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Re: Lakers Fire Coach Brown!

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:07 pm
by Guybrush
Hahaha...good one. :)

Re: Lakers Fire Coach Brown!

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:01 am
by 32
JSU2004 wrote:I couldn't agree with 32 more. We all figure the offense will be good, but the defense won't be nearly as bad as it was in Phoenix and New York. Even though I think Kobe is overrated as a defender, he gives 100% effort which is most important on defense. Ron Artest and D Howard are two defensive minded players. He also didn't have the 7 footers he has now protecting the rim.

Exactly. Now he has 2 giants protecting the rim if Kobe (and when Nash) gets beat.

Dwight and Pau might be the 1A and 1B bigs in this league that thrive at the pick and roll. Imagine a horns play (double screen) at the top of the key where Nash can get double the screens and either fall back on Pau's midrange or hit Dwight on the roll. They could tic-tac-toe from Nash out to Pau back in to Dwight. They could roll both big guys and have Nash hit Pau for the score or drop dunk it to Howard. They could use that intimidation to exploit guys backing off to help and Nash is still wet on the jumper. They could work a total middle crash out to the corners for wide open 3's; both Nash and Pau have the vision to hit open shooters. Literally, the 3 of them together is scary.

And if you're really getting trashed and you work a 2-3 to cover the middle up; try stopping Kobe getting his zone-buster on with spot up midrange J's from every angle. This offense has no weakness. Not even OKC or MIA has any chance of stopping them. You simply have to clog the paint and pray Kobe AND Nash AND Jamison have off-shooting nights. THIS is a team that could win 70 next year.