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» Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:32 pm
JREED wrote:
facue420 wrote:
fullmetalx wrote:
TRON wrote:Having an expensive contract doesn't mean you have to give your player away. AB will be the biggest surprise of the year. Right now center's with his potential and age, get 10+ millions per year. If we let him go there will be at least 10 teams opening champagne's and drinking in our name's.

That the problem he can't get better with the Warriors, but somehow if he goes to another good team he will have an impact, because he surrounded by great players who minimize his weaknesses.

its not like we are going to be a playoff contender team by just trading Beans away. i dont mind let this current roster play through this year and see how it goes and do a move next yr. i mean we have good chemistry now with this new warriors coach and the new group of FO. AB seems like he got his confidence back in the interview video. i still believe in him!!

Why wouldn't we be? W finished 12th in the West last season at 10 games behind 7th and 8th (NO was one of those teams and will be far worse this season). We gave up the 3rd most points, the most rebounds and we finished 12th in total rebounds for ourselves. I actually believe that if we upgraded beans (it wouldn't take much), we could be a playoff team.

I still don't understand where you are seeing the chemistry, I wish I was watching the same games you were because I saw 2 PGs on the floor that are just now learning to tolerate each other. A disgruntled superstar that is on the trading block every other week, the same superstar that reportedly said he didn't want to even be around David Lee. A team that doesn't play good D - lots of good individual effort but anything but team D. A team that doesn't rebound at all, doesn't even try.

Don't get me wrong; I have NO problem with Warriors getting what they can for Beidrins. But I saw in games toward the end of last year a gelling process with Monta, Curry and Lee. However, I don't believe that (gulp) "Big 3" is good enough to compete in the West, so I guess Stef is probably gonna have to go to get a good core built and I'm afraid we are stuck with Lee for a few years
. Remember that our record would've been good enough for maybe as high as 6th (?) seed if we were in Eastern Conference. The bar is just that much higher in the West.
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» Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:59 pm
Every year I think the bar is going to lower in the West with the constant exodus of big name players to Eastern teams, but the West continues to prove that it's the superior conference and if anything gets stronger the more these bigger market and more attractive teams mortgage their futures for these guys; IE: the Nuggets get a roster for Melo and improve, Knicks remain static.

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