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» Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:52 pm
Dr. Spaceman wrote:
uptempo wrote:Did anyone listen to the Jerry West interview on the Jim Rome show?

He spoke highly of our back court and stated that the challenge for this team is to improve the front court. He also commented on how he loved Monta's toughness.

The guy comes across so confident and competent that I am almost in disbelief that he is associated with the Warriors.

We fans now have some hope.

Go Warriors!

From the summaries of West's interview that I've heard, he agrees with most sensible posters that have been saying we do not need to break up our back court. He says our undersized backcourt is not our problem. Our undersized frontcourt is the problem. Hopefully he is patient enough to test this theory thoroughly.

That the thing the front court they put alot of money in David Lee in a sign and trade and AB is just a ghost on the court. They going have to overpaid another front court player or draft to find another diamond kind of front court player. I have doubt there going to be a big trade for Warriors, because the Warriors asset is Curry and Ellis. Curry is a project and it all potential right now to be a good PG and Ellis is a nice scoring guard and that is all what he can do good score. Nobody want David Lee for that contract he going to get paid, and AB is just an overpaid player who doesn't look like he going to get his game back to be worth that contract.
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» Thu Jun 02, 2011 5:38 pm
replace AB
get Dorrell to Bench
add a good backup PG/SG
waive lin, law

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