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» Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:36 am
Beast said he was coaching his own team
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» Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:07 am
ehhh I'll take Doc Rivers. he's got the swag to match his players.

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» Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:49 pm
Beast Mode wrote:ehhh I'll take Doc Rivers. he's got the swag to match his players.

Good choice. He's proven he can coach multiple star players.

So who's going to get off their ass and do the first write-up?
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» Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:25 pm
I'll start.

Pawno's team sucks.

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» Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:28 pm
I am writing my writeup now... in fact, it might be one of my longest posts EVER. So stay tune.

EDIT: I'll probably have it done tomorrow (thursday). I am doing a week long teaching conference/workshop, and I am exhausted.
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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:02 am
I really do think we should discuss the points I raised last page of this thread, but we can just go ahead and give our evaluations and then comment on each others writings

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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:41 am
migya wrote:I really do think we should discuss the points I raised last page of this thread, but we can just go ahead and give our evaluations and then comment on each others writings

That's what I was thinking.... we can do either or, depending on how people are feeling. I'm finishing my post now, hopefully i can do it before I have to leave for my conference this morning.

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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:46 am
pg: John Stockton/Bob Cousy
sg: Allen Iverson/Mitch Richmond/Manu Ginobili
sf: Dominique Wilkins/Grant Hill
pf: Tim Duncan/Bob Petit/ Robert Horry
c: Wilt Chamberlain/ Bob McAdoo


John Stockton- All-Time leader in assists and steals. A great lock down defender, who was notorious for 3 things: Smart passing, A great handcheck and the last NBA player to wear short-shorts. This 10 time all-star gets props for loyalty, as he played for only 1 team his entire career. Crazy Statistic: During an 9 year stretch, Stockton averaged 13.2 assists per game. Unbelievable!

Bob Cousy- As John Stockton was the best pg of his generation, Cousy was the best point guard in his. This 14 time all star was a winner. Coached by Red Auerbach with the Celtics, Cousy won 6 championships. Not only was he just a winner, Cousy led the NBA in Assists and Assists per game for 8 straight seasons during his career. Was an MVP during the 56-57 season.


Allen Iverson- What can I say about Iverson? He was the most dominant player to play the game at 6 feet and under. The “little” man was quick. Real quick. He was the quickest man in the NBA’s history (though I wouldn’t say he was the fastest). How did Iverson exploit defenses with his quickness? The Crossover. Iverson was so good with dribbling, that combining it with that quickness made him an instoppable scoring machine, regardless of his size. Key Stats: Iverson was an 11 time All-Star, Led the NBA in Scoring for 4 seasons, Led the NBA in Steals for 3 seasons. Won the MVP in 2001.

Manu Ginobili- One of the most underrated NBA players of all time, Ginobili played a vital role in 3 Spurs championships. Although Manu didn’t come to the NBA until the age of 25, Ginobili still plays young even through his mid thirties. He is a combo player, who can do a little bit of everything: Drive, Shoot, Pass, Rebound, Flop, Luck. Ginobili is the best sixth man in the NBA’s history. Ginobili is that balanced player that every team would enjoy having in their bench.
Mitch Richmond- Richmond was a 6 time allstar who played 3 seasons with the Warriors (winning ROY his first season). Richmond averaged 22 points per game for 12 seasons. Pretty decent 3 point shooter, not great. He put up decent assist and rebound numbers (for a guard) during his prime.


Dominique Wilkins: What can I say? He was the 2nd most athletic player in the NBA during the 80’s (If it wasn’t for Michael Jordan). Dominique had a career 25pt, 7reb. Average, including 3 seasons over 30 pt per game. “The Human Highlight Reel” is known for his classic duals against MJ during the Dunk Contest in 1985 (in which he won) and in 1988 (where he lost). Wilkins was a 9 time all-star, all with the Hawks.

Grant Hill: If it wasn’t for injuries, Grant Hill’s Legacy could have made him one of the top 5 players of all time. Hill, a winner in college, was dominant as a Detroit Pistons. By the end of his 6th season, Hill had averaged 23ppg, 8rpg, 6.5apg for his career. Dominant! Three years of straight season ending injuries (played less than 50 games combine during that stretch). However, Hill at the age of 38 still plays, and still hasn’t average less than 11ppg in any season.


