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» Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:37 am
Thought we could talk about trades that happened before the deadline that just went by.

1. Obviously we were the winners in the Monta for Bogut trade, we've covered that pretty well.

2. Trading SJack to Spurs for RJeff and Spurs 1st rounder in this upcoming draft, looks like being one of the last four picks - Think really noone won out of this at the moment. Spurs can just shutdown SJack for the rest of the season and then trade him as an expirer in the offseason, getting a real good player back and that's probably what they'll do, making the Warriors' FO look dumb yet again. Wouldn't be surprised if the Spurs FO turned SJack and filler into LAldridge of the now rebuilding Blazers or JSmith of the Hawks. SJack might play this season for them, where he won his only championship, and that group of players and coaching staff could get the most out of him, where here would have been awful influence. RJeff will likely not do much here, if he starts as the SF at all, which he might not even. having two more years on his contract at over 10 million is what hurts. He will be hard to trade until he is an expirer, which isn't until after next season. The Spurs 1st rounder won't mean much so this is really not the best move the FO could have done using SJack by a long shot. I really think they could have got rid of AB using SJack's expirer in the offseason.

3. GWallace from Blazers to Nets for Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and 2012 top 3 protected pick - Nets gave too much. I like GWallace and would've liked to have him here as the SF, but that's too much for him. That lottery pick will likely be real high, maybe even in the top 3, so then the Nets would keep it, but if it doesn't, they lost a real good young player that they could build around, especially if Deron leaves, which he likely will. Blazers look ridiculous in their now rebuilding mentality when the team they had was good and just needed a move or two to be a contender.

4. Marcus Camby from Blazers to Rockets for Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet - Another wierd move by the Blazers. Camby is nearing retirement, but still is one of the best rebounders and defenders in the nba and they could have got more for him. Houston just made themselves a possible top 4 team in the West if they are all healthy.

5. Nene to Washington in a three-team deal, with the Wizards shipping JaVale McGee and Ronny Turiaf to Denver and Nick Young to the Los Angeles Clippers. Washington also picked up forward Brian Cook in the deal along with a second-round pick in 2015 from the Clippers. This all comes down to the documented immaturity of both Young and McGee. Both are very good at what they do, but both look like somewhat cancers that might get worse, especially McGee once he gets a new big contract. The Clips get the SG they needed and Young fits in there well, only having to do what he only knows what to do, shoot. Denver could have gotten a great deal, if McGee plays to his potential, as he is a monster of sorts rebounding and shotblocking. The Wiz wanted change and Nene is a good player, though nowhere near enough to make them a winner.

6. Lakers trade Derek Fisher to the Houston Rockets for forward Jordan Hill. Looks like Lakers did a little better here, but maybe Fisher has some playoff heroics for the Rockets. Be great for him to leave on a high. Wonder where JHill fits in the Lakers, looks like just a backup right now, but he is pretty good.

7. Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga to Lakers exchange Jason Kapono and Luke Walton for Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga. Lakers wanted a proper PG and they got one. Sessions has always been solid and the Lakers look like going for the championship hard again this season. Cleveland is still rebuilding and this doesn;t improve them really.
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» Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:40 pm
Typical, Lakers get something for nothing.
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» Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:51 pm
Seems like the rich always get richer, but the poor are the fools here allowing it to be so

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