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Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:12 am
looking forward to taking on JOEL..

it's a real shame i gotta go up against him though, his team is built around boards & blocks & it would appear that was my drafting strategy & i may very well be looking at a ass raping in those catogories

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:40 am
by migya
Week 21 and final week -

Bodyguard beat Rob 6-3.

Always beat Joel 7-2.

xbay beat zshook 5-4.

TMC beat Fine 7-2.

8th Ave beat Jimbob 8-1.

I beat Pawno 5-4.

Regular season finished and the final standings are:

*1. Always Next Year
*2. TheBodyGuard
*3. xBay's X-Men
*4. South Pacific Crush
*5. whynot
*6. migya kickya
7. TMCs Beasty Beasts
8. zshook
9. Not really fine
10. 4 Robs and a Dikum
11. 8th ave
12. jesusballers

Always with a great performance in the league all season and taking the #1 spot easily. BodyGuard in his first year of fantasy with us did great getting second in this league and first in the other. Joel, who was #1 for the first two moths or so, fell pretty hard the last few weeks and ended up 5th, not much ahead of me either.

Playoff Matchups for the first week are:

Championship Playoffs -

#3 xbay v #6 migya - I lost in both matchups this season 6-3 so xbay has the advantage in that regard. I have injuries to Bynum, who will be out at least this week it has been said, a huge blow, and Kirilenko, who has missed time with the same injury the last few weeks. Hopefully I can get enough from my guards to compensate for my lack of bigs.

#4 Pawno v #5 Joel - Joel seems to have quite some injury problems, particularly if Carmelo misses time. MGasol needs to be playing for Joel to have any chance really.

Consolation Playoffs -

#9 Fine v #12 Jimbob - Jimbob isn't participating so it will be an easy win for Fine.

#10 Rob v #11 8th Ave - Rob is not participating so 8th Ave should win.

Something not having Fine and TMC in the top 6, but things are evening out in these forum leagues

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:40 am
by TMC
What a sh*tty year. Both leagues missing the playoffs, but finishing soooo f*cking close...

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:47 am
by f1n3
Good luck to the survivors. I'm rooting for YOU and only YOU.

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:43 pm
by migya
fine wrote:Good luck to the survivors. I'm rooting for YOU and only YOU.

Who's you?

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:59 pm
lnjuries are part of the game.....not much i can do but see howit plays out

Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:06 pm
by migya
One more day to go and it looks like Pawno's got Joel. Pawno's team has stepped up and given a great performance this week.

Me and xbay are duking it out and it is very close. I've got more guys playing tomorrow so I think I'll take it

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:43 am
by migya
1st week of playoffs over:

Championship Playoffs -

#4 Pawno beat #5 Joel 6-2 - Pawno put in a great performance to take it quite comfortably. Most categories he won quite easily.

#6 migya beat #3 xbay 5-4 - I continue my rise (as I did last year) by knocking off xbay, who was one of the best teams all season. All categories were close and it came down to steals, which I won by one. It was a great battle xbay and you would have been deserving had you won.

Joel, and xbay now play off for 5th and 6th

Consolation Playoffs -

#11 8th Ave beat #10 Rob 5-4 - 8th Ave won out, well done. Pitty Rob didn't participate more, because he had a chance himself of making the top 6.

#9 Fine beat #12 Jimbob - Fine dominated, as expected. Jimbob participated little, which is a shame.

2nd Week of Playoffs:

Championship Playoffs -

#2 TheBodyGuard v #6 migya - We won one a piece in our two matchups during the season and stat wise, both teams are pretty even. I do have some injured players, BodyGuard right now has none and that could be a major difference.

#1 Always Next Year v #4 Pawno - Both split their matchup in the season one a piece. Always has been master in this league since the start of the season and has only lost two matchups all up. This does look like a pretty even matchup, especially as Always has Tyreke still injured.

For 5th and 6th place:
#3 xbay v #5 Joel - If Joel plays this week, should be a good matchup, but xbay does currently have injuries to RLopez and also to KMartin of Houston.

Consolation Playoffs -

#8 zshook v #9 Fine - Fine has a couple of injured players it looks, but still looks like a close matchup. Interesting to see the winner of this.

#7 TMC v #11 8th Ave - 8th Ave has injuries to KMart of Denver and Hawes and it does look like TMC could have a bit more firepower, but still should be a pretty close matchup. Maybe 8th ave can upset or maybe TMC will show his anger at missing out on the top 6 and crush everything in his path on the way to winning the Consolation playoffs.

#10 Rob v #12 Jimbob - Likely no action here, just two stalled teams

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:58 pm
by xbay
This one surprised me. I thought if anything, I'd beat you in this league rather than the other. I blame Grant Hill for this one! He went 5/10 on Monday against the Warriors from the charity stripe. :banghead: :mrgreen:

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:28 pm
by migya
xbay wrote:This one surprised me. I thought if anything, I'd beat you in this league rather than the other. I blame Grant Hill for this one! He went 5/10 on Monday against the Warriors from the charity stripe. :banghead: :mrgreen:

The league where I have Bynum, think it's this one, you really had it a bit better, but you had a couple of injured players as well, as did I with AK also out. It really is a Russian Roulette week per week and anyone can win in the playoffs, as me and TMC showed last season, getting to the finals as 5th and 6th seed

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:45 am
by migya
One more day to go and it looks like Always has got Pawno. Pawno does have eleven players active tomorrow to Always' six, so there is a chance that there could be a turn around in a couple of categories, but likely nowhere near enough to give Pawno the win.