Tim Duncan: Its not too often a player leads the NBA in something his rookie year. The greatest pf in history won 4 championships with the spurs. As a rookie, Duncan proved how special he was by averaging 21ppg, 12rpg. 2.5bpg. Duncan’s best seasons had Duncan averaging nearly 24ppg, 13rpg, 2.5 bpg for 8 seasons. Duncan is also one of the better passing big men. Although his numbers has begun to dip, due to age, Duncan’s legacy has been set. 2 time MVP, 3 time Finals MVP, 13 time NBA All-Star, 8 times NBA first-team, 8-time NBA Defense First team.

Bob Petit- Although he played mostly center during his days with the St. Louis Hawks, Pettit would be a PF in my team. Who is Bob Pettit? Pettit was a 2-Time MVP, 11 Time NBA All-Star who dominated the league with his scoring and rebounding during the 50’s and 60’s. Pettit has career averages of 26.4ppg and 16.2rpg. A decent shooter from midrange (which was rare for a bigman at the time). Made 76% of freethrows for his career. He led the Hawks to the 1958 Championship.

Robert Horry: Red Auerbach would have love having Horry on his team. Horry is a winner. SEVEN Rings. Mr.Clutch never the player with the most talent, but worked real hard to get himself into the NBA (analysts thought he would be a bust in the NBA). Horry was so dependable during his career. Always there for the clutch shot, thus the nickname ”Big Shot Bob”. Won 7 Championships!


Wilt Chamberlain- What can I say about the most dominant scorer of all time. He was unstoppable. The man won 4 MVP’s, 2 NBA championships, 14 consecutive all-star games. Statistically, he led the league in rebounding for 11 seasons, scoring in 7 seasons, FG% for 9 seasons. He is best known for his 1961-62 season, where he averaged 50.2pts, 25rbs…. Ridiculous! During his later years, when Wilt was still seeing double teams during each possession, Wilt became a stronger passer. He averaged 8 assists during the 66-67 season, and almost 9 assists during the 67-68 season. He once recorded 100pts in a game and 50rebs. in a game as well. Chamberlain was a force that couldn’t be stopped.

Bob McAdoo- Early in his career, Bob McAdoo was the most dominant big man in the NBA. Wilt and Bill Russell had just retired, leaving the stage for McAdoo to take over. During his first 3 seasons in Buffalo, McAdoo was averaging 30pts, 15rbs, and 2.8blocks, winning an MVP and receiving 5 straight all-star appearences. From then on, McAdoo suffered annually from injuries. It wasn’t until the end of his career when McAdoo became healthier and joined the “Showtime” lakers, winning 2 titles in LA.

COACH: RED Auerbach. Why did I choose Red? Well, for one, he is the ultimate winner. In his 29 years as a Head Coach/GM, he won an NBA championship 16 times.That's right, 16. Out of 29. Red sets the standard of coaching. He was the first person to draft an African-American Player to the NBA. He was the first to introduce an all black starting five in the NBA. He invented the "Fast Break". HELL, the Coach of the Year trophy is named after him. Red is a winner. Just like my team.

STYLE OF PLAY: Like Red's classic Celtic's teams, Red used a combination of high tempo/slow tempo offenses. My team can play fast with Iverson (the NBA's quickest player in history) and Ginobili at the guard spots, with Dominique Wilkins and Hill at the wings. The team can play slower and defense with a bigger lineup, consisting of Stockton, Hill, Wilkins, Duncan, and Petit.

BIGGEST CONCERNS: Three point shooting is probably my biggest weakness, though it isn't all that bad. Though it isn't terrible, I just think most other teams have 3 point shooting covered better than I do. However, with that said, Dominique (my best 3 point shooter), Mitch Richmond, Manu Ginobili, Horry, and Stockton are all very capable 3 point shooters.

MY GAME-ON-THE-LINE PLAY: If the game was tied with 15 seconds on the line, my lineup would consist of Iverson/Ginobili/Horry/Duncan/Chamberlain. Although Wilkins and Hill were both better players than Robert Horry, there is no better player I would rather have than take the last shot. I would try to get my offense to score inside first. Maybe try a pick and roll with AI or Ginobili coming off a screen and dishing it to Wilt or Duncan. However if all fails, then have my guards try to drive in, only to dish it to Horry for a last second shot (With Marv Albert announcing.... "Horry, for the Win.... YESHHHHHH!")

