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» Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:16 pm are currently running a poll about which team will make the biggest improvement next seasob out of 1)Bobcats, 2)Hornets, 3)Warriors and 4)Wizards. Currently over 60% are saying the Hornets with the Bobcats coming 2nd with 17%. The Warriors are last with only 9% of the votes.

Are they serious??? The Warriors(barring major injury) will smash the Hornets and Cats. The Wizards will also be much improved. The Hornets aren't even sure whether Gordon will resign yet. So both teams fortunes are based on a couple of rookies. The Warriors will be fighting for playoff position while the Hornets and Bobcats will fighting for lottery position.
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» Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:45 pm
I agree with you Ringo. Bobcats need another two very good players at least to even win 30-35% of their games. Hornets could be improved IF they resign Kaman, as they need a Center and he'd go good next to ADavis I think, and resign Gordon or trade him for a very good PG, going with Rivers as their starting SG. That team could make the playoffs if all goes well, but all hardly ever does and they've made a couple of significant additions that may or may not give them balance. The Wizards might improve a fair bit, now with Nene, Okafor, Ariza and Beal, but it'll all have to work well for a huge improvement. I still don't think they'll make the playoffs. The Warriors are no sure thing to improve a whole lot either. Injuries seem like the biggest issue with this roster, obviously Bogut and curry the ones, but things have to fit as well, which they seem like they do. I think the team will improve by a good twenty wins, but much can happen.

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