They Keep Teasing Us - Dwight Howard

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» Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:31 pm
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» Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:14 pm

Even if he walks after 3 months.. I'm still going to buy an authentic D12 DUBS jersey.

He will be top 3 centre ever to don the warriors uniform (Wilt, Thurmond & Dwight)
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» Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:12 am
The article said it perfectly: he's the hot chick, the Warriors are the dorks in the corner and Howard isn't interested. He was quoted in the Mercury, after being asked if he'd reconsider playing here based on how wild the Oracle cheered him after the game against the Magic. Howard shrugged it off like some high school diva queen whose never been told she's anything but smoking hot: "See, a lotta fans want me to come play for their team. Which is nice... But in the end, I need to make the decision based on..." blah blah blah, REJECTION!

He doesn't like you, Golden State. He doesn't wanna be here. No, you can't sell him on silicon valley and technology. When players say "big market teams", sure, they're supposed to talk about how it's an investment for the future, how they wanna build a brand, etc. But what Howard wants (and won't ever cop to, in an interview) are the superstar whistles that come with wearing a Mav's or Lakers' jersey. Howard wants to win and as the final play of the Dubs-Grizzlies game showed, sometimes the biggest obstacle is the officiating. Coming to Golden State won't be any more advantages than staying in Orlando when it comes to that.

And before anybody brings up New Jersey and "why would be wanna go there if he wants to get superstar calls?? Lol, 32 ur wrong!"... It's because of the Miami effect. 1, Howard will only sign there if they retain Deron Willians AND bring aboard a 3rd demi-star, if you will; a 3rd wheel that brings it together (like Chandler). 2, if that happens, to go along with rabid ownership and a new arena/location on the way, you are a new jersey (no pun intended) away from transforming that team into a new Miami Heat; a secondary market behind the LA's and Chicago's, that blows up, NBA-wise, off star power. Much more difficult for all those chips to fall into place. My hunch is that DWill AND DHoward make it to Dallas next year...

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