SCARIEST RIVAL: You can't have a rival if you are always winning, right? :mrgreen: . In all serious, I think the strongest team besides mine has to be Migyas. His biggest strength is that he has 500 sg/sf combo players, all who are really good at both ends of the floor. And I do mean both ends with emphasis. One concern I would have would be guarding those players. However, his biggest weakness against me are the match-ups. He has no answer whatsoever against a Wilt Chamberlain. All his centers are under 7 feet and would be overpowered by Wilt. Although Migya has the best defensive centers of all time in Moses Malone, Lanier, and Wallace, 2 of the three are incredibly undersize (wallace/malone), meaning he would have to play Lanier against Wilt (because he is the heaviest), which still wouldn't stop him, and he wouldn't rebound over him. I do see Malone and Wallace giving duncan a lot of trouble (however, you wouldn't played those too there, as you would want to match KG on Duncan for your offense). Duncan is better than KG. Therefore, I win the game of the bigs. I also win the game of the point guard (again very close). Stockton is a better passer and defender than Kidd (all time assists and steals). However, Kidd brings better rebounding and 3pt shooting over Stockton, and is a quality defender as well. As for the SG/SFs, you clearly win, however, those two positions aren't as important to me as a stronger front count. Still having Dominique, Hill (pre injuries), Ginobili, and Iverson should be sufficient enough.

WHY MY TEAM IS THE BEST: Because I have it all. Check out my description of each of my players (above). My team consists of winners: Red Auerbach(16 Championships), Horry (7), Cousy (6), Duncan (4), Ginobili (3), Wilt (2), McAdoo (2),Pettit (1), Richmond (1). My team could cause more Match-Up problems than any other team. No one will be able to stop my front court of Wilt/Duncan. And you do, I would counter with speedsters like Iverson, and use pick and rolls with my bigs. Manu can drive as well, plus shoot it where he needs to be. Got 3 point shooter in Wilkins to play my SF, not to mention he can drive whenever he wants as well. OR, I can play super defensive, where Stockton takes over at PG, put Hill at SG, Wilkins at SF, Duncan and Wilt (though Pettit can sub in here if really needed). If I absolutely need a 3pointer, Horry and Richmond wound be subbed in, playing alongside Manu, Wilkins, and Duncan. Plus, when I need a big shot to win a game, I got the ultimate specialist in Horry to come in, and take the last shot (or at least give the impression that he will, and possibly leaving someone else open). I think my team has the most flexible roster, filled with skilled players from all eras of the league’s history
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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:57 am
ah man, I'm not even doing all that typing... :shock:
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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:31 am
1. Beast Mode - Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Dennis Rodman, James Worthy, Alonzo Mourning, Chris Webber, Kevin Johnson, Yao Ming, Eddie Jones, Deron Williams, COACH - Doc Rivers

Had to go with the greatest ever in Jordan, but in all honesty stuffed it quite a bit after that.
Kobe next to Jordan I think doesn't work, as both are SGs, both are elite alltime socrers and both want to be the man on the team, Kobe being the one here who would have to take a back seat and as we saw with the Lakers in the early part of last decade, he doesn't like to do that. Chemistry issues right away there. Talent wise, both are among the best ever, Kobe being top ten player ever right now, but attitude and fit are the issues there.
Nash is a great PG, no doubt about it, but has only been so the last five years or so, though good enough to be the starting PG on an alltime team, he'd be the weakest one of the lot likely, because of his pretty awful defense. His tremendous shooting and passing ability make him a great fit next to Jordan.
Rodman is a great defender and rebounder, though against alltime great rebounders who are much bigger than him I think he wouldn't fair quite as well, still would hold his own. His lack of offense is what makes him a real liability and that is a real issue.
Dwight I think shouldn't be in this, but saying that, he could be seen as an adequate backup Center at best. He is awesome as a rebounder and interior defender, but has to play at least a few more years at his current level to be a serious player in such a draft.
Mourning is much better suited as the starting Center on this team and though he is an elite shot blocker, defender and intense energy player, he would probably be the weakest starting Center in this draft.
James Worthy is a good backup SF and a big occassion player, as he showed in the Lakers next to Magic in the 1980s. He'd go well with Jordan and Nash, but really, as Kobe shouldn't really start at SF next to Jordan, Worthy probably should and then he'd probably be close to the weakest starting SF in this.
Webber as a backup PF is pretty good and definately one of the best passing PFs there is.
KJ to me is a great PG and one of the best backup PGs in this, a great fit for this team as well.
Ming is a pretty good backup Center, though he has been injury riddled a bit in his career and is rather soft for such a skyscraper.
Eddie Jones was always among the best defensive guards of his era and is a very good fit for this roster. His scoring dropped off a fair bit, but he is adequate for sure.
Deron Williams I think shouldn't be in this yet, he just has not played enough, but he was the last pick so no biggie.
Rivers has indeed shown he can coach three stars leading a team to a championship, but before that he was just an average coach really, though a pretty good pick in this draft and not really out of place.

