say, you have to go by the eye test too and consider the competition. It's not all about stats, it's how you play. Now as far as Kobe, it's hard to argue that Kobe is better if you go just by stats. But Kobe does have a 5 and 2 Finals record. What I can say is I remember Kobe in his prime. And he could score like no other at the time. He could make tough shot after tough shot effortlessly. Never saw Lebron do that. Lebron has to muscle his way inside and gets a lot of his points from free throws. Maybe my eyes are failing me, but so many times that I saw Lebron go to the line, I could have sworn he didn't deserve the free throw. Just imagine how many points Curry could score if he always got the superstar whistle.

But that is why I don't like Lebron. I feel that a lot of his success has been from help. Mostly help from the referees. Just imagine how much Lebron would struggle if he never went to the free throw line and was allowed to get hacked like Curry. He'd be settling for a lot more jumpers and his percentages would be much lower. Just my opinion.

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» Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:51 am
"All teams want to talk about now is length & explosiveness...Are they casting for a porno shoot or to play basketball?"
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