Best team building strategy to make this team a winner?

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Starting Lineup
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» Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:40 am
The biggest mistake for this failed franchise was to overpay for the declining David Lee ... so much for rebuilding, we could of not made the playoffs with either BW or Udoh. We need to field the worst team for the next couple of years and trade away any young assets like Curry (this team is in the Bay Area so it really does not matter about ticket sales). Any coach that wants to give Biedrins 12 shots a game should be hired ... not only was the defense horrible last year, but get me a point guard like D-Will who can make stiffs like Boozer play decent so we can get away from the dribble drive, kick back for the three that gets us the 12th seed in the Western Conference for the last 12 seasons. We need to stop with the useless trades... bw for a second rounder, accumulating expiring contracts, and allow contracts to expire (like Biedrins) the natural way. Nelson Jr. has produced a winner in Dallas for like 11 years, Presti has done solid work, so the mediocre to awful work of Riley/Nellie Sr. needs some TLC from a top GM (this organization needs start with purging Lacob (with Ellison), Rowell sorry too much damage done, Riley - too mediocre to save this floundering franchise) and not trading away Biedrins for another mistake.

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» Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:26 am
many things have been said here, but i'm no gm and really don't know what works in the proffessional basketball. but, just watched timberwolves/mavs and, my oh my, anthony randolph played so good. scoring, shooting long jumpers, defending, yes, with couple out of sync moves, but you can't teach fire and that boy has it. makes me even more sad.

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