Rating - 6.5 out of 10
Bottom 4 team for sure, maybe bottom 2

2. fine - Magic Johnson, David Robinson, Clyde Drexler, Elvin Hayes, Julius Erving, Bill Walton, Pete Maravich, Chris Mullin, Chauncey Billups, Amare Stoudemire, Dennis Johnson, Artis Gilmore, COACH - Red Holzman

I like this team. Well built, well thought out, no real reaches and looks built to run well.
Magic is what he is, the best PG ever, a good pick at number two after Jordan.
The Admiral I think was picked at least a round too early, but alltime, he is about the seventh best ever at Center and likely in the bottom half in the starting Centers in this.
Drexler fits well next to Magic and Admiral and is a good SG.
Hayes looks like he'd fit reasonably well next to the Admiral and is a good PF, though maybe among the weakest starting PF in this.
Dr. J was always a great SF, but in all truth, he lacked in some areas, namely defense and passing and really, he is one of the most overrated alltime stars among the top 20 players, that he has been named as. In this draft, he is not in the top half of starting SFs, though I don't think the difference is that much.
Walton was great whe he played, a real big time player that won a fair bit, was said to be the best passing Center ever, but the thing he just didn't play much, playing less than 500 games for his career. I think he is grousely overrated and not a top ten Center, though he has been named as one before. He is adequate as a backup Center though.
Maravich I think is somewhat underrated by many. Such a scorer and playmaker unlike many ever and he is definately one of the best backup SGs in this for sure and a bit of a steal at that point definately.
Mullin is a great gunner off the bench that is among the best backup SFs in this draft, yet I think he was picked at about the right spot, as he did only really have five great seasons and fell off a fair bit.
Billups is not a big stat PG and never got alot of assists, but he did almost everything well and is a big occassion player and a good backup PG here.
Amare has played long enough and at more than enough high level to be in this. He is a good backup PF and fits well in this uptempo looking team, though he is quite weak defensively, especially alltime and his rebounding is also rather weak in this draft.
DJ was a very good role player on the 1980s Celts starting five and a great defender in his era. Very good bench player here that adds strength to the team where it's needed.
Gilmore was a steal and really should have been picked in about the seventh or eighth round. Would be a very good backup Center, let alone third string Center. Really adds defensive strength to this team, as well as rebounding and very efficient scoring, though not a whole lot of scoring often.
Holzman was a very good coach.

8.5 out of 10
Top 4 team, maybe top 2

3. Pawno - Oscar Robertson, Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone, Robert Parish, Rick Barry, Dwayne Wade, Nate Thurmond, Tim Hardaway, Shawn Kemp, Latrell Sprewell, Andrew Bogut, Lamar Odom, COACH - Don Nelson

Pawno definately had some reaches, but also made up for most of them with some nice middle round pickups. Oscar is the second best PG ever and an allround machine.
Pippen is a very allround player, though alltime, not much of a scorer compared to other SFs. He is middle of the line among starting SFs, but is somewhat a good fit next to Robertson, thing is that only one can really run the plays most of the time, so I think a great scoring SF would have been better with Oscar.
KMalone is great, third best PF to me and really does go well with Robertson and Pippen, so a good fit. He provides the scoring and rebounding needed in the starting lineup.
Parish was picked way too early, I'll say that straight away and really is no better than an 11th or 12th round pick. He had a long career, but even at his best, he was just an allstar caliber player, that's it.
Thurmond was a very good middle round pick, a steal really and he should be the starting Center here and a good one he is, though as a starter against the other alltime great Centers, one of the weakest in this.
Barry was a great SF, a great scorer, but really, not much else. everything else he did was not really at an alltime level. He is a good starting SF though.
Wade has only played some eight seasons, but at such a high level that it is enough to be in this draft. He is however, perhaps the weakest starting SG because of that in this draft.
TimBug was not only the greatest PG, if not guard, in Warriors history, but he is one of the best, if not the best, backup PG in this, a great pick.
Kemp never reached the level all thought he would and should have. One of the most exciting players and dunkers ever, he did play well at both ends and he is really a middle of the line backup PF. He did fall of alot in his last few years.
Sprewell had a relatively moderate length career, most at a pretty good level, but I see him as a reach in this draft. He is one of the weakest backup SGs here.
Bogut just shouldn't be in this, one of the most strange picks made in this legends draft.
Odom also shouldn't be in this alltime draft and a strange pick also.
Don Nelson has never done much in the playoffs, though having coached many of his teams to winning seasons, so he isn't much of a winner, but besides Karl Malone, most of this team does look built to run, though that doesn't result in winning much really.

