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» Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:31 pm
hey guys,
my keeper league fantasy auction is coming up this weekend and Im trying to finish my keeper list. this year we are expanding to 14 teams, so instead of getting to retain 15 players, we can only freeze 9 to begin with, then if somebody gets picked from your team, you get to freeze 3 more and if another player gets selected, you can then freeze your final 3 players.

my keepers:
Carlos Santana C - Free
Gordan Beckham 2b - Free
Wade Davis SP - Free
Gio Gonzales - Free
Ben Sheets - $1 (picked him in our supplemental free draft last year)
Andrew Bailey RP - $1 (also picked him in supplemental free draft)
Andre Ethier OF - $16
Jair Jurrjens SP - $6

these guys are locked in for me, my last untouchable player is either:
Kevin Youkilis - $16
Ubaldo Jimenez - $16

You have to have 23 active players in the league, 9 pitchers and 14 offensive players with a salary cap of $260.

would appreciate some input on whether I should lock up Youk or Ubaldo. whichever one doesnt get protected in my initial 9 is going to be on my next tier, but I have a bad feeling the guy I dont protect is going to be taken.

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» Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:49 am
Sorry Always, I don't think many of us dabble in auction drafts. We are not really men.
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» Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:41 pm
fine wrote:Sorry Always, I don't think many of us dabble in auction drafts. We are not really men.

You mean we are not gamblers :wink:

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