Magic coach says Howard has asked that he be fired

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» Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:51 am
The three teams in the proposed trade are Laker, Magic and Cavs, not Houston, they are looking to deal alone with Orlando, using players that you stated.

I don't know in the three team deal what players Orlando is looking at getting back, but as you stated, Bynum is better than anything else, better than any other player Orlando could receive in any trades I've heard. Bynum is second to Dwight among Centers and he isn't far off now at all. If Orlando was smart, they'd get the Lakers to give them a bench player, preferably Jordan Hill, who could actually start at PF for Orlando, while at the same time taking back one of their bad contracts, like Turkoglu. If they could swing that deal, they'd have won in that. In fact, getting a very good SG would be all Orlando would then need to be a contender again.

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