6.0 out of 10. The last four three picks were very, very weak
Bottom 2 team if not the worst.

4. migya - Larry Bird, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, Moses Malone, Elgin Baylor, George Gervin, Vince Carter, Bob Lanier, Lenny Wilkens, Jerry Lucas, Ben Wallace, Tracy McGrady, COACH - Chuck Daly

I'll let the rest of you to give an objective evaluation of my team, but will say what I think without being biased.

PG - Kidd/Wilkens
SG - Gervin/Carter/TMac
SF - Bird/Baylor/TMac
PF - KG/Lucas/BWallace
C - Moses/Lanier/BWallace

Bird is the best SF ever by quite a margin. He was one of the greatest winners alltime and one of the most allround players ever.
KG is likely the 2nd best PF ever, after Duncan. He is probably the most allround and versatile PF ever who's defense is top ten alltime for sure. Kidd, to me at least, is the third best PG alltime after Magic and Roberston, ahead of Stockton and Isiah.
Kidd is one of the smartest and craftiest players ever, who is second alltime in assists and third in threes, also among the greatest defenders among PGs.
Moses Malone was a real steal and should have been a second round pick, I got him in the fourth round. He is ranked sixth best Center ever and a middle line Center among the starting Centers in this.
Baylor was a real steal in the fifth round and should really have been a second or third round pick. He is backing Bird and he is the highest scorer and rebounding SF ever, as well as the best backup SF in this.
Gervin is another steal, picked in the sixth where he should have been a third round pick. He is among the best starting SGs in this, ranked 5th best SG alltime.
Vince Carter is one of the most exciting players ever and one of the best dunkers. He has a very well rounded game and no real weaknesses, except maybe average to pretty good defense and is one of the best scorers in his era. He is probably the best backup SG in this draft.
Bob Lanier is another alltime great Center that was likely the best player in Detroit Pistons history. He played both ends well and is among the best backup Centers here.
Lenny Wilkens was one of the best PGs in his era, playing both ends and being an exceptional distributor. He is a middle of the line backup PG if not among the best ones.
Jerry Lucas was one of the best rebounders ever and played both ends quite well. He is a very good backup PF here.
Ben Wallace is a four time defensive player of the year and got those over a five year span, easily the most dominant period of time defensively in nba history for any player and Mutombo equals him with four DOYs for most DOYs ever. BWallace was also amog the best rebounders in his era.
McGrady is close to the biggest steal of the draft, being picked in the last round. He has fallen mightedly in his last three or four years, but before that he was probably the best scorer in the nba in his era. Very tall and athletic for a SG/SF, he has a very allround game, with defense being average to pretty good. TMac could play with most starting SGs in this draft, especially offensively.
Chuck Daly coached his team to back to back championships.

9.5 out of 10. Everything is covered and no bad picks

Top 2 team if not the best

5. Mr. Crackerz - Wilt Chamberlain, Tim Duncan, John Stockton, Allen Iverson, Bob Pettit, Dominque Wilkins, Bob Cousy, Bob McAdoo, Grant Hill, Mitch Richmond, Manu Ginobili, Robert Horry, COACH - Red Auerbach

I like this team alot. No holes, only a couple of reaches and pretty much everything covered.
Wilt is the second best player ever to some, definately top five. He was the most dominant player, scorer and rebounder of his era and he did it all.
Duncan is similar to Wilt, just craftier I think. He also does it all and is the best PF ever, as well as probably a top ten defender ever. This is definately the best PF/C duo, though not by much.
Stockton is the alltime leader in total assists and steals, having missed very little games during his very long career. He has been ranked from third to fifth best PG ever, though I think he's fourth. He fits quite well with Wilt and Duncan, as he did with KMalone in Utah in a primarily half court style.
Iverson is the best under 6ft player ever and a top five SG alltime, having the sixth best scoring average ever, and he also played PG very well, having averaged over six assists. His defense was very good most of his career, averaging over two steals a game. The problem with Iverson is that he needs the ball alot and is really a run and gun player, which does not fit this team well. Chemistry could definately be an issue with him, having to share the ball with the other great players, especially the duo inside.
Pettit was probably the most domiant big in the first era of the nba, before the likes of Russell and Wilt arrived. He is one of the best backup PF in this draft.
Dominique is one of the best scorers ever, one of the most exciting players and probably the best dunker ever. He was not a good defender though, but definately a good fit as starting SF for this lineup, though he could be a liability defensively.
Cousy is similar to Stockton, being a fairly small, great passing PG that runs a team well. He is among the best backup PGs in this, if ot the best.
McAdoo was great in the first seven or so years in his career, among the best bigs at that time and is a good backup PF in this.
Grant Hill was a superstar in his first six seasons, his only ones in Detroit, being one of the best players during that time, top five for sure. He was oe of the most allround players in those years and has fallen off alot since. He might be hard to judge alltime, but is definately a good backup SF.
Richmond was an allstar during most of his career and though not up to the same level as alltime great SGs, he is a good backup SG that is more of a scorer than anything else and outside shooter.
Ginobili looks like a reach here as he hasn't been more than allstar caliber for most of his career which hasn't gone ten years yet. I don't think he has done enough, at a high enough level and is among the worst SGs in this.
Horry also shouldn't be here. He did win alot of championships and hit some game winning shots, but he was only a role player on his teams and never even at allstar level in any year in his career.
Besides the last two picks, a very good team.
Auerbach is the second most winningest coach in number of championships.