Me and BodyGuard have been duking it out all week in a close matchup. Right now we are tied 4 all, but I have nine guys playing tomorrow to his six. Having Baron injured all week has hurt him, but I had Bynum and AK injured, so had to get rid of him and got absolutely nothing from Maxiell, who had been playing awesome before that

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:44 am
by migya
2nd week of playoffs over:

Championship Playoffs -

Semi Finals - #2 TheBodyGuard beat #6 migya 6-3 - What was a very close matchup all week ended up going completely the wrong way for me. Baron Davis actually turned up for the last day of the week and had a great game. That put Blake on the bench and played little time. Barnes played a shocker and GHill of the spurs got injured. This all favoured BodyGuard and he won out, by one three pointer and three blocks. A season I don't make the finals.

Semi Finals - #1 Always Next Year beat #4 Pawno 6-3 - Not so close here, as Always' powerful team continues to steam roll through everyone. Most categories were fairly close, not a thrashing, not a nailbiter.

For 5th and 6th place:
5th Place - #3 xbay beat #5 Joel 8-1 - Joel didn't play all week, but xbay would have and did thrash him anyway.
xbay gets 5th

Consolation Playoffs -

Semi Finals - #8 zshook v #9 Fine 7-2 - Fine won comfortably, as he had one injured player and zshook had to handle having two of them.

Semi Finals - #7 TMC v #11 8th Ave 5-4 - In some what of an upset, TMC has been knocked off. In an incredibly close matchup, 8th ave has pulled it off by winning by steal. Every category was close with all but two coming down to the end.

11th place - #12 Jimbob beat #10 Rob 5-4 - Neither guy played this week and it just played out.

3rd and Final week of playoffs and year:

Championship Playoffs -

Final - #1 Always Next Year v #2 TheBodyGuard - The top two teams made it to the finals and it is fitting. Always has been the best in this league almost all year and has looked unstoppable. Both have won one a piece in their two matchups this season. Looks like Always has a bit more firepower, but anything can happen and usually does.

3rd place - #4 Pawno v #6 migya - We meet for third place in both leagues incidently, the third straight week I've had the same opponent in the playoffs, go figure. An all aussie matchup, pitty it wasn't the final, but anyway. Looks pretty even and injuries will likely play a part, but what will be the biggest factor, as is for everyone else playing this last week, is what players get little minutes for their teams, as usually happens.

Consolation Playoffs -

Final for 7th place - #9 Fine v #11 8th Ave - What seemed to be an unlikely final matchup eventuates and it looks like 8th ave will have it hard in his quest to come from second last to seventh, as he has three injured players and Fine has none. Anything could happen though.

7th place - #7 TMC v #8 zshook - What seemed like would be the obvious final matchup in the second bracket is not, but still looks like will be a close matchup between the two guys that narrowly missed out making the top 6.

Final week of this year's fantasy nba and it was again a great competition and entertaining

Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 7:21 pm
by migya
Lebron likely shut down until playoffs. That's a hit to the guts for you Pawno, in both leagues

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:05 am
by migya
Last day of the fantasy year and it is going to come down to the end for the championship. Always and BodyGuard are prectically tied, with four categories looking decided and every other category so close.

Going to take a big day for me to beat Pawno, but possible

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:56 am
by migya
3rd and Final week of playoffs and year:

Championship Playoffs -

Final - #2 TheBodyGuard beat #1 Always Next Year 5-4 - An epic battle between the top two in the final and Always got beaten at the last step. BodyGuard able to step up and win this league, as well as the other one. First year for BodyGuard with us and he comes out flying. Congrats to BodyGuard and well done Always for leading almost all year and coming second.

3rd place - #4 Pawno beat #6 migya 5-4 - Pawno improves this season and beats me by ONE TO! That was it. Came down to the last day and Pawno got it, well done.

Consolation Playoffs -

Final for 7th place - #9 Fine beat #11 8th Ave 5-4 - Another close matchup that also came down to the last day. Fine wins the consolation playoffs, attoning for not making the top six.

7th place - #7 TMC beat #8 zshook 7-2 - TMC wins out, mostly because zshook didn't rotate his roster at all. It was actually closer than it seems, with TMC barely winning threes and fT%, with only a bit of a small margin in FG% as well.

Another great year guys and be good to do it again next year.

Final results:

1. TheBodyGuard
2. Always Next Year
3. South Pacific Crush
4. migya kickya
5. xBay's X-Men
6. whynot
7. Not really fine
8. 8th ave
9. TMCs Beasty Beasts
10. zshook
11. jesusballers
12. 4 Robs and a Dikum