Are These Fantasy Trades Fair?

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» Fri Feb 27, 2009 5:47 pm
Hey all... Just thought I'd throw these out there as they were accepted in my fantasy NBA basketball league just before the deadline passed. As commish I'm on the fence about approving or denying them. What do you think?

Info about the league: There are 12 teams in the league. It is a keeper league and each team has 14 roster spots and starts 10 (1 C, 2 Gs, 2 Fs). At the end of every season each team gets to keep 6 players while the others go into the draft poll for the next season. This is the basic all points league (point - 1pt, assist - 2pts, rebs - 1pt, blocks - 2pts, steals - 2pts, TO - -1, etc.).

- Trade 1: Kobe Bryant traded for Tony Parker, Yao Ming, and Chris Kaman
- Trade 2: Chris Paul traded for Devin Harris, Caron Butler, and Russell Westbrook

I'm actually leaning towards denying both of them, but will make my decision by the end of the weekend. Should these be denied or approved? What's your reasoning?
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» Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:24 pm
First of all - Why haven't you ever played in our fantasy leagues Josh? You are a regular somewhat and have been a memeber for years, definately would be welcome in our leagues.

As for those two trades - Since it is a keeper's league, harder to judge trades. Both look like too many for just one player, no matter how good Kobe and Paul are. I'm not one for vetoing trades but those two look too extreme. You should really hold them off until a discussion with every manager in that league is had, but if you can't do that, really could veto those trades and give a real good reason why to the league

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» Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:25 pm
Trade 1 seems passable to me. Everyone has peaked, we know how good each of them can be. Kaman, and Yao have the history of injuries, which devalues them. Yao and Parker together isn't enough for Kobe(IMO), adding Kaman definitely slants the trade in the other direction, but not enough for a veto.

Trade 2 is pretty much the same story. Only difference is the youth of Westbrook and Harris. Depending on your tolerance for lopsided trades, this trade is more vetoable when compared to the other.

I've never played in a points league so I don't know how much that changes things. fyi. also, I make bad trades all the time, so my judgment is questionable.
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» Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:39 pm
Migya... I'm for sure down for fantasy basketball next season with you guys.

About the trade offers. I was actually on the fence as I think these trades are unfair to the guys that are trading away Kobe and Paul. Now after thinking about it and talking to all four of the owners that are in the trades I'm probably going to approve them, as each owner is aware of the risks.

Man... I wish this fantasy league that I'm the commish for was more fun. Everyone always bitches in my league and I'm sick of it.

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