8.5 out of 10

Top 2 team

6. GSW Hoops Fan - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lebron James, Jerry West, Patrick Ewing, Walt Frazier, Kevin McHale, Joe Dumars, Alex English, Anfernee Hardaway, Pau Gasol, Nate Archibald, Arvydas Sabonis, COACH - Phil Jackson

Kareem should probably have been picked sooner and some have ranked him as the second best player alltime and best Center. He plays both ends better than most and played at the highest level for such a long career. Lebron has only played some eight years, but the thing with him is that noone has done what he has done for at least the last fourty years, maybe alltime. He is one of the most allround and dominant players ever, playing both ends and is among the best SFs ever, maybe top 10 already, due to only having played under ten years so far.
West was the best guard of the first few eras of the nba and is a top 5 SG alltime, distributing like a PG, getting over six assists a game for his career.
Ewing is better suited as the backup Center to Kareem rather than starting PF, as he would find defending smaller quicker players difficult. He is the best backup Center in this draft and is ranked seventh best Center alltime.
Frazier is probably the second best defensive PG ever, behind Payton, a pretty good distributor, but a bit weaker offensively than most great PGs alltime. He is among the weakest starting PGs here, but not shabby.
McHale didn't become an allstar caliber player until about his sixth season, but he could handle his own on both ends and is a middle of the line, if not top half of the backup PFs.
Dumars was one of the best defensive guards ever and though he is not great offesively, he was still good enough to be a top five SG for most of his career and is a pretty good backup SG in this draft.
Alex English was one of the best scorers of his era, but really didn't much else. He is a good backup SF in this. Anfernee Hardaway just shouldn't be in this draft. He was great in his first three or so seasons, but that was it. Pau Gasol has been allstar caliber and can really be seen as a superstar for a few seasons, about three or four years, in his career. He is a decent backup PF who does everything quite well.
Tiny Archibald is a top ten PG ever and more of a distributor than scorer. He is among the best backup PGs in this draft.
Sabonis just didn't play enough in the nba and at a high enough level to be in this draft.
Phil Jackson is the winningest in number of championships.

8.0 out of 10

Top 4 team

7. JREED - Shaquille O'neal, Dirk Nowitzki, Charles Barkley, Isiah Thomas, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Willis Reed, Paul Pierce, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Larry Nance, Mark Jackson, COACH - Pat Riley

Shaq is the fourth best Center ever and is a dominant player alltime.
Dirk is a top five PF alltime and definately one of the best shooting bigs ever, perhaps only Bird is better. He is very good next to Shaq because of his shooting ability, but his average defense is an issue against alltime great PFs.
Barkley is a top five PF alltime and one of the best rebounders ever. He is probably the best backup PF in this. Isiah is a top five PF ever, being a great scorer, distributor and leader, but he was also known as one of the biggest egos and hated stars of his era, because of that arrogant attitude. Chemistry could really be the issue with him on such a talented team where he isn't the best.
Reggie Miller was picked too early and really is no more than an eighth round pick. He is a great outside shooter, the second most threes made alltime, but really doesn't do anything else other than that.
Ray Allen is number one in alltime threes made, but he does more than Miller and really should be the starting SG on this team. He is probably the weakest starting SG here though.
Reed was a very good Center during his career, but he was really a rebounder and not a great scorer and his career only lasted ten years, a relatively short career.
Pierce is a great player in his era, top five definately among SGs and SFs. Very well rounded player that was a steal where he was picked and should really have been picked a couple of rounds earlier.
Derrick Rose just shouldn't be in this, just hasn't played anywhere near enough years.
Likewise with Durant.
Larry Nance was a very good PF in his era throughout his career. He was a great defender and shot blocker and picked about right where he was picked, maybe could have been picked a round earlier. He is a good backup PF in this.
Mark Jackson was a very good distributing PG, especially in his era, but really didn't do anything else.
Pat Riley was always a great coach.

7.0 out of 10

Maybe top 4 team. The picks of Rose and Durant ruined any chance of this team being among the best

8. 8th ave - Bill Russell, Hakeem Olajuwon, John Havlicek, Gary Payton, Sidney Moncrief, Dikembe Mutombo, Earl Monroe, Norm Van Lier, Jerry Sloan, Adrian Dantley, Russell Westbrook, Lamarcus Aldridge, COACH - Greg Popovich

Weird picked team to say the least and really is very good defensively with pretty much everything else rather weak.
Russell is a top three Center alltime and the most winningest player ever, having won eleven championships. He is also one of the best defenders ever without a doubt, as well as rebounders, but lacking offensively quite a bit, though nothing major.
Olajuwon next to Russell can definately work, especially defensively, as this duo is the best defensive duo of bigs in this draft for sure, though not by much. Hakeem is a top five Center who played so smoothly on both ends and really had no weaknesses.
Havlicek is a top five SF ever and one of the greatest winners ever also. He is one of the best defenders and probably the best defensive SF ever.
Payton took a while to become a star, but was among the best players in the nba for a few years in his career, especially among guards. He is the best defensive PG ever, probably among all guards actually. He could score well and was a very good distributor, averaging over six assists.
Moncrief was one of the best defesive guards in his era, but his career wasn't that lengthy and he didn't excel in anything else other than defense.
Mutombo was one of the best defenders alltime, winning four DOYs, which is tied with Ben Wallace for most ever. He rebounded well also, but was not much of a scorer.
The Pearl was a very good player in his era, though scoring was the only thing he really did at a relatively high level.
Norm Van Lier is no household name obviously, but he was a very good defender and distributor in his era, that's it.
Jerry Sloan just shouldn't be in this draft as he did nothing, as a player that is.
Adrian Dantley was one of the best scorers of his era. He is one of the best backup SGs in this.
Russell Westbrook shouldn't be in this as he hasn't played anywhere near enough.
Lamarcus Aldridge shouldn't be in this as he hasn't played anywhere near enough.
Greg Popovich is one of the best coaches ever and this defesive team does suit him, though they wouldn't win much anyway.

5.5 out of 10

Bottom 2 team. probably the worst team

My Rankings:
GSW Hoops Fan
Beast Mode
Pawno/8th ave

Really think that the cocept of "alltime legends" was a little bit misunderstood by some, but not a whole lot. Some great players currently in the nba just haven't played enough to be included in an alltime legeds draft.

Notable mention of player that was't picked - Gerorge Mikan, who was picked in the first four rounds the first two Legends Drafts
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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:41 am
Nice stuff you two. I'll try to post a Crackerz-style self analysis today and maybe I'll get around to a shortened and much more summarized every team analysis like Migya's too.

Notable mention of player that was't picked - Gerorge Mikan, who was picked in the first four rounds the first two Legends Drafts

Pretty surprised nobody went for him. I'm a bit prejudiced against old old time players, because I think they would get eaten alive by modern players. His "Legend" is pretty significant though, so that should count for something
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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:15 am
okay... before i write a review, i would like to renounce the rights to westbrook... i dont need him
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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:18 am
beast - has the best starting 5... im not gonna say he has NO low post presence cuz he has yao, but i think that's his biggest weakness

fine - i dont like this team outside of magic and david robinson

pawno - i think this team was aaiiiittteee... not as bad as some are making it out to be... probably in the middle of the pack

migya - i give you last place because you said you were gonna give you unbiased opinion and crowned yourself the winner

crackerz - i liked this team up until the iverson pick... your 1st 3 picks were very good players, but i feel like iverson needs to be THE man and would fuk up the chemistry of the team

gswhoopsfan - i really like this team minus the bench... i think this team and beasts are probably the best

jreed - pretty good team assuming that barkley is gonna play the 3... also has the best 2 shooters in nba history too... top 3

and then theres me... everyone is probably thinking WTF!!??!?! is he doing, right!??!?!! WRONG!

i picked 80% of my players based on all defensive team selections and defensive player of the year the end i knew i wasnt gonna win, so i wanted to have the team that i wanted...

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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:45 pm
Point Guards – Magic (6'9”), Billups (6'3”), Johnson (6'4”)

This is definitely going to be a Magic show. He has full reins and can do whatever he wants. It's important to note he may not always be in the point guard position (as he will be used throughout the lineup) but the ball will always start in his hands.

The backups aren't necessarily “pure” point guards which allows them to be play alongside Magic and guard the opposing point guards. Both Billups and Johnson are known for their defensive toughness and ability to hit clutch shots.

Swingmen – Drexler (6'7”), Dr. J (6'7”), Maravich (6'5”), Mullin (6'6”)

Drexler and Dr. J will be getting the majority of the minutes. Both are going to benefit from playing alongside Magic and will make for a brilliant fast-break team. Drexler will be relied upon for bits of everything while Dr. J will focus on making the big plays.

Maravich will be in the sprakplug role. His minutes may not be consistent but when he comes in he will get to control the ball. Will be the playmaker when Magic is having off nights or is on the bench.

Mullin will be the most consistent shooter. Won't get a lot of minutes but won't be taken out of the game if he is draining shots.

Power Forwards – Hayes (6'9''), Stoudemire (6'10”)

Hayes will have to take a role-playing role in the starting lineup. He will be relied upon when the team is forced into a half court offense. Should provide workman like defense and rebounding.

Stoudemire will be the sparkplug bigman. He can join in on the fast break or use his pick and roll with Magic to create offense for the team.

Centers – Robinson (7'1”), Gilmore (7'2”), Walton (6'11”)

Robinson is the star big man and will definitely get his offensive touches. He is athletic enough to contribute to the fast paced style of game. Going to be relied upon to be the anchor of the defense.

Gilmore will be the primary back up and is also athletic enough to be on the break. The dump off pass to him will be his specialty as he often had a fg% > 60%.

Walton due to his injury history will not be relied upon heavily. He is however a good presence on the bench and in the locker room. Team mascot kind of guy (but with talent).

Coach- Red Holzman

Took the NY Knicks to their only 2 championships and did so by managing multiple star player egos. More of a defensive minded coach which properly counters the already offensive minded roster. Known for allowing basketball to be entertaining.

Style of play – Entertaining; Fast paced with size

We're going to run run run and run some more. When forced into the halfcourt the team will look to take advantage of mismatches caused by having a 6'9' point guard named Magic.

The team won't be a sieve on defense but at the same time won't be a lockdown team. Defense will be active with starting lineup averaging about 8 steals and 8 blocks a game over their careers. Look for lots of switching on screens. With a starting lineup of all 6'7'' or taller will use the overall size and athleticism advantage to get the rebound and start running.

Biggest Concern – 3pt shot

When maximizing the talent on the court this team will probably be the worst 3pt shooting team in this league. Billups, Mullin, and Marvich's minutes will have to be distributed in a way that gets at least of one them on the court at most times.

Big man versatility. Would've liked to get a tweener sf/pf type to guard the stretch 4s. Going to have to rely on Magic to fill that role.

Game on the line play – Magic show

Like everything else it will revolve around Magic. tBillups and Johnson are known for their clutch play so look for one or both of them to be on the court. Drexler and Dr. J can create their own shot so if Magic is being shutdown these guys will get to make the play.

Biggest Rival - 8th Ave.

I see competitive games all across the board so it's hard to pick out the toughest competition. However I think the games against 8th's defensive squad would be the most entertaining as it is a clash of styles.

Why me?

A team of quality guys both and on and off the court. No poisonous egos (outside of Amare but he is like the 10th best player on the team). The team has one indisputable leader and the rest are willing support men. By having the leader be the best point guard in nba history, the ball will be distributed properly and the team will thrive together. This clear hierarchy is something I see other team's lacking. Your asking too many Alpha males to play nicely together. Here, everyone knows who is boss, and it just so happens that boss likes to pass.

Together the players have 19 Championships in both NBA and ABA basketball. 21 if we include the coach. Solid experience with multiple guys who have come up HUGE when it mattered most.

Class. Style. Skill. These guys will always bring an entertaining game to the arena so don't be surprised if when playing on the road the crowd roots for them.
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» Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:17 pm
fine wrote:Biggest Rival - 8th Ave.

I see competitive games all across the board so it's hard to pick out the toughest competition. However I think the games against 8th's defensive squad would be the most entertaining as it is a clash of styles.

:D :D :D :D

that means a lot to me... lol

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